17TH Anniverysary Function – 2012


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VDS ARTS ACADEMY, the academy providing opportunity to young talented artists from the age group of five to twenty in the field of Indian Music like Vocal, Instrumental in classical music of different types and also Dance of different styles like Bharathanatyam, Kutchupudi, etc. has recently celebrated

its 17th Anniversary function on 25th December 2012, the Tuesday at M.O.P.Vasihnav College for Women, Nungambakkam.

Sangeetha Kalanidhi, Bombay sisters Mrs. C. Saroja & Mrs. C. Lalitha, the leading carnatic musicians, Chief Guest of the function, appreciated the services rendered by the academy to the young music generation and also how the academy is conducting the programmes successfully throughout the year under Talent Revealing Opportunity Programme (TROP).

Smt. C. Saroja presented the awards `KALA ACHARYA SIRONMANI’ to the Best Gurus, Best accompanying artists for Dance and also presented Prizes. Smt. C. Lalitha presented the Medal to the medal prize winners selected by the VDS ARTS Academy for the year 2012.

Best Gurus Selected by the academy for the year 2012 as follows:

  1. Mrs. RAJALAKSHMI SRINIVASAN for Vocal with Citation
  2. Mr. C.N. SRINIVASAMURTHY for Violin  with Citation
  3. Tambaram Mr. B. GANESH for Mridangam with Citation
  4. Mrs. ANITHA GUHA for Bharathanatyam with Citation

They also honored the Best Accompanying Artists for Dance selected by the academy for their efforts to recognize them based on their best performances

And support to the budding dance artistes.

The Award Winners are:

1. Mrs. GIRIJA RAMASWAMI  for Vocal with Citation

2. KANDADEVI  Mr. S.VIJAYARAGHAVAN for Violin  with Citation       and

3. Mr. M. DHANANJAYAN for Mridangam with Citation

They also distributed the prizes to VAA TOP TEN winners of the year 2012

The winners are:-

1. G. ABILASH    – Vocal Ist Prize Tanjore Thambura with

`Bala Baskara’ award instituted by the academy.

2. S. SRIVATSAN               – Vocal IInd Prize Miraj Thambura

3. Madurai S. SUCHITRA – Vocal IIIrd Prize Radel Micro Sruthi box

4. S. SAYEE RAKSHITH        – Violin Ist Prize Violin itself

5. G. KARTHIK    – Mridangam Ist prize Mridangam itself

6. NIVEDITA ARAVINDAN – Dance Ist prize a Big Panchaloka Natarajar  Statue

7. B. ABHINAYA    – Dance IInd Prize a Small Panchaloka Natarajar Statue

8. A.G. SUBASHREE-  Dance IIIrd Prize a Small Panchaloka Natarajar Statue

The Chief Guests Mrs. C. Lalitha distributed about 26 Medals to the young musicians, who performed excellently in the year 2012 and selected by the academy to merit their performances.

Earlier the academy has organized a special music concert by Sangeetha Kalanidhi, Bombay Sisters Smt. C. SAROJA & Smt. C. LALITHA with Smt. Usha Rajagopalan on Viloin, Chidambaram Sri. S. Balshankar on Mridangam and Adambakkam Mr. K. Shankar on gatam gave a wonderful concert.

Mr.M.Chander, President of the Academy welcomed the gathering and informed of Academy’s achievement in 17 years with 2200 budding artists enrolled and 2800  programmes and 690 dance programmes were organized so far.

Mr.K.Sridhar, Vice-President of the academy proposed the vote of thanks.