VDS Arts Academy - Arts wings of Muthukrishnan Memorial Club
Review ( Month of January 2012)

On 29th January 2012 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM. R. Rukmani performed a good dance recital at VDS. Her foot work is good. She did the varnam; kola mayil in shanmugapriya very well. Ennathavam seidhanai was good. Subramnia Bharathiyar's mazhai in ragam chakravaham was depicted very well – choreography by her guru Himaja Ramsharan for the item was very good.

Music support was very supportive to the dance. Vocal by Latha Ramchand, Mridangam by Nagai Narayanan, Violin by Sikkil Balasubramanian and Flute by P.V. Ramana.

Chief guest of the programme Sri. Binesh Mahadevan, dance exponent has blessed the dancer Rukmani.

On 28th January 2012 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM. Nividita Aravindan performed an excellent dance at VDS. The artiste from Bangalore has ideal features for a dancer. Her limb movements were graceful and bhava is very good. Well trained by guru B. Banumathi and Sheela Chandrasekar.

She did the lengthy Daru varnam in ragam kamas very well. She depicted the sancharibhava neatly. Her abhinaya in devarnama – ragamalika item was fine. Her foot work for a fast thillana was very nice. Compeering by little Namrata Aravindan was very attractive, perfect and excellent

Vocal rendering by Nandakumar added charm to the programme. Janardhan (mridangam) and Muruganandham (violin) and P.V. Ramana (flute) gave their fine support.

Sri P.R. Gokula Krishnan, frmr. Chief justice of TN and Gujrat and also frmr. Governer of Gujrat State, guest of honour of the evening has blessed the dancer.

On 27th January 2012 (Friday) at 6.30 PM. V. Varsha presented her excellent bharathanatyam at VDS. At just 13 her bhava was superb. Especially in the sanchari bhava episode in the varnam, her face expression was fine. Foot work and limbmovements are good. Well trained by senior guru Samyuktha Varadharajan.

Varsha is very agile and has a smiling face. Her brisk dance for sollale in ragam vasantha was very attractive. Her body flexible likes rubber. To put in a nut shell Varsha's performance was above her age.

Music support was good. Vocal by Malini Kumar & Premalatha , Mridangam by G. Ganesan, violin by V. Shankar and Key-board by R. Omkaranath.

Chief guests of the programme Smt. Puliyur Saroja (cine dance exponent) and Dr. Ananthan has blessed the dancer.
On 22nd January 2012 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM. M.A. Abhinaya dis. of Vimala Nagarajan & Ganapathi Raman presented her very good vocal concert at VDS. This is her maiden concert. Her voice is good-bold & clear. She sings kritis neatly.

Suddha saveri kriti was good. Thodi kriti was good. Alapana was o.k., Main simhendra madhymam was fine. She did alapana, niraval and swaram for kriti kamakshi kamakoti neatly. She sang the thukkadas well.

Supporting artistes Poorna Prajna and Arjun Raghavendar (midangam) gave a good support to Abhinaya and chief guest Smt Puliyur Saroja

At 7.15 PM. B. Bhairavi dis. of Rajalakshmi Srinivasan gave her good vocal concert. The selections of the kritis were good.

She sings the kritis neatly. Chintamani kriti was rendered perfectly. Shanmukapriya alapana was o.k. She sang the kriti marivere very well. Kalpanaswaram had variety.

V. Shreyas on violin, R. Santhoshram on Mridangam gave a good support.


On 21st January 2012 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM. VDS academy congratulates Asha Ramanujam for an excellent and outstanding vocal concert. At just 12 her confidence is of high order and all round knowledge is above her age. Gurus Akila Siva and Kamakshi (previous) have trained Asha very well.

Her voice is bold, clear & versatile. She handled the difficult raga dhanyasi effortlessly. Main kalyani was fine. She sang the kriti very well. Niraval and swaram were very good. The ragamalika aarabhimanam was rendered nicely. She sang the conert with her smiling face throught

Violin by Poorna Prajna and mridangam by S. Hari gave a very good support.

At 7.15 PM. S.Suchitra performed her 4th excellent vocal concert for VDS. She comes from Madurai to give concerts. Her over all knowledge is very good. Subha panthuvarali is a prosaic and difficult raga, she expanded the alapana well and rendered the kriti ennallumyurake melodiously. She sang the kritis; Durmakasara in ranjani as sub-main, Gruvayoorappane in reedhi gowla and koovi azhaithal with raga lakshana. Guru Madurai R.Kannan has trained her very well.

R. Shyam and B. Sai Shankar on purcussion gave a very good support.


On 20th January 2012 (Friday) at 6.00 PM. Srinidhi Sridhar performed an excellent vocal-concert at VDS. Her voice is good. Paatantharam is fine, well trained by her guru Subha Ganesan.

Both Suddha dhanyasi & keeravani were fine. Alapana was good. Kalpanaswaram was fine. Kurai ondrum illai was rendered melodiously. She sang the arabhi kriti neatly.

R. Shyam on violin and mridangam.by K. R. Narayan gave a very good support.

At 7.15 PM. Vidya Raghavan's concert was marked by a good all round knowledge and fine rendering of kirits. Her voice is fine & versatile. She presented an excellent vocal concert. She learnt this art form from Sheela Venugopal at USA, presently she is under the able guidance of T.M. Krishna.

Vidya did a lengthy alapana in ragam sruti with imaginative pidis very well, which is rare. Swaram kalpana was good. Main kalyani was fine. The alapana had some nice pidis. It was elaborate. She sang the kriti nithi chala well. Niraval-swaram was very good.

Violinist R. Shyam and mridangaist Sumesh Narayanan gave a fine support.

On 15th January 2012 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM. S. Bhavana's dance performance was excellent to-day at VDS. Her recital was marked by good bhava, fine foot work and correct limb movements.Guru Dharini Ramakrishna has trained her very well.

Bhavana's poorvikalyani varnam; swamiyai varasolladi was very good. Sancharibhava was executed very well. She answered the jathis also neatly. Her bhava was fine in chinnan chiru kiliye. Instrumental support was fine – especially K.Parthsarathi's mridangam was fine. Koushik Chambakesan sang the kritis melodiously. Sathish on violin and B.N. Ramesh on flute have also rendered their very good support.

Chief guest of the programme Smt. Dhakshiayani Ramachandran, dance exponent has blessed the dancer.


On 14th January 2012 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM. K.R. Pooja performed a very good dance at VDS. She is very agile and energetic. Her Foot work and bhava is good. Guru Malini Balaji (Melakaveri) trained her well.

Her varnam; kola mayil in ragam shanmuga priya was good. She depicted the sancharibhava neatly. Krishna nee begane was also very good. Pooja completed her programme with an attractive peacock dance.

Vocal by Melakavri K. Balaji, G. Ganesan (Mridangam) and Sivakumar (Violin) gave their good support.

On 13th January 2012 (Friday) at 6.30 PM. K. Sandhya was performed a good bharathanatyam at VDS. She is lean & has flexible limb movements and quite confident at just 11. Guru Surya Santhanam has trained her well.  

She did the varnam; samikku nigar yaaradi in ragam kamboji very well. Selections of the items had variety. Bho sambho was good. The dance for thiruppavai was attractive.  

Orchestra support was good. Vocal by Priya, Mridangam by Vasudevan, Key-board by Venkat Subramanian.  

Chief guest of the programme Smt. Malathi Domic the dance exponent has blessed the Sandhiya.


On 08th January 2012 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM. Pooja Shree Rajagopalan performed very good maiden vocal concert at VDS. She is confident with good, bold & clear voice. She sings the kritis well. Selection of the songs had variety. Well trained by her guru Rajalakshmi Srinivasan.

She sang govardhana in hindolam well. Main panduvarali was good – alapana was neat, kriti saarasaksha was sung well, niraval and swaram also sung very well. Pooja Shree sang the thukkadas nicely.

M.S. Ananthashree on the Violin and D. Sivraman on mridangam gave a good support.


At 7.15 PM. That was promotional concert for Sai Sruthi, she did it well. She sings kritis neatly. Her voice is bold and clear. Selection of the songs had variety. Well trained by her guru Rajalakshmi Srinivasan.

Poorvikalyani was good. Alapana and kalpanaswaram was sung well, it was like tutored. She has to practice and listen to more concerts. Vagadeeswari alapana was good. Both the kritis dheivikasthala and paramthmudu was sung nicely.

Shraddha on the Violin and R. Santhoshram on mridangam gave good support

On 07th January 2012 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM. V. Maitregi has presented her excellent vocal concert at VDS. This is her maiden performance. Her all round knowledge is good. She sings the kritis neatly. Maitregi is bold, confident and a versatile voice. Well trained by her guru Meera Sankaran.

She sang naatai very well. Jaya jaya swamin kriti was fine. She rendered ganamurthe very well. Main shankaraparanam alapana was neat; kriti mahalakshmi & swaram were very good. Desh thukkada was sung melodiously.

Violin by Poorna Prajna and mridangam by S. Srinandan gave a good support.


On 06th Janaury 2012 (Friday) at 6.00 PM. Veena Kumar from USA performed her excellent vocal concert at VDS. Learning under the tutelage of  Suguna Varadhachari and Uma Prabhakar.  She is very confident with her fine, bold & clear voice. Her over all knowledge also very good.  

She sang jaya jaya very well. Poorvikalyani kriti ganamusakaradha was sung very well; kalpanaswaram was in detail. Main Bhiravi was fine – alapana, niraval and swaram for the kriti chintayama. She sang the thukkadas beautifully. Her gamakasa were fine both in karunai dheivame and kaliyakavaradhan.

 V.Supraja on the Violin and S. Sumeshnarayanan on mridangam gave fine support to Veena.


At 7.15 PM. V. Deekshitha a regular performer in VDS and this is being her 5th concert for VDS. Her excellent concert was marked by fine manodharma and rendering the kritis neatly with ragalakshana. Her voice is flowing easily throught the 3 octaves. She has been very well trained by her gurus Kala Acharya Sironmani Raji Gopalakrishnan and Prof. TRS.  

Her kalpanaswaram was fine in naatai for kriti nine bajana. Her rishabapriya alapana has some nice pidis for kriti mahathmule. Main keeravani alapana was very good. Her imaginations were fine in the niraval & kalpanaswaram. Kriti innamum was sung nicely. Venkatachala nilayam was beauty to listen; she brought out the essence and character of sindhubhairavi.  

V. Supraja and Sumeshnarayanan gave a very good support to Deekshitha.


On 01st January 2012 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM. S. Sri Gayathri’s third consequtive excellent dance performance at VDS. She is recipient of the best dancer award with big natarajar staute as her first prize in 2009. There is lot of scope to become a great dancer in her. She is talented, brisk footed with elegant limb movements and dancing with keen interest. Guru R. Vijaymadhavan has trained this young dancer very well.

 Her bhava was fine in the keerthanam kalyanarama. Her sanchari bhava was also fine in the varnam swami naan undhan adimai. Her limb movements and foot work were elegant. Hanuman chalisa also a best piece of the items she selected.

 Murali Parthasarathi on vocal, Mayuram J. Shankar on mridangam, S. Sikamani on violin all the three musicians were presented the best accompanying artiste award for dance by the VDS Academy and B. Gokul on the flute have rendered their fine support to Sri Gayathri.

Shraddha on the Violin and R. Santhoshram on mridangam gave good support