VDS Arts Academy - Arts wings of Muthukrishnan Memorial Club
Review ( Month of November '10)

On 14th November 2010 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM. M. Shruthi Ranjani
presented a very good vocal concert for VDS. This is her maiden
performance. Her voice is fine, sweet, bold and versatile especially in the higher octave. She has to practice below sadjamam. She is rendering the kritis neatly. Her paatantharam is very good. Gurus Dr. Rukmani Ramani and Vimala Parthasarathi have trained her very well.

Her Naatai alapana was though short it was crisp and good.
Kalpanaswaram also very good for kriti Swaminatha. Main shanmukapriya alapana was very good. She did niraval and well knit kalpanaswarams for kriti vadhane vaaruleru. She sang the thukkadas melodiously.

Supraja (Violin) and Varun Ramasami (Mridangam) gave a very good support.
At 7.15 PM. R. Hariram’s excellent veena concert was marked by fine tonal quality of the instrument and for his very good fingering
techniques. Selection of the kritis for the concert was very good.
Playing the kritis with ragalakshana. Guru Dr. Kamala Ashwathama has trained him very well.

Gaanamoorthe and Nadaloludai were rendered neatly. He uses the gamakas and brugas flawlessly. His main ragam, thanam and keerthanam in charukesi; he brought out the beauty of the raga in the alapana very well. Thanam was good. Kalpanaswaram had variety. His imagination was fine in the Haimavathy alapana. He has gone through all the 3 octaves easily. Kalpanaswaram was very good for Sri kanthimathim, His kavadi chindu was beauty to listen.

B. Saishankar on mridangam and S. Srisainath on gatam gave fine support to Hariram.

On 13th November 2010 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM. V. Sudharshan performed a fine and very good vocal concert. His voice is very good. On his first concert it self he sang all the kritis neatly. Guru J. Rajeswari has trained him very well.

He did the niraval and swaram for main shanmukapriya; alapana was good for kriti marivere dhikveraiya. Violinist V. Shreyas also a new comer for VDS, his shanmukapriya alapana was flawless. Both of them did the muthaipuswaram well. Selections of the kritis for the concert was very good. Koushik Rajagopal on the mridangam gave a good support to Sudharsahan.
At 7.15 PM. That was a nice and excellent violin duet by the twin
brothers Guru Raghav and Guru Praanesh. The large numbers of audience have enjoyed the twin violin concert. They combined very well and played in a synchronized manner. Manodharma also very good at 15.

Gurus Melakavri K. Thiyagarajan and Neyveli K. Ganesh has trained them very well.

Both individually and together they played neatly with full
understanding. They played sabapathikku in abhogi well. Darmavathi was very good. They did alapana in tandem, kriti swararaga in shankarabaranam very well. Kalpanaswaram had variety. They played the thukkadas melodiously.

P.V. Srivathsa on mridangam and K. R. Narayan on kanjira gave fine support.

On 06th November 2010 (Saturday) at 6.00 P.M. V. Lakshmi a student of Therezundur sisters Kamala Venkatraman performed very good vocal concert for VDS. This is her maiden concert. Her voice is fine, bold and clear. Rendering the krithis neatly.

Her main kalyani was very good. Alapana was good. She sang the kriti siva kameswari well with niraval and kalpanaswaram. Sub main suddha saveri alpana also good. Kriti sri guruguha has rendered nicely. She sang the thukkadas nicely. Kadhana kudhookalam thillana was fine.

Accompanists M.Jwalini (Violin) and Guru Aravind (Mridangam) gave very good support to Lakshmi.

7.15 PM. K.J. Dileep performed his excellent violin-solo concert. He is regular artiste in VDS as accompanist. His all round knowledge is fine. Manodharma is of high order. Playing the kritis with bhava and ragalakshana. Tonal quality of the instrument also fine. His Guru non other than Sangitha Kalanidhi M.S. Gopala krishnan.

Dileep brought out the essence and character of the raga shanmukapriya beautifully. He handled the 5 octaves easily in the alapana and it seems to be a like kuttralam falls. His imagination in muthaippu swaram was excellent. The combination between mridangam (N.C. Bharathwaj) and violin at kalpanaswaram in jaganmohini ragam for kriti shobillu was super. He played the thukkas beautifully.

Never the less any movement Mridangist N.C. Bharadwaj and Gatam S. Krishna's thani was sparkling like deepavali crackers.