VDS Arts Academy - Arts wings of Muthukrishnan Memorial Club
Reviews - March 2010

On 21st March 2010 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM. B. Madhumita has performed excellent dance performance and this is her maiden solo-performance. At 12 she is very cute, lean, tall, flexible limb movements and dancing with full involvement. This was a full fledged programme for the little artist. Ganeshanjali, alarippu, jathiswaram, shabdam and Shivashtakam all the items were included.
To-day’s master piece of the item was varnam. Story of Ramayana, Madhu enacted the different posses of lord Rama very well. Her mudhras and abhinaya were fine to watch. She answered the intricate jathis neatly. Guru Lakshmi Kannan’s choreography was fine in the varnam. Vidwan Madurai Krishna Iyangar’s Simhendramadhymam Thillana and Annamayya’s Ksheerabdhi in kurunji ragam dance was fine and she performed like a seasoned artist.

The synchronization between dance and music was fine. V. Venugopal on vocal; recipient of best vocal artist award for accompanying dance from our VDS. He sang beautifully with fine manodharma, mridangam by Suresh, P.R. Venkatsubramanian on the key-board has rendered their fine support for the dancer.

Kalaimamani, Sangeetha Vidwan Seerkazhi Sri. R. Jayaraman, chief guest and vocalist vidhushi Smt. Shanthi Jayaraman guest of honour of the programme blessed Madhumitha.

On 20th March 2010 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM. M. Preethi has performed a fine and very good dance recital. She is the disciple of Ranganayaki Jayaraman. She is dancing with keen interest and involvement that is very important.

Varnam a bio-graphy of Lord Sri Ayyappan in saptha ragamalika ragam a composition/choreography of her guru. Preethi enacted the sanchari bhava and different posses of lord ayyappan very well. Her nrittam was fine in the varnam. Her abhinaya was fine in Arivenayya a traditional padam. Foot-work was brisk and elegant in thillana. Her face expression was graceful in Rama namha and Krishna namha.

We must thank a large number of audiences gathered and blessed the artist. Music was very supportive to the dancer. Chitrambari Krishnakumar on vocal, mridangam by Nellai D. Kannan, Kalaiarasan on violin and A. N. Bhagyalakshmi on Flute have rendered their fine support.

Dancer and cine artist Mr. Kamalesh, chief guest of the programme blessed Preethi.

On 13th March 2010 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM. P. Srividhya has performed a fine and very good vocal performance for VDS. This is her 3rd concert at VDS. Now she has improved over her previous concerts. Her voice is fine soft and clear. Her patantharam is very good gurus Radha Parthasarathy and Rajshree Ramakrishna have trained her very well.

She sang both Panthuvarali and Shankarabharanam alapanas very nicely. Kalpanaswaram for kriti ninnu nera was good. She has sung niraval and swaram for kriti saroja dalanethri nicely. She sang the thukkadas beautifully.

T.V. Sukanya (Violin) and K.R. Narayen gave a very good support to Srividhya.

At 7.15 PM. This is M. Lakshmi’s 5th and 3rd consecutive excellent vocal concert for VDS. She is learning vocal from P. Vasanthkumar & Prema Hariharan and has been very well trained by them. Her voice is fine and singing with full involvement. Her over all knowledge and manodharma is fine and singing with ragalakshana. Selections of the songs for the concert was fine and from all the major composers.

Her ata thala varnam in kalyani was the best opening of the programme. Pantuvarali alapana has some nice pidis for kriti visalakshi. Kalpanaswaram was compact. Main kamboji alapana was fine. Niraval and swarams were also sung very nicely for kriti O Rangasayee. She sang the thukkadas nicely.

K.J. Dileep (Violin) and N.C. Bharathwaj (mridangam) gave a fine support to Lakshmi.

On 07th March 2010 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM. Prathiba Gopakumar has performed excellent dance for VDS. She has all features for a dancer. Lean, tall & agile; her foot-work is brisk and good. Selections of the items were fine and all the items included. Guru Sikkil Vasantha Kumari has trained her very well.
Nangai nee paaradi a traditional kalyani varnam was very good. Prathiba’s different style of mudras and her foot-work was brisk and elegant. Sanchari bhava was fine in Ind endhu occhi a telugu padam in ragam huassaini. Hindolam thillana was attractive.  

Koushik Chambakesan on vocal; with his beautiful voice, mridangam by G. Ganesan; with his diligent style and C.K. Vijayaraghavan on violin have rendered their fine support to Prathiba. In fact both the music and dance combined very well together, we must congratulate the team.

Mridangam artist Kalaimamani Vazhuvoor Mr.Ravi chief guest blessed the dancer.

On 06th March 2010 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM. Prarthana Ramesh has performed excellent dance performance. She is the disciple of Roja Kannan. She is slim, tall and flexible; dancing with keen interest and involvement. She has been very well trained by her guru.
Prarthana’s nrittam and abhinaya were perfect in the varnam in Ananda Bhairavi ragam Sakiye an episode of Lord Rajagopalaswami of Mannargudi and her different possess of lord Krishna was very nice. Her sanchari bhava was fine in surutti padham. Face expression was very good in Shiva Sakthi padam. Dr. Balamurali’s Kadhana kudoogulam thillana was brisk and fine.
Both music and dance were synchronized very well. The combination between them was excellent. Nandini Sharma Anand on vocal, mridangam by G. Vijayaraghavan and M.S. Kannan on violin have rendered their fine support.  

Nadana Mamani Smt. Priya Murle, chief guest of the programme blessed Prarthana.