VDS Arts Academy - Arts wings of Muthukrishnan Memorial Club
Review ( Month of July '08)

On 20th July  (Sunday) at 6.30 PM. K.K.Ananya a dis.of  R.Vijay Madhavan gave a very good and fine dance performance for VDS. Her performance was marked by a neat foot-work and brisk limb movements. She has ideal features for a dancer. She is agile  and flexible. Guru has trained her very well.

She did the Nanda Gopalanai (Bhairavi) varnam well & answered the jathis neatly.  Her abhinaya for Chinna chinna  padam vaithu was good. She was very flexible in alarippu. Ananya maintained a smile on her face through out.

Fine rendering of vocal support  by Umashankar, Ramana (Mridangam), Veteran Seetharama Sharma (Violin) and Gokul (flute) rendered  good  support.

Mr.S.Shivakumar Dancer, Teacher & Choreographer, chief guest of the programme blessed Ananya.


On 19th July 2008 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM. C.Tara a student of  Latha Ravi gave an excellent dance performance for VDS. She has ideal features for a dancer, expressive eyes, elegant limb movements and good stage coverage. Her bhava is also good. At 14 she is very confident and sure. Guru has trained her very well.

It was a full fledged programme, though jathiswaram and alarippu were simplified. Varnam in valachi raagam (Anname aruginil vaa) was fine. There was ample scope for bhava. Tara answered the various jathis neatly. Her abhinaya for ethai kandu itchai konadai (Kalyani) was pleasing. The choreography, music and abhinaya for Vaaranamaayiram (Raggamalika) was fine and in fact that was the best piece to-day.
Hariharan (Vocal), Vasudevan (Mridangam), Shankar (Violin) & Shankara Narayanan (Flute) rendered their support very well.

Bharatahanatyam Exponent Kum. Gayathri Ram, chief guest of the evening programme and Mrs, Kavitha Jasbin (guest of Honour)  blessed Tara.


On 18th July 2008 (Friday) at 6.30 PM. M.Asha Vigasini dis. of  Deepa Balaji gave a very good and fine dance performance for VDS. She is just eleven, but her performance was like that of a seasoned artist. She is able to express bhava perfectively as tutored. Her limb movements are good. The charming girl dances with keen interest. She is very confident.  Full credit goes to guru Deepa. for having trained this little girl so well.

 Dasvatharam provided good scope for bhava, which asha did very well. She answered the simple and sporadic jathis well. Her dance for Yadhavaraya (Raagamalika) was attractive. Dhanasri thillana was also good.

Vocal by V.Venugopal & instruments by Sri Ramshankar Babu (Mridangam), V.Muruganandham (Violin) and flute by B.N.Ramesh-all  rendered their support very well.

Bharathanatyam Exponent Mrs. Madhumathi Prakash, Chief guest of the programme blessed Asha Vigasini.

On 13th July 2008 (Sunday) at 7.15 PM. M. Radhika dis. of  Akhila Shiva gave a very good and fine vocal concert for VDS. She is our regular artist, this is her 4th and first promotional concert to one and half hour slot. She proved worthy of promotion. Her voice is sweet, soft, clear and good  especially in the higher octave. At 19 her knowledge is fine and she has  improved in all aspects over past performances.

Her main Dharmasam Vardhini in Madhyamavathy, though the alapana was short she rendered the kriti, niraval and kalpanaswaram well. Her sub-main in Bhairavi also good. She sang Kalyana Rama (Hamsanatham) nicely.  She has to practise below sadjamam and  avoid occasional nasal tone.

Accompanists  K.J. Dileep (violin), R.Santhosh Ram (Mridangam) gave a very good support to Radhika.

On 12th July 2008 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM. G.V. Shruthi from Neyveli, a student of R.K.Kumar did her very good maiden vocal  performance for VDS. Her voice is fine –clear & bold. Her pattantharam is very good. She sang all krithis fairly well.

She sang in   Reethi gowla  Janani ninnu vina well with raga-lakshana. Main Kalyani : after a good but short alapana, she sang the krithi Annai un (Papanasam Sivan) very well. She did the kalpanaswarama well – but at times  memorized kalpanaswam let her down. At higher octave nasal tone heard. She is quite confident @ 15.

She was ably supported by K.P.Haricharan (Violin) & Mambalam G.S.Sekar (Mridangam).

At 7.15 PM. R.P. Shravan dis. of Suseela Sridhar gave an excellent maiden Vocal concert for VDS. Special credit is given to him for his confident and well prepared and performed  first public concert. His over all knowledge is very high @ 12. His guru Suseela Sridhar has trained him with special care – he has also received fine tuning from Srimushnam Raja Rao and Padma Chandilyan.

His  voice is bold & versatile. He sang all songs well. Special mention can be made about Lathangi & Yamuna Kalyani and Arabhi Maanam in Raagamalika with swift change of ragas.  His main Thiyagarajar’s Emi Jesithe in thodi which children do not venture to take as main; he  rendered  boldly and acquitted himself well. His kalpanaswaram at this young age is commendable.  But he has to be careful in too ambitious pidis and sangathis.

Selection of the items was fine – Trinity and all major vageyakaras and all main thalas were represented.
Shravan was not audible below sadjam. His voice has not yet broken He has to practise that.

To-day’s accompaniments K.P.Haricharan  (violin), Tanjore K.Praveen Kumar, grand son of  Tanjore Upendran (Mridangam) gave a fine support and in fact all the three artists  combined well to give a nice concert.

Flute artist Mr.N.Venkatesan (retd. Chief Engr. Kerala Electricity Board), Chief Guest of the concert blessed all the three young boys.

On 11th July 2008 (Friday) at 6.00 PM. V.Sree Chitra a dis.of  Lalitha Subramanian gave a very good vocal concert for VDS. Her voice is good, bold and clear. She renders krithis fairly well. Shruthi is good. Guru has trained her very well.

Main Paamarajana in  Simhendra Madhymam alapana & krithi were o.k., Kalpanaswaram was good. She sang Sabapathykku, Manasa etulo (Malaya maarutham) Maalaginen (Mara ranjani), as well as Dhanasri Thillana.

Accompanists Shraddha Ravindran (Violin), R. Santhosh Ram (Mridangam) gave a  good support to Sree Chitra.

Chief Guest of the programme Mrs. Girija Ramaswamy ( Vocal & Harikatha exponent a ppreciated the service rendering by Vds Arts Academy and also blessed the young artists.

At 7.15 PM. R. Vaishnavi’s yet another excellent vocal concert was marked by a good manodharma, over all knowledge & fine kalpana swarams. She is our regural artist and this is her 6th concert for VDS. Her pattantharam is very good and guru Meera Kedarnathan has trained her very well.

Her main Poochi Srinivasa Iyangar’s Parama pavana rama in Poorvi-kalyani was sung  well. The niraval and kalpana swarams were good. Her sub-main Parvatha raja kumari in Sri ranjani was also sung nicely. She sang the other krithis Maayadheetha (maya maala gowla), Entha nechina (sudha dhanyasi), Saaramaina (behag) and Madhuvanthi thillana very well.

Violinist K.J.Dileep and Mridangist Srivanchiam Sriram gave a very good support to Vaishnavi.

On 06th July 2008 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM. K.Swetha Mahalakshmi a dis.of  Usha Parameswaran gave a  very  good dance performance for VDS. At 12 she is quite confident. She has a flexible body with easy limb movements and good foot-work.Guru  has trained her very well.

She did the Papanasam Sivan’s Naatai kurunji varnam well & answered the jathis neatly.  Her abhinaya for padam Meenakshi thaye was fine. From start to finish the little girl danced with cheerful face..  Selection of the items was good and a full-fledged proegramme.

It was difficult to do both Nattuvanagam and vocal by guru . Usha Parameswaran, somehow blanced well. Tanjore Nataraj (Mridangam), Sivakumar (Violin) Kadappa Raghavendra (flute) rendered good support.

Dancer, Teacher for physical, mental and socio economic handicap children, Choreographer, Singer & educationist non-other than Dr.Ambika Kameshwar, chief guest of the programme blessed Swetha Mahalakshmi.

On 05th July 2008 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM. A student of J.Suryanarayana Murthy, V.Soundarya gave a Very Good & fine dance performance in front of a biggest number of audience for VDS. Her bhava was fine with neat foot-work. She has ideal features for a good dancer..

She did the rather lengthy Nattakurunji varnam Vaaranamukha well & answered the jathis neatly with fine foot-work and agile limb movements. Her Dasavatharam (Jayadevar ashtapathy) was fine. Her abhinaya was good for swift changing avatharas . chitaswaram at the end of each stanza added charm to the brisk items.
Vanathy Raghuraman (vocal), Karthikeyan (Mridangam), M.S.Kannan (Violin) Anantha Narayanan (veena) rendered their support very well.

Bharatahanatyam Exponent, Yuvakala Bharathi Mrs. Roja Kannan, chief guest of the evening programme appreciated the guru,s  effort and blessed Soundarya

On 04th July 2008 (Friday) at 6.30 PM. R.Kavya dis.of  Meenakshi Chitharanjan gave an Excellent maiden dance performance for VDS. Of course she is well-known artiste in VDS as Vocalist. We note that she is as good in dance as in music.  Her performance was marked by good foot-work, elegant limb movements and an apt bhava.Guru Meenakshi Chtaranjan has trained her very well.

She dances with full involvement. She has expressive eyes. She performed Tanjore quartet’s Sakhiye (aanandha bhairavi) varnam well & answered the jathis neatly. Her abhinaya for Theruvil Vaarano, a padam in kamas was fine. Both music and dance were superb in Padam Purandara Dasar’s Jagadhothaarana (dhana-kapi). Guru’s choreography for the sancharibhava was fine. Other items like Mallari, Jaavali and Lalgudi’s Thillana all were good.

Both Vocal by Kuldeep Pai & instruments by Vedha Krishnan (Mridangam), V.Srinivasan(Violin) were supportive to the dance..

Vidhushi Mrs. Mahalakshmi Natarajan (Veteran Vocalist), Chief guest of the programme blessed Kavya