VDS Arts Academy - Arts wings of Muthukrishnan Memorial Club
Reviews - July 2010

On 18th July 2010 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM. Shraddha Ravindran presented a very good solo violin concert. She is improved in confidence and fingering. Her bowing is also good. She has been well trained by her guru Radha Sundaresan.

Shanmugapriya was good. She played the main Karaharapriya very well- the alapana was neat. The kriti samanamevaru was played well. Kalpanaswaram was good.

R. Akshayram (mridangam) and V. Sai Subramanian (Morsing) gave very good support to Shraddha.

At 7.15 PM. N.S. Aruna's excellent vocal concert was marked by her all round knowledge – she is competition specialist since child hood. Her voice is good particularly in higher octave. Her kalpanaswaram has variety and well trained by her gurus Padma Sandilyan and Kasturi Rangan.

Mayamalagowla kriti was rendered well - Mayatheertha swaroopini kriti with fine kalpanaswarams. Main thodi was fine. The alapana was good. She sang the kriti nine nammi very well. Niraval and kalpanaswaram had variety. She sang Om namo Narayana melodiously.

Shraddha on violin, R. Akshayram on Mridangam gave a very good support.

On 17th July 2010 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM. B. Bhairavi performed a very good vocal concert for VDS. Her voice is sweet & clear. She is rendering the krithis neatly. She has improved in kalpanaswaram. Guru Rajalakshmi Srinivasan has trained her very well.

Bandurithi in hamsanadham was good. Main kalikiyunte was also good. The alapana was o.k. She sang the kriti neatly. Niraval and kalpanaswaram were good.

Accompanists Shraddha (Violin) and Koushik Rajagopal (Mridangam) gave a good support to Bhairavi.

At 7.15 PM. It is M. Ragini Shri's sixth and yet another excellent vocal concert. Her over all knowledge is high. Her alapana, rendering the kritis and kalpanaswaram-everything is fine.

Kathanakothukalam kriti was rendered nicely. Vardhini parvatahavardhini kataakshi RTP (ragamalika; kamavardhini, ragavardhini and vivardhini) was fine. She has worked on it much while preparing – it is evident. Her manodharma is very high. During kalpanaswaram – eduppu at different places was fine.

To day's accompanists K.J. Dileep & N.C. Bharadwaj gave fine support to Raginisri.

Already she is famous through participating in popular TV competitions and performances. She was under the tutelage of late Sulochana Pattabiraman and presently from P. Vasanthkumar.

On 11th July 2010 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM. S. N. Gowthami presented a very good dance performance at VDS. She is lean, agile and with flexible body for a dancer. Her foot-work and limb movements are very good. Guru Vivekananda Baskar and Bhavani Baskar have trained her very well.

She did the Jathiswaram well. Varnam a composition of V.S. Muthuswami Pillai in naatai kurinji ragam was very good. Gowthami answered the intricate jathis neatly. Droupathi vasthrapiharam was depicted well as Sancharibhava. Kaliyukavaradhan padam was brisk and attractive. The selections of the items were good; prominence was given to pure dance and nritta.

To-day's music was generally supportive to the dancer. Vocal by Sai, Ganesh (Mridangam), Selvam (violin) and Sankara Narayanan (flute).

Bharathanatyam dancer and silver screen personality Brinda Das, chief guest of the evening programme blessed the dancer Gowthami.

On 10th July 2010 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM. S.R. Janani was performed a very good dance for VDS. A little girl at 12, she is very confident, sure and energetic. Her foot-work is good. Limb movements are fine. Very well trained by her guru Madhumathi Prakash.

Janani did the guru's jathiswaram neatly. Her performance for key-board artist Venkatasubramanian's ragamalika varnam was neat. The Veena prelude in kalyani before the varnam was melodious. Both dance and music for Brocheva padam was fine. The story telling during the jathis was nice. The selection of the items was good and the little Janani performed with out glimpse of fatigue.

Vocal by S.R. Veeraraghavan, Mridangam by Ram Shankar Babu, Veena by Padmini Lakshminarayanan and Key-board by P.R. Venkatsubramanian have rendered their fine support.

The Bharathanatyam dancer and Violin exponent Smt. G. Bharathi; daughter of the violin maestro Sangita Kalanidhi Sri. M. Chandrasekar, chief guest of the programme blessed the dancer.

On 09th July 2010 (Friday) at 6.30 PM. On behalf of VDS Arts Academy we congratulate Gayathri Rajaji for a very good dance. She is very confident, has flexible body, foot-work and limb movements are fine. Very well trained by her eminent guru Adyar Sri. K. Lakshmanan.

Jathiswaram was good. Muthuswami Deekshidar’s Thodi varnam was fine and she answered the jathis neatly. Both dance and music were fine for Muthu Thandavar’s theruvil varano and ambujam Krishna’s Chinna chinna padam.

Natuuvangam by Deepa Baba Prasad, Vocal by A. S. Murali, Mridangam by Adyar K. Gopinath and flute by Unnikrishnan have rendered their good support, though the absence of a violinist was felt.

On 04th July 2010 (Saturday) at 7.15 PM. Vashnavi Ramdas gave her first concert here at VDS at the age of 10 on 5.8.01. It is her 8th concert here to-day. Every year she has been improving in all departments and full credit goes to her guru Meera Kedarnathan.

Vaishnavi's voice is fine and versatile. Her all-round knowledge is high. Bilahari was sung very well. The beauty of the raga was brought out with full ragalakshana both by the vocalist and violinist R. Shyam. Main poorvikalyani was very good. After a neat alapana she rendered the kriti meenakshi memudham dehi very well. Niraval and kalpanaswaram was done well, it had variety. She sang karpooram narumo in kamas melodiously.

R. Shyam (violin), Sumesh Narayanan (mridangam) gave their fine support to Vaishnavi.

On 02nd July 2010 (Friday) at 6.00 PM. G. Rajagopalan presented a very good vocal performance in VDS. His voice is good-bold & clear. He sings krithis well. At 14 he is quite confident. A dedicated teacher Guru Seerkazhi R. Jayaraman has trained him very well.

Suddha dhanyasi was good. Alapana and the kriti subramanyena were sung very well. Manasa etulo in malayamarutham was good. He sang his guru's kriti mayilagi kayilaya in abhogi very well. Main kalyani was good. Alapana was good. He sang the kriti neethu charana well. Niraval and kalpanaswaram were very good.

Accompanists V. Supraja (Violin) and T. Karthik (Mridangam) gave a very good support

At 7.15 PM. Sai Sharan started singing at VDS as a child artist at the age of 9 on 18.2.2001. Now he is a matured singer at 17. This is his 5th consecutive excellent vocal concert for VDS. Now his voice is bold and manly. He is very good at all departments like alapana, rendering the kritis and kalpanaswaram etc.

Gajavadhana in sri ranjani was sung well. Ramapriya was good. Main Simhendra madhymam was fine, after a neat alapana he rendered the kriti nine nammi very well. Niraval and kalpanaswaram had variety. Sri ram Sridhar's support on violin was fine. Sumesh Naryanan's thani was attractive on the percussion. Selections of the kritis were fine.