VDS Arts Academy - Arts wings of Muthukrishnan Memorial Club
Reviews - July 2012

On 22nd July 2012 (Sunday) Madhumita Sairamesh performed a very good bharathanatyam recital at VDS. At just 16; bhava is o.k., foot work is good and her movements were energetic. She is well trained by her guru Deepa Balaji.

Aanandhanartana ganapathim was very good. Varnam nandagopalanai was very good. She enacted the different episodes very well. Vishamakara kanna was very nice to watch. Vocal music by Roshini Ganesh, mridangam by K.R. Venkatsubramanian, violin by Sivakumar and Flute by Nimalvarshan have supported Madhumita very well.


On 21st July 2012 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM; S. Gayathri's vocal performance was very good at VDS. Her pattantharam is very good and has been learning from Sugantha Kalamegam. Her voice is fine. Singing the kritis neatly.

Valaji kriti padamethunai was very good. Simmendra madhymam alapana, kriti kamakshi and swarams were sung very well and well executed. Main bhairavi also sung very well. T. Kishore (violin) and S. Hari (mridangam) supported Gayathri well.
At 7.15 PM; Nanditha Srinivasan from Canada a dis. of Mayavaram Sisters Uma Prabhakar performed a very good vocal concert. This is her 2nd and Ist promotional concert to senior slotand it was very good. We are happy to note she has improved in rendering kritis and raga alapana.

Hamsanandhi kriti was fine. Ramapriya was good, kalpanaswaram had variety and muthaippu swaram was perfect. Varuvaro (sama) kriti also fine. She sang all the thukkadas nicely.

M. Shrikanth (violin) and T. Karthik (mridangam) have accompanied Nanditha well.

On 13th July 2012 (Friday) at 6.30 PM. Aarthi Sethuraman performed a very good dance recital at VDS. Guru Sikkil Vasanthakumari's training was very good. Jathiswaram was good. Varnam; Legend Lalgudi Jayaraman's neelambari was very good. She did the sancharibhava well. Aarthi's abhinaya was very good for adhuvum solluval.

Music was good and supportive to the dancer. Vocal by Girish Menon, Mridangam by Guru Bharadwaj and violin by Sikkil B. Balasubramanian.

Gana Mukunthapriya Prof. A. Gopalakrishnan, chief guest of the programme blessed the artiste Aarthi.


On 08th July 2012 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM. R. Vidya a student of Bhavani Santhanam performed a very good vocal concert. This is her maiden peroformance at VDS. Her voice is bold and clear. Paatantharam is very good.

She sang all the kritis neatly. Vasudevayani in kalyani was very good. Alapana though short she sang the kriti, niraval and swaram well. Atana kriti was sung very well. She sang the thukkadas nicely.

Sahana Vasudevan (from U.S.) on the Violin and D. Sivaraman on mridangam gave their very good support to Vidya..

Sangeetha Vidwan Sri. Embar Kasturi (Thirumalai Bros.) chief guest of the programme blessed the young artistes.

At 7.15 PM. R. Shyam performed his excellent violin-solo concert for VDS. A regular artiste in VDS. Won the violin as first-prize in the top-ten contest. He is very confident and sure. Of course well trained by Lalitha Raghavan and Sangeetha Kalanidhi M. Chandra Sekar his gurus.

Main shankarabharanam was played very well. After a neat alapana, he played the kriti swararaga sudha well. Swaram kalpana had variety. His confidence and imaginations were very high at just 16. He played all the other kritis neatly.

Koushik Rajagopal on mridangam and S. Krishna on gatam gave very good support to shyam.


On 07th July 2012 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM. V. Lakshmi performed a very good vocal concert. Her voice is bold & clear. She is singing the kritis well. She learnt music form various gurus and now the present guru being Ranjani Chander.

Mohanam kriti was sung very well. Swaram was good. She has to concentrate more on raga alapana by listening to many concerts. She sang Sri ganapathim (Sourashtram), Ninnunear (panthuvarali), Sabapathikku (Abhogi) well. Lakshmi sang the thukkadas nicely.

Violin by V. Shreyas and Mridangam by R. Kishore (s/o. mridangam exponent Mr. R. Ramesh) gave a very good support.
At 7.15 PM. Sri Krishnan M. Subramanian performed a good vocal concert. His voice is settled now. He sang all the kritis neatly. Learning this art form from Brahadwani Dr. K.S. Subramanian and Sowmya.

His panthuvarali was o.k. He sang charukesi varnam,vathabi, visalakshi vishwashi, parvatha raja kumari, palincha kamakshi well. He has to improve raga alapana. A large number of audiences gathered to bless the artistes.

Violin by M.K. Ananthalakshmi and mridangam by S. Guru Aravind gave their very good support.

On 1st July 2012 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM; Large number of audiences have gathered to bless V. Akshaya's bharathanatyam performance at VDS. Her foot work and limb movements were good and well trained by guru Binesh Mahadevan and this was a very good dance performance.

She did the lengthy varnam; swamiyai azhaithodi in raga kamas well and answered the jathis neatly. There were many episodes in the sancharibhava some of which were she depicted well. Abhinaya for adhuvum soluvall was fine.

Music was very supportive to Akshaya; vocal by Roshini Ganesh, Mridangam by Karthikeyan Ramanar and veena by Balaji.

The dance exponent Mrs. Priya Deekshit, chief guest of the programme has blessed the dancer.