Ashwat Subbaraman – Vocal

On 09th July 2016 (Saturday) At 6.00 PM; Ashwat Subbaraman performed an excellent Vocal concert. His concert was marked by fine rendition of the kritis, good manodharma and his over all knowledge. His gurus A.S. Murali and Rama Thiyagarajn has trained him very well.

Selections of the songs for the concert is very good and also from different vageyakaras. His mohanam alapana was neat, the Kriti seriyasode was sung well, niraval and kalpanaswaram were fine. Main; karaharapriya – alapana was fine. Swaram kalpana had variety and in detail for kriti pakkala nilapadi.

Nandni Viswanathan (violin) and Jayendra Kumar (mridangam) gave a very good support to the musician from  CA, USA