VDS Arts Academy - Arts wings of Muthukrishnan Memorial Club
Review ( Month of November '08)

On 23rd November 2008 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM. G. Vishwanath’s fine and very good vocal concert was marked by his all round knowledge, rendering the kritis with raagalakshana His confidence is high at 14. Guru Delhi V. Muthukumar has trained him very well. His voice has good range but a bit hoarse perhaps because it has not broken yet.

He sang the Suddha dhanyasi varnam very well. Goula kriti was also good. Main Poorvi kalyani was o.k... Alapana was neat but in bits, not coherent. By listening to more concerts he can improve his alapana. We are happy he did niraval and kalpanaswaram also. He sang Ambujam Vedantam’s Gana mazhai pozhigindran (Ragamalika) and Thumaja (Abhang) very nicely.

M.K. Anantha Lakshmi (Violin;)  and P.V.Srivathsa (Mridangam) gave a good support to Vishwanath.

At 7.15 PM. R. Raghavendra’s excellent vocal concert was marked by his all round knowledge, fine rendering of Kritis. Already our top ten prize winner. No surprise since he is living amidst music; son of the Mridangam mastro Srimushnam Sri. Raja Rao and Vidhushi Padma Chandilyan. Learning vocal under the tutelage of Sanjay Subramaniam.

His Chakravaham kriti was fine. Dhanyasi was also very good. Main kamboji was fine. After a neat alapana which contained many innovative pidis he rendered the kriti Aadum deiyvam very well. Kalpanaswarams had variety and showed his manodharma.He sang Tanjore Shankara Iyer’s Manadhirkugandhadhu (Sindhu Bairavai) and His father S.V. Raja Rao’s Hamsanandhi thillana very nicely and briskly.

Accompaniments M. Vijay (Violin) and S. R. Ethirajan (Mridangam) gave a fine support

On 22nd November 2008 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM. If some body told you about 20 years back a nine year old child gave a concert and that too with alapana, niraval and kalpana swaram you would not have believed. Now age is not a criterion for a concert. Only dedication & confidence is required and of course special care & fine coaching by gurus like Seetha Narayanan . Seetha Narayanan has received BEST GURU award from VDS on 2002.

Soundarya is very confident in her maiden concert (as if she has done a lot of concerts like this). She started the concert with Sri Raja Mathangim (Suddha dhanyasi) followed by Gajavadhana (Hamsadwani) she sang Santhana Gopala (Kamas) very well. Main Kalyani -she managed the alapana and she rendered the kriti Namma Vachina well and of course niraval and kalpanaswaram as trained with perfect take off at the end of the thani avarthanam. Chandra Kauns kriti kandena was sung without flaw, in her free flowing voice. On second thought, she took up alapana of Karaharapriya and it turned out to be better than the main Kalyani. The kriti Vidamuseya was sung very well. And it was more detailed also.

Shraddha (Violin) and R. Siva Subramanian (Mridangam) gave a good support.

At 7.15 PM. R. Hari Ram gave a very good and melodious veena concert for VDS. His fingering and striking is fine. He plays with proper gamakas. Guru Dr. Kamala Ashwathama has trained him very well. He began with Thodi varnam  Niravathy Sugatha (Ravichandrika) and Deekshider’s Kamalamba Samrakshathu (Aananda Bhairavi) all played nicely. Main Saraswathi was good. Alapana was fine, though there were some repetition of pidis, Thanam was fine. He played kriti very well. Niraval & swaram were rather short. Bahudari kriti was played very well. He played thukkadas neatly and melodiously, especially Sindhu bhairavi was fine. Brindavani thillana was also fine.

Mridangist Swamimalai Girish Sundar gave very good support to Hariram.

On 16th November 2008 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM. That was fine and very good vocal concert by A. Mukhil Mayuri for VDS. Her voice is fine, bold, clear and with a good range. This is her third concert and she has improved in many areas over her previous concerts. Guru Sakunthala Seshadri (Recipient of Best Guru award for the year 2007 From our VDS) has trained Mayuri very well.

She sang all the kritis well. Suddha Dhanyasi (main) was fine, alapana, Kriti (Subramanyena), niraval and swarams were good. She sang Hamsanadham very well. But after main it was a long  kriti. Time adjustment is most important for concert. We missed some thukkadas for want of time. There is slight fall in swarasthanam in fast phrases.

Shraddha ( Violin) and M.J.Sitaram (Mridangam) gave a good support to Mukhil.

At 7.15 PM. S.Anjani’s excellent veena concert was marked by fine striking and fingering of the instrument. She plays kritis neatly and melodiously with the support of her younger sister little S. Aswini (Mridangam) and another little S. Sri Sainath (Gatam) To-day all the three little artistes made the concert like senior artists. Of course we must congratulate Guru Dr. Kamala Ashwathama for having trained this little anjani very well at 12.

After Begada varnam, Gajavadhana, Anupama guha (Atana) She played Thaye thirpura

in  Suddha dhanyasi nicely. Main Shakarabranam ( Saroja dhala )was fine. After a neat alapana she played the kriti, niraval and swarams very nicely. She played almost all the songs very fast. Some kritis should be played in a slower tempo. Last time also we mentioned this. Lone thukkada kaliyuga varadhan was melodious.

On 15th November 2008 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM. K. Prashanthi & S. Sruthi gave a very good vocal duet for VDS. They are singing in one voice .. They sang all the kritis fairly well. Guru Rajalakshmi Srinivasan has trained them well.

 Sriranjani kriti (Muthuswami Deekshider) was sung very well. Main Shanmugapriya was fine. The alapana was good they rendered the kriti Marivere very well. They did the kalpanaswaram well with very good preparation. The Kamboji varnam and Suddha dhanyasi (sub-main) kriti Sri Parthasarathy were rather plain. They have to practise with gamakas.

R.Shyam ( Violin) and S. Aswini (Mridangam) gave a fine support to them.

At 7.15 PM. S. Srivatsan’s excellent vocal concert was marked by over all knowledge, rendering the kritis with ragalakshana. Guru A.S. Murali (Best Guru award for the year 2006 awarded by our academy) has trained him very well.He  began Vathabi with long alapana, Inimelainum  (Darbar) Maamava sadha varadhe (Nattaikurunji) with short alapana - sang all of them very well. Saamajavaragamana (Hindolam) alapana was fine with good pidis. Sambhomahadeva (Banduvarali) and Mahalakshmi Jaganmadha (Sankarabaranam) were also rendered nicely. Swarasthanam and Sruthi at times suffers may be due to breaking of voice. Lalgudi’s Mohana Kalyani thillana was fine.

Violinist K.P. Nandini and  Mridangist Swamimalai Girish Sundar gave very good support to Srivatsan.

On 08th November 2008 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM. K. R. Shrievats gave a fine & very good maiden vocal concert for VDS. At 14 his all round knowledge is good. He sang all the kritis well. Guru Chembai R. Vaidyanathan has trained him very well. His voice, of course has not yet settled.

His Chakravaham (sub-main) alapana was good. Kriti Sukunamule rendered nicely. He  did main Thodi very well. The alapana was good, though not coherent. He sang the kriti Karthikeya very well. We are happy he did niraval and kalpanaswaram in detail.  

N.Sanjay ( Violin) and Sree Sheshadri Vyas (Mridangam) gave a good support to Shrievats.

At 7.15 PM. ` BAALA BASKARA’ R. Kalpalathika’s excellent vocal concert was marked by all round knowledge, brisk and pleasing rendition of kritis with fluent kalpanaswarams. She grew along with VDS, since she entered in the year 1999 with  her first concert when she was just 9 year old and this is her 8th concert for VDS. She is Bala Baskara award winner instituted by our academy in the year 2007.She is learning under Guru Sakunthala Seshadri.

She began with fine rendering of Kambodhi varnam, followed by Gririraja Sudha (Bangala) Sathaa Chaleswaram (Boopalam), Paranthamavathi (Sub-main; Dharmavathi was brisk and pleasing) all rendered very nicely. Main Saveri was fine. The alapana had good pidis. Kriti Anchaneya was good and niraval and kalpanaswarams had variety. Lone thukkada in Yaman kalyani was melodious.

She got very good support from violinist Sangeetha Baskara Sudha R.S. Iyer and  Mridangist Laya Baskara V. Prashanth.

On 02nd November 2008 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM. Sri Krishnan Subramanian gave a very good Key-Board concert for VDS. He is our regular artist and this is his fourth concert here. He plays krithis very well. Guru B.H. Murali has trained him very well. At 12 he is very confident.

 Himadri Sudhe in Kalyani was played very well. Main Pantuvarali alapana was o.k., but with out gamakas. He played the krithi Siva Siva well; could have been played in a slower speed. Kalpana swarams had nice pidis. Raghuvamsa Sudha,  Jagadho Tharana and Lalgudi’s maandu thillana were played very well.

M.S. Ananthashree ( Violin) and Thriyambak Prem Chander (Mridangam) gave a very good support to Sri Krishnan.

On 01st November 2008 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM. That was another excellent vocal performance by L. Srividhya for VDS. She has good all round knowledge, fine rendering of kritis with raagalakshana and easy flow of kalpanaswarams. Guru Subha Ganesan has trained her very well at 13.

Her Kalyani (Varnam) followed by Sugunamule (Chakravaham; sub-main), Gnanasabayil Thillai (Saaranga) were rendered nicely. Main Shankarabaranam; after a short but neat alapana she rendered the kriti Devi jagad janani very well. Niraval was short but good. Kalpanaswaram was fine with variety and well prepared muthaippu swarams.  She sang the thukkada Ayiram Ayiram (Charukesi) and Gambiravani thillana
very nicely.

Shraddha Ravindran ( Violin) and R. Akshayram (Mridangam) gave a very good support to Sri Vidhya.

At 7.15 PM. A. Narayanan’s excellent vocal concert was noted by versatile voice and with good range. He sings with full involvement. His manodharma and all round knowledge are high. Renders the kritis with raagalakshana. Last year he won Thambura prize from our VDS for getting top place in VAA TOP TEN contest. Learning under Guru S.P. Ramh.

He began with fine rendering of Neelambari varnam, could have avoided alapana of Neelambari at the beginning of the concert. His Hindolam (Sub-main) was fine. Alapana had nice pidis. Sang the kriti Ma Ramanan very nicely. Main Kalyani was fine. After a neat alapana he rendered the kriti Nithichala well with variety of Kalpana swarams. He can avoid occasional nasal tone. Finally Desh thillana was sung melodiously.

He got very good support from violinist R. Shyam and  Mridangist V. Prashanth.