VDS Arts Academy - Arts wings of Muthukrishnan Memorial Club
Review ( Month of October '09)

On 31st October 2009 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM. V. G. Vigneshwar performed 3rd consecutive excellent key-Board recital at VDS. At just 13 his over all knowledge is remarkable. Rendering the kritis with ragalakshana with proper pro-notes. Selection of the items were fine and from different composers. Of-course he has been well trained by his guru V. Rajalakshmi.

His ananda bhairavi alapana was good. Played the kriti kamalambal of deekshidar nicely. Main karaharapriya was alapana was fine for kriti chakaniraja. Kalpanaswarams were imaginative pidis. He played the other kritis Pranamamyaham, Deva Deva and Bhuvaneswariyal nicely. Thukkadas Maname kanamum in bheemblas was really fine. Lalgudi’s kamas thillana also good.

G. Karthik on Mridangam and Ramya Ramesh on gatam gave a fine to Vigneshwar.

At 7.15 PM. N. S. Vignesh made his excellent vocal concert. This is his 5th concert for VDS. His voice is bold and manly. Guru Tambaram V. Sundaresan has trained him very well. Her confidence and over all knowledge is very good.

His sub-main suddha dhanyasi was very good. Alapana has some nice pidis. Swaram kalpana also very good for kriti Sri Parthasarathy. Main keeravani alapana was good and kalpanaswaram had variety for kriti kaliyukiyunde. For want of time we missed some nice thukkadas.

M. Vijay (violin) and G. Karthik (Mridangam) gave very good support to the main artist.

On 25th October 2009 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM. B. Suvasini made an excellent vocal performance at VDS. This is her 3rd concert here. She has been improving gradually. Her voice is soft, sweet and clear. Rendering kritis with ragalakshana. Paatanthram by Guru Padma Sandilyan.

Suvasini’s mayamalagowla varnam was best opening. Sub-main poorvikalyani alapana was short and compact. Niraval & Kalpanaswarams were fine for kriti gnanamusakaradha. Main Deekshidar’s kadambari kriti was fine. Alapana, niraval and swarams were perfect. She has to improve her stamina.

Shraddha on Violin and R. Siva Subramanian on Mridangam gave a very good support.

At 7.15 PM. This is fortunately 2500th programme of the academy. T. Kalaimagan a grand son of Villupattu exponent Kavigner Sri. Subbu Arumugam. He is learning vocal under the tutelage of Nagamani Nagaraju. He performed the special concert as excellent. He is our regular artist and this is his 4th concert for VDS. He is rendering the kritis with bhava and full involvement. Over all-knowledge and confidence is high. Manodharma is also good.

Selections of the songs were fine from various composers. After the brisk naataikurinji varnam his sri ganapathim (sourashtram) Aadadhu asangadhu (madhymavathi), seethe pathe (kamas) were sung very nicely. Sub-main Maa ramanan (hindolam) performed with fine alapana & well-knit kalpanaswarams. Main Kamboji for kriti yelana Krishna also sang very well with variety of kalpanaswarams. The lone thukkada ramanai bhajithal (mand) sung very melodiously.

Both R. Shyam and S.R. Ethirajan asthana budding vidwans of VDS gave wonderful support and the understanding between the three artists was remarkable.

Smt. Shankari Krishnan a vocal exponent, chief guest of the concert blessed and appreciated the VDS scheme. She was very happy to be the chief guest at VDS on the 2500th programme and it was coincided to-day.

On 24th October 2009 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM. S. H. Raghav presented a fine & very good veena recital for VDS. He is our regular artist. This is his 4th concert at VDS. Now he has improved lot. He is playing kritis very well. He has been trained well by his guru Dr. Kamal Ashwathama.

His hamsanadham alapana was short but good. Played the kriti mantrabalam nicely with swaram. Main kalyani he did raagam, thanam and keerthanam for Sivakameswari (Deekshidar) very well. He played other kritis Brovabarama, parithanamichidhi, upacharamu and idadhupadam very nicely.

Varun Ramaswami on Mridangam gave a good support to Raghav.

At 7.15 PM. L. Srividhya made her excellent vocal concert. This is her I st promotional concert and she proved it by excellent performance. Her voice is bold and at high range. Her confidence, knowledge and manodharma is high at 14. Guru Subha Ganesan has trained her very well.

She has selected Swami dayajuda (kedara gowla), Sharanu (shourashtram), Makelara (ravichandrika) and Raja Raja Rajithe (Niroshta) for the concert and performed very well. Sub-Main thodi for kriti Ninne nammi she did fine alapana and kalpanaswarams. She took RTP in ragam dharmavathi as main for kriti palinchu and sung very nicely. Her kalpanaswarams were fine and had variety. It shows she is having the habbit of listening more concerts.

R. Shyam,s (violin) reply in thodi and dharmavathi was remarkable. Srivanchiam R. Sriram’s ( Mridangam) thani in Adhi thalam ganda gadhi was fine.

On 23rd October 2009 (Friday) at 6.00 PM. S. Kriti has performed a very good vocal concert. This is her maiden performance. She is quite confident at 14. Her voice is good, bold, sweet and clear. Selection of the items were good and from different composers. Guru Seetha Narayanan has trained her very well.

Kriti’s both kalyani and karaharapriya alapanas were good. She sang the kritis Nammivachina and vidamy very well. But she has to improve some modulations by listening more concerts. We are happy to note she did niraval and swarams well. She sang the thukkadas melodiously.

V. B. Bhavana on Violin and Veni Madhavan on Mridangam gave a very good support to Kriti.

Thiru. L.K. Syed Ahamed, Chairman of L.K.S. Gold house presided the function as chief guest and blessed the children by his emotional words.

At 7.15 PM. M. Ragnisri’s vocal performance was marked by fine saariram, sruthi and layam. She sings with full involvement and ragalakshana. This is her 5th excellent vocal concert. She had been groomed by late Sulochana Pattabiraman and now by P. Vasanthkumar. She is appearing all the popular T.V. Channels and also other main sabhas in festival seasons. Her knowledge, manodharma and confident is high. She is singing with beautiful gamaks and brigas effortlessly with fine sangathis.

Her sub-main purvikalyani and main shankarabaranam alapanas were fine to listen. She did variety of kalpanaswarams for kritis paraloka and sri dakshinamurthi. Lalgudis revathy thillana sung beautifully.

K.J. Dileep’s sangeetha gnanam was really super. He proved it by his purvikalyani and shankarabaranam alapanas in parur style of gamakas and brigas. N.C. Bharadwaj’s thani was attractive.

On 18th October 2009 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM. G. Aditya Ram performed his 3rd consecutive excellent flute concert for VDS. He has been improving over his previous concerts. His confidence and knowledge is high at 15. Tonal quality of the instrument is fine. Pattantharam also good. Guru veteran Alathoor G. Nagarajan has trained him very well.

Selections of the songs were good. His abhogi varnam was best opening and it was very brisk. Main karaharapriya was fine. Alapana and swarams were well-knit. We missed some thukkadas for want of time. Our special congratulations to the accompanists. R. Shyam (violin), R. Akshayram (mridangam) and S. Krishna (gatam) gave wonderful support to aditya.

At 7.15 PM. M. Arulpriya is our regular artist for VDS. This is her 5th and first promotional concert to one and half hour senior slot. She proved worthy of her promotion. Her voice is versatile in the higher octave. She has to practice below sadjamam. Manodharma and confidence is high at 16. Her knowledge also fine with very good pattantharam by Guru Suguna Varadhachari.

Selections of the songs were fine from various composers. Her alapanas in Arabhi for kriti Sri Saraswathi, Kamboji for kriti Elara and kalyani for himadri sudhe were good. Main Madhyamavathi alapana, niraval and swarams were fine for kriti Ramakatha. She can be avoided any one of the alpana for want of some nice thukkadas. Sri Jagadeeswari and Saranam Ayyappa (Revathi) were sung beautifully.

Shraddha on violin and Thalaignayiru S. Harishkumar gave a very good support to Arul.

On 11th October 2009 (Sunday) at 7.15 PM. Shraddha Mohan’s yet another excellent vocal concert was marked by fine knowledge, confidence, sweet, clear and easy flow of her voice. Paatantharam is very good gurus Sugantha kalamegam and also mother Mala Mohan trained her very well.

Her varali for mamava meenakshi, presented a neat alapana with perfect kalpanawarams. Her reedhi gowla also very well sang with fine muthaippu swarams. She is already won thambura prize from our vaa top ten contest in 2007. The seniour most accompanists of VDS K.P. Nandini and S.R. Ethirajan gave a wonderful support to Shraddha.

On 10th October 2009 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM. P. Prabha rendered an excellent maiden vocal performance at VDS. Her saariram is bold and clear. Sruthi & layam also fine. Confidents is high. Rendering kritis and swarams is her strength. Modulations are o.k., but still to improve. Patandram is very good. Guru Meera Kedarnathan has trained her very well.

Prabha’s poorvikalyani alapana was intact. She sang the kriti Gnamu sakaradha very well with variety of Kalpanaswarams. Main shankarabaranam was fine for kriti Akshaya linga vibo. Lone thukkada in kamas was good.

V. B.Bhavana on Violin and B. Gomathishankar on Mridangam gave a very good support to Prabha.

Akkarai S. Swaminathan the violin exponent blessed the children as chief guest.

At 7.15 PM. H. Divya,s excellent vocal performance had variety of kritis from all the major saints and composers. Her voice is sweet and clear. Confidence, over all-knowledge and manodharma is high. Her voice is flowing all the three octaves easily. A very good patantharam by Kalpagam Raman.

Divya’s Karaharapriya and poorvikalyani alapanas were fine and
versatile. She sang the kritis Sendhil Andavan, Meenakshi memudham very well with fitting kalpanaswarams. The other kritis samaraptha (ragamalika), vara ragalaya (senjukamboji), dharmathma nipudu (kedaragowla), abakaranindhai (hamsanandhi) also sang very well.

K.P. Haricharan’s reply both in karaharapriya and poorvikalyani were fine. V. Gowrishankar,s thani was pleasing.

On 04th October 2009 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM. Bhargav S. Hariharan presented a very good vocal concert for VDS. His over all knowledge in music is high. He sings kritis well. He has been trained well by his father Dr. H. Subramony and also S.P. Ramh. His voice is bold and manly.

Suddha dhanyasi was good. After a neat alapana, he sang the kriti Sri parthasarathi well. Main kamboji was o.k., alapana had nice pidis, though there was repetition of some pidis. Kriti Sri subramanyaa namaste sang very well. Kalpanaswaram was good.

V. Supraja on violin and Seshadri Vyas on Mridangam a good support to Bhargav.

Vocal exponent, Sangeetha vidwan, Neyveli Sri. Santhanagopalan, chief guest of the programme blessed and appreciated VDS Arts Academy.

At 7.15 PM. R. Kavya performed Excellent vocal concert. An all-rounder vocalist, veena artist and Bharathanatyam dancer apart form this she is doing her Engineering 2nd year. A child prodigy and performing for the past ten years at VDS. Her voice is fine, smooth, clear & sweet. She is singing with bhava. Gurus S. Rajam and Mahalakshmi Natrajan have trained her very well.

Her dhanyasi was fine. The alapana had some nice pidis. Kriti and Kalpanaswarams were sung well. Main Ramapriya was very good. After a neat alapana she sang the kriti korinavaramu very well with niraval and kalpanaswarams. Selection of the songs were good, had variety and included all leading vageyakaras.

R. Shraddha on Violin and G. Karthik on Mridangam gave a very good support.


On 03rd October 2009 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM. Trichy M. Aishwarya performed her 3rd consecutive excellent vocal at VDS. Her voice is assert, fine, bold sweet and clear. She improved lot and also below sadjamam now. Guru Ambujam Vedandam’s training is remarkable.

Selection of the songs were fine from different composers. Her sahana, Hindolam and dhrmavathi alapna’s were fine to listen. Her kalpanaswaram for dhramavathi had variety. Her over all-knowledge and manodharma is also fine.

Sriram Sridhar on Violin and B. Sai Shankar on Mridangam gave a very good support to Aishwarya.

At 7.15 PM. R. Swathi’s vocal performance was marked by fine saariram, sruthi and layam. She sings with full involvement and ragalakshana. This is her 6th excellent vocal concert. It proves she grows along with VDS and no doubt she has music in her blood as she born in a musical family and her grand father-cum-guru Thirupunduruthi Venkatesan. Her voice is conflict with beautiful gamaks and brigas.

Swathi’s alapana in bilahari and mukari were fine. Her main
Deekshidar’s poori kalyani kriti meenakshime was fine. Niraval and swarams were fine and had variety. The lone thukkada Bharadiyar’s Pagaivanu in Ragamalika was pleasing. H.V. Raghuram’s Lalgudi style of Poorvikalyani was super. V. Vigensh’s poongulam style of thani was attractive.

On 02nd October 2009 (Friday) at 6.00 PM. Shreya Shankar performed a fine and very good vocal concert at VDS. This is his maiden performance. Her voice is assert, fine, bold, sweet and clear especially in the higher octave. She has to practice below sadjamam. Guru Padma Sandilyan and Srimushnam Raja Rao have trained her very well.

Selection of the songs were fine from different composers. She sang all the kritis well. Main shankarabaranam alapana was good. Her niraval and kalpanaswarams were fine for kriti Manasuswadeena. Earlier she sang lathangi kriti pirava varam with ragam and swaram well. She sang the thukkadas melodiously.

Shraddha (Violin) and R. Santhoshram (Mridangam) gave very good support to Shreya.

At 7.15 PM. S. Anjani’s little fingers were flowing easily towards higher and lower octaves. Her yet another and 3rd consecutive excellent veena concert at VDS is no wonder. She is brilliant student of guru Dr. Kamala Ashwathama. Anjani’s over al-knowledge is high at just 13. She plays the kritis with ragalakshana and swara knowledge also very good.

Her ragam, thalam and keerthanam for Neelakanda Sivan’s poorvi kalyani, aananda natamaduvar was fine. Her other kritis Papanasam Sivan’s Sri vathabi (sahana), Thiyagarajar’s Anupamaguna (atana), M. Deekshidar’s Anna poorne (syama) were nice to hear. Swadi thirunal’s Dhansri thillana was fitting finale.

S. Aswini on Mridangam and V. Sai Subramanian on Morsing gave a very good support to Anjani.