VDS Arts Academy - Arts wings of Muthukrishnan Memorial Club
Review ( Month of September '09)

On 27th September 2009 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM. M.R. Sruthipriya,s Excellent dance performance was marked by fine foot-work and limb movements. She has fine features for a dancer. She is lean and flexible body. Her bhava also good. Her laya knowledge also fine, she proved it by her kutchupudi dance to-day. Of course guru J. Suryanarayanamuthi’s training was very good.

Her Nattai kurunji varnam on lord Ganesa was good. Her sanchari bhava was fine both varnam and Ragamalika shabdam. She answered the intricate jathis neatly in the varnam. Her kutchupudi dance was best piece of to-day’s performance. It was so pleasing to watch.

Music support, vocal by Vanathi Raghuraman, Karthik (mridangam), Srinivasan (violin) rendered their fine support.

Bharathanatyam exponent Prof. S. Raghuraman, chief guest of the programme blessed Sruthipriya.

On 20th September 2009 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM. S. Sanathkumar gave a very good performance of Bharathanatyam for VDS. He has keen interest He is quite confident, foot work is good, limb movements are fine and flexible. His guru M.S. Hariharan of Kalakshetra have trained him very well.

Sanath did the Tanjore quartet’s bhairavi jathiswaram well. Varnam a composition of Raji Naraynan, Gokula Bala in Kalyani ragam was good. He enacted the sancharibhava well. Bhava was good at times. Both music and abhinaya were good in Jayadevar Ashtapathi. The limb movements were fine in Easwar Ramakrishnan’s Mahathi thillana.

Vocal by G. Srikanth, M.S. Sukhi (mridangam), Sikkil Balasubramanian (violin) gave a good support.

Dance exponent Sri. Srijith Krishna, chief guest of the programme blessed the artists.

19th September 2009 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM. Sahana Kirthivasan gave a very good Bharathanatyam performance. Sahana is lean with flexible body. Her foot work and limb movements are good. Bhava also good. Well trained by guru R. Vijaymadhavan.

She did the bhairavi varnam Nanda gopalanai composed by Periasami Dooran well. Answered the jathis neatly. There is scope of improve in bhava as she is just 12 year old artist. Her Kalyanarama a keerthanam, Aananda koothadinar and Chinanchru pen pole padams were fine to watch. Her thillana in poorvi ragam was brisk and attractive.

Orchestra support of vocal by A. Narayananan, Mayavaram J.Shankar (mridangam), Seetharama Sarma (Violin). R. Shankaranarayanan (Flute) rendered their very good support to Sahana.

Prof. S. Raghuraman, chief guest of the programme blessed Sneha.

On 13th September 2009 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM. Padmashree Balaji and Bagyashree Balaji performed very good vocal-duet at VDS. This is their maiden performance. Their voice is bold and clear. Paatantharam is very good guru Padma Sandilyan has trained them very well.

Though their todi alapana was short but crisp. They sang the kriti kadai kann noki very well. Kalpanaswaram was good like tutored. Main simhendramadhimam was o.k. Alpana was good. Kriti Mysore Vasudeva char’s nine nammithi sang nicely. Kalpanaswarams were also o.k.

Selection of the songs were fine from different quartets. They sang the thukkadas nicely.

R. Shraddha on Violin and K.H. Vineeth on Mridangam gave a good support to the sisters.

On 12th September 2009 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM. Sriram Sridhar presented Excellent violin-solo concert by for VDS. This is his maiden performance. At 13 his over all knowledge is high. He is quite confident. Handling the instrument is good. Playing kritis with ragalakshana. Guru Padma Shankar (school of Lalgudi) has trained him very well. We are happy to mention here Guru Padma Shankar also performed at VDS and won Violin prize (Best violinist award) during 1998

Sriram’s Gowri Manohari alapana was short but neat. He played kriti Gwori Manohara very well. Main bhairavi was fine. The alapana had nice pidis, niraval and kalpanaswarams for lalithe sri kriti were good. He played the thukkadas melodiously.

R. Akshayram on Mridangam and Sai Subramanian on Morsing gave very good support to Sriram.

At 7.15 PM. S. Aparna performed a very good vocal concert. This is her first promotional concert to one and half hour seniour slot.

Earlier she performed three one hour concerts. Her all-round knowledge is good Her voice is soft and melodious. It has good range also. She sings kriti with ragalakshana. Guru C.R. Vaidynathan has trained her very well.

Varali was good. After a short but neat alapana she sang the kriti va va va very well. Main bhairavi was fine. The alapana was good. She sang the kriti Eanattai nomu very well. Niraval & kalpanaswarams had variety. Melakartha ragamalika a composition of Maha Vadiyanatha Iyer, Pranathathri Hara was good piece. It requires lot of practice.

R. Shraddha on Violin and V. Gowrishankar on Mridangam gave a very good support to Aparna.

Mridangam vidwan Trichur R. Mohan, chief guest of the evening blessed the artists.


On 04th September 2009 (Friday) at 6.30 PM. V. Manasa performed a fine and very good Bharathanatyam performance for VDS. At 9 she is very confident & sure. She has keen interest. Her foot work and limb movements are very good. Guru Sasirekha Rammohan has trained this little girl very well.

The varnam was very good. Her abhinaya for Madurai R. Muralidharan’s lyrics Konjum Salangai in ragam Lathangi was nice. The different poses of Lord Natesa depicted at the end each stanza was fine. She answered the jathis neatly. Her action depicting like Krishna ’s leelai in Surdas verse was very attractive. Of course she will learn more about bhava as she grows up. She is brisk and agile as seen in her limb movements & foot work in Thillana. She did not look tired till the finish.

Vocal as well as instrumental support was fine, vocal by Roshini Ganesh (Padma Seshadri Sisters), Nellai D. Kannan (mridangam) and Kalaiarasan (Violin) rendered their fine support.

Madurai Sri. R. Muralidharan, dance exponent chief guest of the programme blessed Manasa.