VDS Arts Academy - Arts wings of Muthukrishnan Memorial Club
Review ( Month of June '09)

On 28th June 2009 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM. Vanditha Mohan gave a fine & very good Bharathanatyam performance. She has good features, very good foot work and agile limb movements. Her guru S. Shivakumar’s training was very good. She was also learnt from basics from Rathnamala Saravanan.

Though the items selected were good. Regular items like alarippu, jathiswaram and shabdam were missing. K.N. Dhandayudhapani Pillai’s kamboji varnam very good. Vanditha replied the jathis neatly. Her dance for Sri charkaraja was fine. M.V. Narasimha chariar’s Hindolam thillana was very graceful. There is scope of improve in bhava for some items. A large number of audience and students of Shivakalalayam were present and enjoyed Vanditha’s performance.

Both Music and instruments was fine and very support to the dance. Especially the vocal by Preethi Mahesh was fine in her melodious voice. Her kamboji was fine with bhava. Dhananjayan (mridangam), Bhavani Prasad (veena) and Ramesh (Flute) rendered their fine support.

Kalaimamani Indra Rajan the danseuse, chief guest of the programme blessed the artist.

On 26th June 2009 (Friday) at 6.30 PM. S. Niveda has performed a Very-good Bharathanatyam performance for VDS. This is her maiden solo performance. Her foot-work is good. Limb movements are brisk. She was confident and cheerful throughout. Well trained by her guru Latha Ravi.

We are happy all regular items like alarippu, jathiswaram & shabdam all included but simplified. Her dance for varnam in Navaraga Malika was good. She answered the jathis neatly. Yarukkum adangatha neely padam was composed by Harikesanallur Muthia Bhagavathar was fine. Both foot work and bhava were very apt to the lyric. The peacock dance for Arunagirinathar thirupughaz Earu mayil eari was also fine.

Music for the dance was very supportive. Vidhya Shankar (vocal), G. Ganesan (mridangam), Sholapuram V. Shankar (violin) & Shankaranarayanan (flute).

Bharathanatyam exponent Mrs. Sujatha Mohan, chief guest of the evening programme blessed Niveda.

On 21st June 2009 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM . H.M.Nandini gave an excellent vocal concert. Her voice is sweet & clear. She sings very well. Her all round knowledge is also good. Guru Vijaya Nagarajan’s training is very good.

Main kalyani was sung very well. Her alapana had some good pidis. She sang the kriti Papanasam Sivan’s Unnai allal very well. We are happy she sang niraval and kalpanaswaram though short. She sang all the thukkadas melodiously. Kalyana vasantham was fine with a neat virutham. But the virutham was longer than the kriti.

To-day’s accompanists Shraddha on the Violin and Varun Ramaswami on the Mridangam gave a very good support.

Mridangam Exponent Therezandur V. Sundara Raghavan; Chief guest blessed the artists.

At 7.15 PM. R. Charanya’s excellent Veena performance for VDS. was her 6th performance . She has been improving in all departments over these years. Her fingering is good with adequate gamakas and striking smoothly. It is clear she has regular practice. Guru Mudigondan S.N. Ramesh has trained Chranya very well.

Her Mayamalagowla was good. The alapana was nice. Kriti Deva Deva Kalayamidhe was played very well. The piece Saravanabhava in ragam pasupathi priya was fine. Main Heimavathi was very good. Alapana was good. Played the thanam nicely. Kriti sri kanthimathim was played very well. The kalpanaswaram was well executed. Sri charka raja was played melodiously. Katrinilevarum geetham was soothing like thendral kaatru.

G. Karthik (Mridangam) gave a fine support throughout and it was very good.

On 20th June 2009 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM . That was an excellent vocal performance by V. Supraja. She has a weighty & bold voice ,.below sadjamam is not audible. At 13 her over all knowledge is very high. She sings with bhava and ragalakshana. Raji Gopalakrishnan and Shanthi Jayaraman’s training is very good.

Pantuvarali alapana was good. Main Madhyamavathi was super. The alapana had some nice pidis. She sang the kriti Ramakatha very well. Niraval also super like senior artist. She is very confident in kalpanaswarams. Selection of the items were good and some of them rare kritis.

R.Shayam on Violin and G. Kirthivasan on Mridangam gave a very good support.

On 19th June 2009 (Friday) at 6.00 PM. S.T. Charunyanath performed an Excellent carnatic music concert on Whistle for VDS. He is quite confident and he has good patantharam also from Radha Raghavan and Siva Prasad a whistling wizard from Hyderabad . It is difficult to whistle continuously. It requires lot of practice. He has done it.

Main Karaharapriya was good. The alapana was neat. He rendered the kriti Ramanee Samana well. Kalpanaswaram was very good. There is slight oscillation in sruthi at times. But to whistle one hour continuously is great. He rendered the thukkadas melodiously. Madhuvanthi was fine. He maintains perfect sruthi for top Sa, it was fine.

Accompanists, B. Sudha on the violin and Mridangist R. Santhoshram gave a very good support to Charunyanath.

At 7.15 PM. V. Charanya gave an excellent vocal concert. She started as child artist at VDS in 2000 and this is her 8th concert here. We have noticed her in all the 9 years is that she has shown gradual improvement in all departments. Her Begada and Thodi showed her maturity in singing. Guru Meera Kedarnathan has trained Charanya very well.

Her Begada alapana was fine. She sang the kriti Va Muruga with fine Bhava and ragalakshana. Main thodi was good. We could hear some nice pidis. Kathanuvariki was sung very well. Niraval was short but kalpanaswaram had variety. Her voice is fine and versatile with optimum use of brugas and gamakas.

K.P. Nandini (Violin) & R. Charan (Mridangam) gave a fine support.

On 14th June 2009 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM. G. Priyadharshini gave an Excellent Bharathanatyam performance. She is very brisk, agile - ideal for a dancer with neat foot-work and elegant limb movements. Her bhava is adequate. She is quite confident at 14. Guru J. Suruyanarayana Murthi’s training was very good.

Alarippu and shabdham were done neatly. She answered the intricate jathis of the Naataikurunji varnam composed by T.V.Gopalakrishnan very well. The depiction of god vinayaka was very effective and imaginative. Bhavayami Raghuramam was the best piece to-day. The story was depicted in fine choreography. Full credit goes to the guru and the student. Three heavy items were done one after other, but Priyadharshini did all items without glimpse of fatigue. Both the costumes were fine.

Both vocal and instrumental music was fine and very supportive to the dance. Hari Prasad (vocal), Vedakrishnaram (mridangam), V. Muruganandham (violin) and T. Sashidhar (Flute) rendered fine support.

Prof. Dr. Raghuraman of Kalakshetra, chief guest of the programme blessed the artist.

On 13th June 2009 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM. Pranathi Ramadorai gave a very good and entertaining Bharathanatyam performance. At 13 she is very confident. Her foot-work is very good. Guru S. Radhha has trained her very well.

Pranathi did the Bhairavi varnam of Periaswami dhooran, Nandagopalanai very well. executing the jathis neatly. Kavadi sindhu – villanai otha puruvam was very intresting. Some traditional items were missing but duly compensated by padhams which had brisk & elegant foot-work.. The traditional costume was good.

Vocal support by Bhagya, Vijayaraghavan (mridangam), Sikamani (violin) and Sunilkumar (Flute) rendered fine support.

On 12th June 2009 (Friday) at 6.30 PM. N. Akshaya gave a very-good Bharathanatyam performance. This is her maiden solo performance. She has ideal features for a dancer. Lean, flexible. Her foot-work is good. Well trained by her guru Latah Ravi.

She did the jathiswaram and shabdham very well. Varnam in Navaraga Malika was o.k. She answered the jathis neatly. Krishna nee begane was very good. It is evident she has keen intrest. Of course there is scope for improvement in bhava. Padam Durge;- Durge does not mean always frowning. Slight adjustment can be made as per lyrics. All regular items were included with variety of thalas. The entire programme was well enjoyed by a large number of audience including all other students of Latha Ravi’s dance school.

Music for the dance was very good. V. Venugopal (vocal), G. Ganesan (mridangam), Sikkil Balasubramanian (violin) rendered good support.

Bharathanatyam exponent Mrs. Sudha Vijayakumar, chief guest of the evening's programme blessed Akshaya.

On 07th June 2009 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM . B. Bhairavi gave a good concert. Her voice is good, clear, bold and good reach on higher octave. She sings krithis well, but trembling in voice still persists.

Bhairavi’s Poorvikalyani was good. Sang the krithi Dheiviga sthalam well. Kalpanaswaram was also good. Main Bhairavi was good. Alapana was o.k. but deviation in swarasthanam was noticed here and there. She could have taken an easier raga. She sang the krithi Yaro ivar yaro nicely. Niraval and kalpanaswaram would have sounded better in charanam than in anupallavi. She sang the thukkadas nicely. Guru Rajalakshmi Srinivasan’s training was very good. The large number of audience assembled encouraged the artists.

To-day’s accompanists Sriram Sridhar on the Violin and V. Vignesh on the Mridangam gave a very good support.

Mridangam Exponent Therezandur V. Sundara Raghavan; Chief guest blessed the artists.

At 7..15 PM. N. Krthika’s excellent vocal performance was enjoyed by all. She has been well trained by her gurus Lalgudi G. Jayaraman, Dr. Manjula Sriram and Raji Gopalakrishnan. Her voice is wonderful.and improved below sadjamam. She sings the krithis with ragalakshana.

She rendered Siddhi vinayakam in Mohana Kalyani melodiously. Abhogi alapana was fine. Manasunilba was sung very nicely. Her alapana in Main Varali was good. She sang the krithi Eti janma with fine bhava – kalpanaswarams especially in the second speed was fine. It had variety. She sang the thukkadas nicely in her melodious voice

H. V. Raghuram (Violin) & Thalaignayiru S.. Harishkumar (Mridangam) gave a fine support to Krihtika.

On 06th June 2009 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM . We congratulate S. Hamzini for an excellent vocal performance. Her voice is fine, soft and clear. She sings kriti with ragalakshana She has improved in alapana when compared to last year’s concert. Guru A. P. Komala’s training was very good.

Chandrajyothi is a difficult raga to handle. she did it easily – both alapana and swarams. Main Sankarabaranam was good – alapana has good pidis. She sang the Mahalakshmi krithi well and followed by well knit kalpanaswarams.

Shraddha on Violin and V. Vignesh on Mridangam gave a very good support to Hamzini.

At 7.15 PM. N. J. Nandini from Trivandram gave an excellent vocal concert and it was marked by fine manodharma & all round knowledge. She is our regular artiste. this being her 5th concert. Now she has improved and sings like a senior vidwamsini. Guru

Dr. S. Bhagyalakshmi has trained her very well.

Main Thodi was very good. After a neat alapana she sang the krithi Dadhukovalena in fine style. Niraval and kalpanaswaram had variety. H.V. Raghuram on the violin was at his best. N.J. Nandagopal on the Mridangam gave fine support to the vocalist as a brother should do. The krithi was set in a difficult thala pattern; misra jambai he did the thani avarthanam well. Occational nasal tone intervenes in Nandini's voice.. It will be better if she can avoid it. She sang the thukkadas melodiously in her sweet voice.

On 05th June 2009 (Friday) at 6.00 PM. Anjana Thirumalai has performed an Excellent maiden vocal concert for VDS. She is quite confident. Sure of what she sings. Her voice is fine-sweet and easy flowing with a good range. Patantharam is very good and well trained by her guru Padma Sandilyan.

Anjana sang the Chakaravaham krithi Nera nammithi well with crisp kalpanaswarams. Main karaharapriya was fine. After a neat alapana she sang the krithi Samana mevaru very well. We are happy she did niraval and kalpanaswaram which had variety. She must know the limit of holding the breath if she exceeds the swarasthanam suffers. Her sindhu bhairavi thillana was fine.

Violinist Sriram Sridhar; dis. of Padma Shankar and Mridangist B. Sai Shankar; son and dis. of S. Balashankar (Chairman VAA expert committee) gave a very good support to Anjana.


At 7.15 PM. R. Shayam gave an excellent key-board concert. A student of Alathoor Nagarajan (Flautist) and M.S. Martin. He uses anuswaras effectively to bring the sound of sahithya to a possible extent. He keeps a perfect rhythm. He is also singing while playing the instrument which is very difficult. It also helps the audience in touch with the sahithya not only mechanical production of swaras.

He played kalyani very well for krithi vasudevayani. Main abheri was fine. After a neat but short alapana, he played the krithi nagumomu very well. He is very thorough with kalpanaswaram, it had variety.V. Prashanth (Mridangam) & S. Krishna (Gatam) gave a fine support.