VDS Arts Academy - Arts wings of Muthukrishnan Memorial Club
Reviews - September 2010

On 26th September 2010 (Sunday) at 6.00 P.M.  P. Prabha performed an excellent vocal concert for VDS. She has a good voice. Her over all knowledge also very good. Guru Meera Kedarnath has trained her very well. In fact all the students of Guru Meera have a good standard.
Prabha’s simmhendra madhyamam was very good. Alapana, kriti (Deekshidar’s Pamarajana palini) swaram was neat. Main thodi was sung well. Alapana was good but there were repetition of pidis. She rendered the kriti kaddhuna variki very well-kalpanaswaram was good. She sang the thukkadas melodiously.
Accompanists Supraja (Violin) and S. Gomathishankar (Mridangam) gave adequate support.

7.15 PM. R. Charanya’s yet another excellent veena concert at VDS was her 7th performance. Her striking and fingering are good. Her handling the instrument is good. She is capable of producing melodious tone. Guru Mudigondan S. N. Ramesh has trained her well.
She played kamalapathukula in Brindavana saaranga well. She did the main RTP in mohanam well. The alapana was short and good. Thanam and pallavi also very good. Kalpanaswaram was fine. She played the thukkadas melodiously and neatly.

G. Karthik gave a fine support on the percussion.

On 25th September 2010 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM. C. Soundarya presented an excellent vocal performance in VDS. She is just 11. She has got the confidence,   all round knowledge, perfection of a seasoned artist. Her voice is bold & clear with proper gamakas. She is able to sing kritis with ragalakshana. Full credit goes to her Guru Seetha Narayanan for having trained this little girl very well.
Her panthuvarali (sambhomahadeava) was fine. Alapana, Swaram every thing was perfect. Main shankarabaranam was good. Alapana had many nice pidis. She did the niraval and kalpanaswaram very well for kriti Sundareswaruni. Selections of the songs for the concert was good.
T. V. Sukanya (Violin) and S. Siva Subramanian (Mridangam) gave a very good support.


At 7.15 PM. Arul Priya Manikavasakam a regular artiste in VDS, this  being her 6th concert and marked by excellent performance. We are happy to say that she is improving concert by concert. Her all round knowledge is good. Sings the kritis with ragalakshana. Voice is fine with apt gamakas and brugas. Her current guru Suguna Varadhacahri has trained her very well.
She sang the reethi gowla kriti nannu vidachi very well. Sub-main kalyani was good. The alapana had good pidis. She rendered the main alapana in keeravani well. Rendered the kriti innamum in the right tempo-niraval and swaram was good.  

Accompanists Sriram Sridhar on Violin and Srivanchiam R. Sriram on mridangam gave very good support to Arul.

On 11th September 2010 (Saturday) at 6.00 P.M. N. Hamsa performed very good vocal concert for VDS. Her voice is good, bold & clear. She renders the kritis neatly with ragalakshana. Guru Ajai Namboodri has trained her very well.

She rendered the thodi varnam perfectly. Poorvikalyani was o.k. But for sub-main (andal thirupavai), she could have taken a longer krithi.

Main shankarabharanam was good. She has improved in raga alapana. She rendered the krithi sarojathalanethri well. Niraval and kalpanaswaram were good. She concluded with a melodious rendition of sindhu bairavai.

Accompanists Shraddha (Violin) and G. Kirtivasan (Mridangam) gave very good support.

7.15 PM. That was G. Karthik's fifth vocal concert at VDS and it was excellent. He is perfect in kaalapramanam. In fact there are three accompanists on the dais including the violinist Shraddha. Except Shraddha three of them V. Prashanth, K.R. Narayan and G. Karthik him self mridangists. His raga alapana had imaginative pidis. His gurus M.E. Subramanian and G. Srikanth have trained him very well.

His Suddha dhanyasi was very good. Aparathamule in lathangi was like a super fast express. Main shanmukapriya was fine. The alapana was exhaustive. He rendered the krithi siddhi vinayakam well-good selection for vinayakar chadurti day. The niraval and kalpanaswaram had variety. The selections of the songs for the concert were good and it had variety.

On 10th September 2010 (Friday) at 6.00 PM. S. Swaminathan presented excellent vocal performance in VDS. This is his maiden concert. His overall knowledge and confidence is beyond his age 11. Not even the height of the mike, he sings the kritis with ragalakshana and right bhava. Guru Sugantha Sridhar has trained him very well.

He sang the atana kriti well. Main kalyani was fine. After a neat
alapana he sang the kriti Himadrisudhe nicely. He did niraval and
swaram very well. He concluded a nice rendering of behag. The
selections of the songs were good and all famous vageyakaras found place. He applied his one hour concert neatly and well prepared.

Accompanists B. Sudha (Violin) and K.N. Ganapathi (Mridangam) gave a very good support to him.

Singita Vidwan Sri. Kasturi Rangan, chief guest of the evening blessed the artistes.

At 7.15 PM. That was Brinda Manikavasakam a regular artiste in VDS and this is being her 10th concert. Entered at VDS as a child prodigy, now

she is a matured singer. Her all round knowledge is improving year by year as per noting in her perusal papers. She mingles with sruthi perfectly with her high manodharma. Her alapana has many imaginative pidis. Her many teachers have trained her very well. Her present guru Suguna Varadhacahri.

The Begada was very good. Main Simmendra madhymam was fine- alapana was neat with beautiful imaginative pidis. She rendered the kriti Rama Rama very well with proper brigas and anuswarams. Her niraval and kalpanaswaram had variety. She sang the thukkadas melodiously.

Accompanists Sriram Sridhar on Violin and Nellai V. Srikrishnan on
mridangam gave very good support.

On 04th September 2010 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM. N. Priyadharshini performed excellent dance. This is her second performance at VDS. Now she is improved in all departments. She is dancing with keen interest and involvement. She has all the features for a dancer. Slim, tall, fast footed and has elegant and brisk limb movements. She has been well trained her guru J. Suryanarayanamurthi with special care.

Her sanchari bhava was very good in the varnam naataikurinji on lord Ganesa. Her mudas and abhinaya were in the varnam. She answered the intricate jathis well. Both dance and music were fine in the padam govindan kuzhalosaikettu in Ragamalika. She replied the different jathis neatly. Both music and dance were synchronized very well to-day.

Vocal by Hari Prasad, Karthikeyan (mridangam) and T. Sashidar (Flute).Prof. Dr. S. Raghuraman chief guest of the programme blessed Priyadharshini.

On 03rd September 2010 (Friday) at 6.30 PM. B.S. Bala Shobika performed a very good dance for VDS. She is just 13 and quite confident. Her foot-work is good. Adavu is o.k. Guru Dharini Ramakrishna has trained Bala Shobika very well.

She did the varnam Velanaivarasoladi; KND's bhairavi well. Answered the jathis neatly and her bhava was good. Music and dance synchronized well in paalvadiyum mugam. Kurathi dance; dress and make-up were fine. This is a full fledged programme.

Music and instrumental was supportive to the dance. Koushik
Chambakesan on Vocal, G. Ganesan on Mridangam, Sikamani on Violin and B.N. Ramesh on flute.

Bharathanatyam dancer, Prof. in charge English dept. Sashun Jain College Smt. Hema Suresh Pani, chief guest of the programme blessed the dancer.