VDS Arts Academy - Arts wings of Muthukrishnan Memorial Club
Review ( Month of Oct -2011)

On 30th October 2011 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM. K.S. Sathyapriya and K.S. Vidyalakshmi gave their good concert. They combined well and singing in one voice. They sang the kritis well. Their gurus Seerkazhi R. Jayaraman (late) and Uma Maheshwari have trained them well.

Kalyani was good. They did the niraval and swaram well for kriti karpanai. As a respect to their previous guru Seerkahi R. Jayaraman, they sang 3 compositions of him. They sang the kanada thukkada melodiously.

Parur M.S. Ananthashree on violin and mridangam.by S. Shiva shankar gave adequate support.


At 7.15 PM. Thiruparkadal S.Vasudevan dis. of C.R. Vaidyanathan and grand son of Thiruparkadal Veeraraghavan a great violinist of yester years sang yet another excellent vocal concert at VDS.

He has a good all round knowledge. He sang all the kritis well with ragalakshana. Poorvikalyani was good – both alapana and kriti. Main sankarabaranam was very good; alapana was neat, kriti yemi neramu was sung well, kalpanaswaram had variety. Saaranamana in behag was fine.

Sayee Rakshith on violin and V. Prashanth on mridangam gave a fine support.

On 29th October 2011 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM. N. Sushmitha and P.N. Sri Nivedha gave their fine and very good vocal-duet at VDS. Their voice is fine, bold, clear and synchronizing as a single voice is very well. Selections of the songs were fine. Paatantharam is very good; guru Akila Siva trained them well.

Sri Nivedha’s sriranjani alapana was fine and neat. Kriti suga suga mridanga was sung very well. Sushmita’s kalyani alapana was good.. They sang niraval and swaram very well for kriti Himadri suthe.

Violin by Poorna Prajna and mridangam by G.S. Sekar gave a very good support.

At 7.15 PM. Sunil R. Gargyan performed his excellent vocal for VDS. His voice is fine and manly so he is able to sing fluently as per his manodharma. He has had fine coaching from P.B. Srirangachari & P.S. Narayanaswami.

Sunil sings like a seasoned artiste. His poorvikalyani though short was good. Step by step development of karahara priya alapana was good. Kriti rama neeyade sung comfortably. Kalpanaswaram had variety. He sang the thukkadas nicely; especially ahir bhairavi.

Dinesh kumar and K.H. Vineeth gave a very good support.

On 28th October 2011 (Friday) at 6.00 PM. R. Thara performed her good vocal concert at VDS. Her voice is good. She sings kritis fairly well. Guru Sakunthala Seshadri has trained her well.

Madyamavathi kriti was o.k. Swarm was good. Selections of the songs were good for the concert. She sang the kalyani kriti well. Thukkada was very good..

Violin by Supraja and mridangam.by S. Srinandan gave adequate support.


At 7.15 PM. P. Prabha sang a very good concert for VDS. This is her 3rd concert and Ist promotional concert to senior slot. Her over all knowledge is good. She sings kritis well. Guru Meera Kedarnathan has trained her very well.

Sriranjanai was good. She sang the kriti maaru balka very well. Main kalyani was o.k. Kriti bhajare was sung well. Prabha’s kalpanaswaram in kalyani was fine. She sang the thukkadas beautifully.

On 23rd October 2011 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM. Aishwarya Natarajan gave a very good vocal concert at VDS. At 12 she is very confident. Voice is bold and clear. Sings kritis neatly.. Well trained by gurus Akhila Siva and Kamakshi. The selections of the songs had variety.

Bhairavi alapana was good though looked tutored, kriti yaaro ivar was o.k. Main mohanam was also good. She rendered the kriti Rara rajiva very well.

Violin V. Shreyas and Mridangam S. Karthik Narayanan gave good support.

At 7.15 PM. That was an excellent vocal concert by V. Vathsala. Her voice is fine, melodious and versatile. Over all knowledge is good – well trained by guru O.S. Thiagarajan.

Shanmugapriya was good. After a neat alapana she rendered the kriti well. Kalpanaswaram had variety. RTP in kambodi was very good. Alapana had nice pidis. Thalam was complicated – thisra jamba in 4 kalai and also in kanta nad. She has prepared well.

Sriram Sridhar and Sumesh Narayanan gave very good support.

22nd October 2011 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM. S. Mathangi gave a very good vocal performance for VDS. This is her maiden performance here. She is gifted with her fine voice. It is bold & clear. It flows freely in the higher octave, below sadjam still to concentrate. Guru Akhila Siva has trained her very well.

Her panduvarali was good. Main karaharapriya kriti was sung very well. Of course she has to improve the alapana aspect by listening to more concerts. She sang the thukkadas nicely.

We welcome the new violinist Poorna Pajna (Lalgudi Schools) and mridangam.by Kalpattu V. Sairam (Thiruvarur Schools) They gave good support.

At 7.15 PM. To-day we enjoyed an excellent and high quality concert, all the three L. Sri Vidhya (Vocal), R. Shyam (Violin) and V. Gowrisahankar (Mridangam) contributing to it. The vocal guru Suba Ganesan has trained Sri vidhya very well.

Her voice is her asset, pleasing and with a good range. Over all knowledge is high. Selections of the songs were fine. Keeravani was fine-both alapana & kriti. Main suba panthuvarali-not generally taken as main item but she did it very well. Alapana had imaginative pidis. Kriti and swaram was fine

On 16th October 2011 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM . That was good vocal by K.N.C. Deepthi forVDS. She is gifted with a sweet voice. She sings kritis neatly and has been well trained by her guru Neyveli K. Ganesh.

Main charukesi was very good. Alapana was o.k. for kriti adamodigala. Bhavayami in yaman kalyani was good. Sang the desh thillana nicely.

Violin by Guru Praanesh and mridangam by K. Arvindshankar wa good support

At 7.15 PM . That was an excellent vocal concert by R. P. Shravan. This is his 3rd and consecutive excellent concert. His voice is fully broken and settled now. It is manly, mejastic, versatile with enough brigas and gamakas. His all round knowledge is high. His gurus Padma Sandilyan and Suseela Sridhar have trained him very well.

His kalyani was good. Main karaharapriya was fine. The alapana had some nice pidis. He sang sakkaniraja with full involvement. Niraval and swaram were fine. He sang the thukkadas neatly.

R. Shyam (violin) V. Prashanth and K.R. Narayan on the percussion gave fine support.

On 08th October 2011 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM. Deepthi Suresh gave her excellent vocal concert at VDS. She has been well trained by her gurus Vijayalakshmi Subramanian and Padma Sandilyan. Deepthi’s voice is fine, bold and versatile. Her niraval and kalpanaswarams had variety in kalyani for the kriti himadrisuthe. Main saveri had some imaginative pidis in the alapana and her swara korvai also fine. Lone thukkada mathura mathura meenakshi was sung so beautifully.

Violin by V. Supraja and mridangam by P.V. Srivatsa gave a good support.

At 7.15 PM. Anjana Thirumalai, yet another student of Padma Sandilyan presented her 3rd consecutive excellent vocal for VDS. Her selections of the songs had variety and also rare kirtis. Some of them gana ragas.

Sub main poorvikalyani alapana was neat and good. Niraval and swarams were also very good for ganamusagaradha. The alapana was in detail in main thodi and there were some nice pidis. Kriti sri krishnam bajamanasa was rendered nicely.

V. Supraja and R. Santhoshram gave a very good support to Anjana.

On 07th October 2011 (Friday) at 6.00 PM. P. Harigovindan performed his fine & very good vocal concert at VDS. He is confident and has bold & clear voice. All round knowledge is good. He got good training from Seerkazhi R. Jayaraman and also from P.V. Parameswaran.

Hamsadwani was good. Alapana was neat and rendered the kriti pahi pahi bala ganapathe well. Main kalyani was very good. The alapana was neat. He sang the kriti nijadasa varada very well. Niraval was also good. Kalpanaswarm had variety.

He was well supported on the Violin by T.V. Sukanya and mridangam.by Guru Arvind.


At 7.15 PM. Krthika Natarajan’s concert was really excellent. A versatile singer with highly knowledge and experience. She has learnt from Dr. Manjula Sriram, Raji Gopalakrishnan and Lalgudi G. Jayaraman.

Chakravaham kriti was rendered melodiously. Poorvikalyani was good. She did RTP in bhairavi in detail. Alapana was good. Thanam & Pallavi was also very good. Eduppu in different places and speeds in pallavi was fine.

Sriram Sridhar on violin and Sumesh Narayanan on mridangam gave a fine support

On 01st October 2011 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM. S. Mahalakshmi Bharadwaj has performed her maiden dance at VDS in 2003 and this her 4th programme. She is excellent and graceful dancer with fine footed. She showed her elegance is Sri charka raja. Her foot-work was brisk and elegant in oozhi koothu. Limb movements and face expressions were fine the padam chinnanchiru killiye. Bhava and different posses of lord Shiva was good in bho sambho.

Sowmya Ramnarayan on vocal, Palakad Shekar on mridangam, T. Hemamalini on violin and Srinivasan on flute are supported Mahalakshmi very well.