VDS Arts Academy - Arts wings of Muthukrishnan Memorial Club
Review ( Month of March 2011)

On 27th March 2011 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM. Aparna Kumar presented her excellent vocal concert at VDS. Her voice is fine, bold and clear. She is quite confident. Her over all knowledge and manodharma is also good. She rendered the kritis neatly. She has been well trained by her guru Gayathri Venkata- raghavan.

Aparna's panduvarali alapana was crisp and compact. Her voice flow in the alapana was neat. She rendered the kriti aparama bakthi well. Kalpana swaram also good. Main thodi alapana was very good and neat. Her kalpanaswaram had variety and also in detail. She sang the thukkadas nicely.

V. Nandini on violin and T. Karthik on mridangam gave a very good support to Aparna.

Smt. Indira Vadyanathan, Principal PSBB School of K.K. Nagar Branch our guest of honour of the programme blessed the artistes. Mr. Ramani a music critic (PSBB) who addressed the gathering.

On 26th March 2011 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM. Neha Rajagopalan gave a very good vocal performance at VDS. Her voice is fine, sweet, bold and clear. Paatantharama is very good and has been well trained by her guru Neyveli. K. Ganesh. At 12 she is very confident and rendering the kritis very well.

Her hindolam alapana was good for kriti Saraswathi vidhiyuvathi. She is very good at swaram kalpana. Main vachaspathi was sung very well. Alapana was fine. Kalpanaswaram also fine for pahi jagad janani. Lone thukkada deve jagannatha has sung beautifully.

Guru Praanesh (Violin) and S. Shivashankar (Mridangam) gave a very good support to Neha.

At 7.15 PM. K.R.Srivats a student of Chembai R. Vadiyanathan proved worthy of his promotion to one and half hour senior slot by his excellent vocal concert. He is our regular artiste and this is being his 3rd concert at VDS. He has improved now. His manodharma and imaginations were very good.

His different nadais were good in the bhairavi ata thala varnam. His kaapi alapana was good. Kalpanaswaram also very good for the kriti eathi nee pahi. Main kamahakriya ragam was fine. We found some imaginative pidis in the alapana. Niraval and swaram kalpana were also fine in the kriti Dikishitar's Kasi Visalakshi. Revathi thillana has sung beautifully.

M. Sukanya on Violin and Sri Seshadrivyas on mridangam gave a good support.

On 20th March 2011 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM. Mathangi Kailashnath performed her excellent dance at VDS. She is very good dancer. Her bhava, foot-work and confident is very good. At 15 she is slim, tall with flexible limb movements. This is her 3rd performance at VDS. Now she is improved on all the aspects. Her guru A. Lakshman has trained her very well.

Senthil vazh murughaiya; varnam, a composition of Prof. T.R.S. in amir kalyani ragam was fine. Her mudras and bhava were fine in the meera bhajan. Both music and dance was excellent. Of course the musicaians; Sharanya Krishnan (Vocal) and Sikamani (Violin) have brought the essence and beauty of the raga Misra Kamas. Nellai D. Kannan's mridangam was elegant.

On 06th March 2011 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM. G. Sri Devi's dance performance was excellent to-day. At 19 she is lean, tall, agile and with flexible limb movements. Her foot-work is brisk and elegant. She has all the features to become a senior dancer. Guru K. Gopinath has trained her very well.

Her face expression was fine and she did the different posses of Lord Vishnu in the varnam, engum niraintha paramporule was excellent. Both dance and music; vocal by Vanathy Raghuraman and Mridangam by Nagaraj was fine in the varnam Srinivasan on Violin and Sankaranarayanan on Flute also rendered their fine support for the dancer.

Sri Devi did both gowthuvam and Kamboji keerthanam, Chitambara Natrajar very well. Both the costumes were fine and suited the dancer.

Chief guest of the programme Smt. Sujatha Mohan the dance exponent has blessed Sri Devi.

On 05th March 2011 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM. R. Jyothi Krithika performed a fine and very good dance for VDS. She is lean and tall, dancing with keen interest. Her limb movements and foot work is also good. It was a full fledged programme and she has been well trained by her Guru Himaja Ramsharan.

Her foot work was brisk and elegant in the jatheeswaram of Tanjore Quartet, she answered the jathis neatly. Her abhinaya was very good in the Hussaini varnam. Her sanchari bhava was good in Aasai mugam marandhu poche. Bho sambho was very good piece of to-days programme.

Vocal support by Latha Ramchand, Venkatsubramanian (mridangam), Sikkil Balasubramanian (Violin) and P. V. Ramana (Flute).

Kutchupudi Exponent Kalaimamani Smt. Shylaja, chief guest of the programme has blessed the dancer Jyothi Krithika.