VDS Arts Academy - Arts wings of Muthukrishnan Memorial Club
Review ( Month of March)

On 15th March 2008 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM. R.Archana dis.of  Vanee Gayathri gave a very good & fine dance performance for VDS. At 12 she is very confident, brisk and her limb movements are very good.

Started with Gambhira Nattai Pushpanjali and continued with Brahma Santhi Kouthuvam, Jathiswaram and shabdam all items performed by archana with adequate bhava and foot-work. .She did Madurai R.Muralidharan’s Simha Vahini varnam with fine bhava and excellent limb movements. There is scope for improving bhava in other items padhams.

Selection of the items was fine. All items included like Kouthuvam, jathiswaram & shabdham etc., Credit goes to the guru Vanee Gayathri for having trained this little dancer.

Music was fine. Vocal by one of the Padma Sesahdri sisters Roshini Ramanathan  and instruments, Mridanagam by Mayavarama J.Shankar, Violin by Arun Karthik and flute by P.V.Ramanaa.

Bharathanatyam Exponent Yuvakala Bharathi Mr. R.Vijay Madhavan, the chief guest of the  programme blessed Archana.

On 16th March 2008 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM. R. Suganthi dis.of  Mutharasi Ravi gave a very good & fine dance performance for VDS. At 13 she is confident,. She is  lean with flexible body. Her foot work was good and limb movements elegant.

She did Raagamalika varnam composed by P.R.venkatsubramanian (Key-Board Maestro) perfectly and answered the jathis well. Her bhava for Adhuvun Solluval was good.

Selection of the items were fine. All items included like Alarippu, mallari & shabdham etc., Credit goes to the guru Mutharasi Ravi for having trained  this little dancer well.

Both the costumes  suited the dancer.

Both vocal instrumental music  were fine. Vocal by V.Venugopal, Mridanagam by K.R.Venkatsubramanian, Violin by Balaji.

Bharathanatyam Exponent Ashtavadhani Mrs. Parvathy Balasubramaniam, the chief guest of the  programme blessed Suganthi.

   - by K.Sridhar

On 23rd March 2008 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM. K.J.Dileep dis.of  Padmashree M.S.Gopalakrishnan gave an excellent Violin solo performance for VDS. This is his maiden sabha performance. His knowledge and manodharma is high at 16. His fingering is fast and good. His paatantharam is fine typical MSG style.

Started with Intha Modi (saranya ragam) varnam, mahaganapthim, Teratiyakarada (gowlipantu ragam) all played very well. Main Kalyani was fine. After a good alapana he played the kriti Himadrisuthe well. His niraval and kalpanaswaram was short but good. He could have played the kriti in a slower tempo for better effect. He has to be careful about swarasthanam during fast pidis especially above top panchamam.  Kaliyukavaradhan  in Brindavanasararanga was played  very well.

To-days accompaniments Viswaram (Mridangam) and Sai Subramaniam (morsing) gave a good support to Dileep.

At 7.15 PM. Deepa Krishnan dis.of  Dr. Kamala Aswathama gave a very good & melodious Veena  concert for VDS. This is her 3rd programme and first promotional concert for one and half hour slot at VDS.

Her fingering of the instrument is nice. Lalgudi Jayaraman’s Indhathamasa varnam, Vathabi, Vallinayaga (shanmugapriya), Deekshider’s Abhayambhayam in sahana, Yenthukudhayaradha in thodi all played very well. Main  Aparamabhakthi in panthuvarali was good. After a short but neat alapana she played the kriti well with  kalpanaswaram which had variety.

R.Charan on Mridangam and S.Krishna on Gatam  rendered their support very well for Deepa.

Dr. (Mrs.) Nirmala Prasad Principal of M.O.P.Vaishnav College for women, chief guest of the evening programme blessed Deepa. Nirmala Prasad is a  connoisseur of fine arts and lover of   music.

- by K.Sridhar

On 29th March 2008 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM. Mathangi Kailasanath dis.of  A.Laxman  gave a very good & fine dance performance for VDS. At 12 she is confident, brisk,agile, and flexible body. She has ideal features for a dancer with elegant limb movements and good foot work.

Started with Pushpanjali and followed by Pahimam in janaranjani. Performed  both very well. She did the Sahnmugapriya Varnam Kolamayil well and answed the jathis neatly.   Her abhinaya for Vaada Vaada Kanna padam was fine and pleasing.  

Selection of the items was rather light, some regular items like shabdham, jathiswaram could have been included. Gurus A.Laxman and Deepa Balaji have trained her very well.

Music was good and supportive to Mathangi. Vocal by Hari Prasad was very nice. Nellai D.Kanna (Mridanagam), Kalai Rasan (Violin).

On 30th March 2008 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM. K.Vidya Lakshmi gave an Excellent dance performance for VDS. She has all the features for a dancer Tall, lean, agile with flexible body movements. Her foot work is also good. There is scope of improvement in bhava and limb movements.

Started with Brindavana Saranga Ghambira Natanam, followed by alaarippu, natesa gowthwam and shabdham. She did all the items very well. Best piece of the programme was varnam, an episode from Lord Krishna’s Bio-graphic Ganam Isaithu in ragamalika and she answered the jathis well. 

Selection of the items were fine. All items included and it was a full fledged two hours programme with out any gap. Credit goes to the guru Sheela Unnikrishnan.

Music was fine. Vocal by  Padma Seshadri teachers Kalyani & Rajeswari singing together in one voice it is rare and very nice. Nagai Narayanan (Mridangam), Muruganandham (Violin) K.N.Ramesh (flute) and little master Srijith (Gatam) rendered their support well for the success of the programme.

Dr.K.A.Pakkiri Sami Bharathi (Principal TN Govt. Music College) chief guest of  the  programme blessed  Vidya Lakshmi.