VDS Arts Academy - Arts wings of Muthukrishnan Memorial Club
Reviews - March 2009

On 15th March 2009 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM. Aishwarya Parasuram & Anupama Parasuram gave an Excellent Bharathanatyam performance for VDS. Learning under the tutelage of Jayanthi Subramanian, who has trained them very well.

Both of them combined very well to dance together. Their foot work is fine. Bhava is also good. They did Lalgudi’s Shanmugapriya varnam Devar Munivar Paniyum very well. Answered the jathis neatly. They did the sancharibhava individually and together very well. Aishwarya’s Annamayya kriti Alarulu kuriyaga dance was attractive., Limb movements were fine. Anupama’s Ashtapathi Yahee madhava yahee keshava was very good with fine bhava.

Radha Badri’s vocal, Nellai D. Kannan’s mridangam and Kalaiarasan’s violin support was excellent and melodious..

Chief guest Mrs. Anjana Anand, dancer blessed Aishwarya & Anupama .

On 14th March 2009 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM. S. Vijay Ganesh gave an excellent vocal performance. His voice is bold, shrill, versatile and singing with ragalakshna at just12. He can sing with out mike. Uses gamakas ang brigas well. We must appreciate his guru Lakshmi Krishnaswami (Daughter-in-law of Parur Sri. M.S.Anantharaman) for having trained this little master very well. 

Vijay’s fine opening of Kalyani varnam was followed by Gajananayutham (Chakaravaham) . Sarasara Samarai also was very good. His Kamboji alapana and kriti maragathavalli was nice. Main Poorvikalyani; alapana still he has to improve. It is difficult for alapana for children. Both Vijay and another little violinist M..K. Ananthalakshmi from parur family managed very well together. Vijay sang the kriti Aananda natamaduvar very well with niraval anad swarams. Muthaippu swarams were well practised and executed. Ambujam Krishna’s Kannavaa in Ragamalika (Kapi, Sama, Vasantha, Nilambari and suruti) was the fitting finale of the concert.
Mridangist P.V. Srivatsa played a fine thani.

Chief Guest Sri. K. Bhaskaran, Flute artist blessed the children.

At 7.15 PM. R. Varushini’s fine and very good maiden vocal concert was rendered with ragalakshana  ,well trained by guru Padma Chandilyan.
Selection of the songs was fine from different vaageyakaras.. After a neat alapana of Keeravani (sub-main), she rendered Koteeswara Iyer’s kriti Velava vavinai theera very nicely. Main Shankarabaranam was very good. Kalpanaswaram was good. She has to practice niraval at different levels. She sang the thukkadas Bhavayami and Venkatachalanilayam very nicely.
B. Sudha (Violin) and R. Santhoshram (Mridangam)  gave good support to Varushini.

On 07th March 2009 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM. A good vocal concert was rendered by W.Bhavana at VDS, a Dis. of  Akila Siva. Her voice is sweet & good in the higher octave.
She sang Mooladhara moorthe (Hamsadwani) well. Main Keeravani was good. We are glad she did alapana, niraval and swarams, though the alapana looked tutored. She sang the kriti ambavani nicely. She also sang Sri Parthasarathy (Suddha Dhanyasi) and Maajanaki (Kamboji) very well. Lalgudi’s Revathi thillana was also good. 
Violinist Bhooma and Mridangist K.R. Narayen  gave fine support to Bhavana.

At 7.15 PM. G. Karthik, a student of G. Srikanth gave an Eecellent vocal concert. This is his fourth concert at VDS. We are happy to note that he has been improving in all departments over these years. His over -all knowledge is high and he sings with full involvement.
His varnam Saami dhaya juda in Kedara gowla  followed by Pathivinilath bakthiyu (Sanaga Bhairavi), Brocheva (Kamas), Sidambaran endru (Begada), Karunachalanidhe (Haimavathy) and Ranga Sriranga in Asaveri all rendered nicely. Main Dekkshidar’s  Maragatha Valim in Kambodi was sung well.Alapana was fine. He spent more time in kalpanaswaram and cut niraval. Kalpanaswarams were spontaneous and had variety.

Violinist H.U Raghuram and Mridangist V. Prashanth gave  fine support to Karthik.