VDS Arts Academy - Arts wings of Muthukrishnan Memorial Club
Review ( Month of September '08)

On 28th September 2008 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM. S. Prashanthy’s third consecutive excellent Bharathanatyam performance was marked by fine foot-work, elegant limb movements, good bhava and above all dedication. Full credit goes to guru Madhumathy Prakash ( Daughter of Udipi Sri. Lakshminarayanan) for having trained Prashanthy very well. This was a full fledged programme, with all regular items. Prashanthy is also learning vocal and mridangam.

Varnam Dasavatharam  composed by Key-Board artist P.R.Venkatsubramaniam in Raagamalika looks more  like a dance drama. There was ample scope for bhava which Prashanthy utilized very well. Answered the lengthy and intricate jathis very well. Instead of clubbing three Ramas together, more importance could have been given to Sri Ramavathara. Her abhinaya was fine in Purandra Dasar padam. Baghesri thillana was pleasing, a composition of Udipi Lakshminarayanan.  .

Both vocal and instrumental music was very good and  supportive to the dance. Vocal by Shanthi Jayaraman (recipient of Best vocal accompanying artist award for dance from our VDS ARTS Academy in 2005) Shakthivel (Mridangam), Sikha mani (Violin) P.R. Venkatsubramaniam (Key-Board) rendered  fine support.

Barathanatyam Exponent Kalaimamani Smt. Jeyanthy Subramanaim chief guest of the programme blessed Prashanthy.

On 19th September 2008 (Friday) at 6.00 PM. B.Lakshmi Surya Teja of Vizakapatnam gave an excellent vocal concert for VDS.  She is learning under Pantula Rama. Her voice is fine especially in the higher octave. One improvement is – now she is able to touch lower `Pa’

The Vizag girl took Amirthavarshini as her sub-main and Kamboji as her main for the concert. Both the alapanas were good. She did niraval & kalpanaswaram well in Kamboji and kalpanaswaram had variety with fine muthaippu. She rushed  through all the songs except O rangasayee (main). The lone thukkada in misra valaji  was sung beautifully.

K.J.Dileep (Violin) & R.Akshayram ( Mridangam) gave  fine support to Surya Teja.

At 7.15 PM. R. Amirthavarshini’s  Excellent vocal concert was marked by fine manodharma and neat rendering of kritis. She is our regular artist and this is her third excellent vocal concert. She was under the tutelage of Dr.Manjula Sriram and presently she is guided  by her grand mother Srimathi Rajagopal.

Her Shanmugapriya (sub-main) was fine. After a neat alapana she sang the kriti Thandhai Thaai  with full involvement . The kalpanaswaram was compact. Her main Thodi was fine. The alapana had nice pidis. Kriti Yemi Jesi dhe was sung very well. The niraval and kalpanaswaram were fine. Her voice was not co-operative in the beginning, but picked up very well later. She sang the thukkadas, a abhang, Kalki’s Maayan vallavan, Thottu Thottu (behag) and Kundhavarali Thillana  very well.

Violinist K.J.Dileep and mridangist R. Santhoshram gave a fine support to Amirthavarshini.

On 14th September 2008 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM. That was third consecutive Excellent Bharathanatyam performance by Srinidhi S. Bharadwaj. A student of J. Suryanarayana Murthy. . She won medal prize twice in 2003 and 2006. She has been maintaining her body all these years;  lean, flexible, agile, good foot-work, elegant limb movements and her features are good, ideal for a dancer.

She did Ponnaia Pillai’s Sakhiye varnam in kedara gowlai well and replying the jathis neatly. In shabdham her limb movements were perfect and graceful. In Sree charka raja, palavidhamai adiyum paadiyum was debicted very well. She did Jayadhevar Ashtapathy, Hindolam thillana and Bhagyatha lakshmi (sree raagam) very well.

Melodious vocal supprt by Jyothismathi, Ganesh (Mridangam), Seetharama Sharma (Violin) Sunil (flute) all the members from Kalakshetra rendered their fine support.

Prof. S. Raghuraman, chief guest of the programme blessed Srinidhi.

On 13th September 2008 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM. S. Sandhiya dis. of Sheela Unnikrishnan gave a very good Bharathanatyam performance for VDS. Her foot-work is good. She is lean, agile with brisk limb movements. She is quite confident at 13.

Sandhiya’s limb movements were fine in alarippu. She answered the jathis of the varnam Sendhil in raagam neelambari composed by sri Lalgudi Jayaraman very well. Both music and dance were fine in Muruganin marupeyar (Especially in virutham). Of course there is scope of improvement in Bhava.

Fine vocal support by duo Rajeswari Kumar & Kalyani Kalyanaraman (PSBB teachers; singing together in single voice), Nagai Narayanan (Mridangam) and Muruganandham (Violin) and Ramesh (flute) rendered their fine support.

Natya Choodmani Mrs. Jayanthi Subramaniam, chief guest of the programme blessed Sandhiya.

On 07th September 2008 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM. G. Adithya Ram’s excellent flute recital was noted by a perfect combination among all the three budding artists; violin by R.Shyam and mridangam by K.Venkataramanan gave a fine support to Adithya Ram. He handled the instrument nicely; no burr, no extra sound, plays smoothly. He has fine control over the instrument. Of course no doubt, all credit goes to his guru veteran Alathoor Nagarajan.

He played Sahaana Varnam, Vidajaala (jana ranjani), Tholiyunu (nilambari), Nagumomu (aberi) very well. Main Kalyani was very good. Short but neat alapana he played the kriti Nedhu Charana with niraval and kalpanaswarams with perfect muthaippu. Karaharapriya, alapana and kriti okapari were fine.  All the songs were played very fast; If he could   add a slower pace like Irattai Kalai it would have been more enjoyable. Selection of the songs were good but most of them Thiagarajar and Annamacharya.

At 7.15 PM: That was R.Swathi’s fifth consecutive Excellent vocal concert was marked by all round knowledge, rendering with ragalakshana with  her bold and versatile voice with full involvement. Born in a musical family. Grand daughter and dis. of Thirupunthuruthi Venkatesan. She is also learning from Chenglepet Ranganathan.

She sang Shyama Sastry’s Poorvikalyani kriti (sub-main) very well. Main Karaharapriya alapana was good and kriti Ramaneesamana rendered beautifully with compact niraval and kalpanaswaram. Selection of the items were fine and all leading vageyakaras included.

She got fine support from K.J.Dileep (Violin) & V. Gowrishankar (Mridangam) to give us a nice concert.

On 06th September 2008 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM. We congratulate Barghav S. Hariharan for a very good maiden vocal concert for VDS. His voice is bold with open delivery. Confident  and  sure @ 15. His paatantharam was good.Father-cum-guru
Dr. H.Subramony ( a leading physician at Apollo Hospitals) has trained him very well.

He sang Gurulekha in Gowri Manohari very well; though the kalpanaswaram looked tutored. Main Karaharapriya after a short but neat alapana he rendered the kriti Senthil Aandavan very well with niraval and kalpanaswarams. He can widen his knowledge on alapana by listening to more and more concerts. It will be better if he uses modulation while singing. He sang Manadirkukandhathu (Sindhu Bhairavi) and Lalgudi’s composition of Madhuvanthi Thillana nicely.

Shraddha Ravindran on Violin and Sree Sheshadri Vyas on Mridangam gave good support to Bhargav.

Mridangam exponent Trichur Sri. Narendran chief guest of the evening blessed the children.

At 7.15 PM: That was fourth consecutive Excellent vocal concert  by Shraddha Mohan., already prize winner in our VAA TOP TEN competition. Her overall knowledge is high. She excels in kalpanaswarams. She has a clear and sweet voice. She is under the tutelage of Sugantha Kalamegam and she is also learning from her mother-cum-guru Mala Mohan.

Her Mohanam (sub-main) was very good. Main Meenakshi Memudam in Poorvikalyani was fine. Her alapana was good, kriti rendered very nicely with variety of kalpanaswarams. Selection of the songs for the programme was fine and all from the main vaageyakaras. Her only problem is lack of stamina.

She got fine support from M.Vijay (Violin) & Thiruvarur S.C.Venkatesh (Mridangam) and all the three budding musicians combined very well to give us a nice concert.

On 05th September 2008 (Friday) at 6.00 PM. V.G.Vigeshwar`sKey-Board concert for VDS on Friday. was excellent. Heis  learning from V.Rajalakshmi. His handling of the instrument is very good. Fingering also good. He plays effortlessly and uses anuswaras deftly. Tonal  quality is fine but a bit noisy.

He played Suddha Dhanyasi kriti Narayana well.  Dharisanam Kandarkku in mohanam was good. He played Sadhaanandha Thandavam in Bahudhari very well. Main Kambhoji was good. After a neat alapana; though he did not touch lower octave at all, the kriti Maajanaki was played very well. His niraval and kalpanaswarams were fine. He must play some songs in a slower speed and should not rush through all the songs. His Maandu thillana was so fine.

V. Vignesh ( Mridangam) and S.Krishna (Gatam) gave a very good support to Vigneshwar.

At 7.15 PM. That was yet another  Excellent vocal concert by Brinda Manikavasagam for VDS. This is her 8th concert. There has been consistent improvement in her manodharma and all round knowledge in her concerts. In to day’s concert some rare kritis were rendered nicely. Various gurus including Dr. Manjula Sriram have trained her very well.

Hindolam  alapana was good. It had imaginative pidis and some too ambitious pidis.also. Main Haimavathy was fine. Her alapana, rendering the kriti Sri Kanthimathim, niraval and kalpanaswaram which had variety and imagination, every thing was fine. The lone thukkada in Kanada was also fine.

Violinist K.J.Dilee and Mridangist G.Karthik gave  fine support to Brinda.