VDS Arts Academy - Arts wings of Muthukrishnan Memorial Club
Reviews - January 2009

On 31st January 2009 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM. C. Sai Navina gave a very good vocal concert. Dis. of  Latha Ramchand. She is our regular artist, performing for the third time.Her voice is sweet & soft in the higher octave.
She did Pantuvarali (Sami Ninne) varnam, Sobillu in Jaganmohini & Thelialedhu Rama in Dhenuka very well. Her main Kalyani alapana was o.k.,  She sang the kriti Kamalambam Bajare nicely with fine muthaippu swarams. Brindavana Saranga thillana was good. 
Violinist Shraddha Ravindran and Mridangist S. Gomathi Shankar gave a good support.

At 7..15 PM. V. Vathsala gave a  very good vocal concert. This is her second and first promotional concert to senior  slot. She has a  bold and clear voice with very good manodharma in her. Patantharam also very good, guru Sri.O.S. Thiagarajan has trained her very well at 12. Vathsala also learnt from Akila Siva.
Started with  Kamboji Varnam of Thanjai Nalvar  followed by Harikesanallur muthia Bagavathar’s  Sri Maha Ganapathe (Malahari) and Saint Thiagarajar’s Nannu Kanna Thalli (Sindhu Kannada) all rendered nicely. Sub-main  Varalai alapana had good pidis, kriti Eti Janma Ithiha was sung nicely with niraval and kalpana swarams. Main item Dikshidar’s Hindolam ( Neerajakshi Kamakshi )alapana was fine. Niraval and swarams were perfect.  Thukkadas Muruganin (Behag), Chandrasekara eesa in Sindhi Bairavi a composition of Aani Vaidyanatha Iyer and Thirugokaranam Vaidyanatha Bagavathar’s Purvikalyani thillana every thing was fine.
Violinist Shraddha and Mridangist G. Kirthivasan gave a very good support.

On 24th January 2009 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM. S. Maithrayee’s fine and very good dance performance was attractive with elegant limb movements and good foot-work. She is tall and agile. Well trained by guru R. Vijay Madhavan. We have to appreciate a large number audience, gathered, encouraged and blessed the young dancer.
Maithrayee did the thisra alarippu, Jatheeswaram (Ranjani) very well. Both music and abhinaya were fine and attractive for Kalyana Rama in Hamsanadham .  Lalgudi Sri. G. Jayaraman’s Charukesi varnam was good but the jathis.were limited Her brisk dance for Thaaye thirubura sundari was good. Lagudi’s Kamas thillana was fitting finale of the programme.
Both vocal and instrumental music were very fine and very supportive to the dancer.. Vocal by S. Narayanan, J. Shankar (Mridangam), Seetharama Sharma (Violin; recipient of Best Violin accompanying artist for dance from VDS in 2008) and Natraj (Flute). 

Chief guest Dr. V. Uma, a dancer and social worker blessed Maithrayee.

On 23rd January 2009 (Friday) at 6.30 V. Anusha gave a very good Dance  performance. She is dis. of Dharini Ramakrishna. 
Started with nattai Kouthuvam, followed by Gambhiranattai mallari and KND’s Kalyani jatheeswaram every thing was good. Her foot-work was good in Shankarabaranam Varnam and answered the jathis very well. Her bhava was good in padam ennathavam seidhanai. She enacted the sancharibhava very well. Dasavadharam in ragamalika and hindolam thillana also were very good.

Vocal by Koushik Champakesan, Mridangam by Shivashankar Reddy, Violin by N. Veeramani and Flute by Shankaranarayanan -all rendered good support to Anusha.

On 18th January 2009 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM. S. Sindhuja gave a fine & very good vocal concert for VDS. Her voice is sweet & soft with nice rendering of kritis.  Guru Kamala Venkatraman (Therazhandur Sisters) has trained her very well at 12. Selection of the songs was good.

Bilahari varnam, Mysore Vasudevachariar’s Pranamamyaham (Gowla), Thiyagarajar’s Dinamani Vamsa (Harikambodhi) everything was good. Her sub-main  Mohanam alapana was short, she rendered Papanasam Sivan’s Mayil vahana kriti nicely. Main Kalyani alapana also short but, kriti nammavachina was rendered nicely with perfect niraval & swarams. She sang the thukkadas Santhana Gopala (Kamas) and Shanthinilava (Thilang) melodiously.
B. Sudha (Violin) and R. Santhosh Ram gave a very good support to Sindhuja.

At 7.15 PM. A thrikala Mohana varnam in thisra natai was attractive opening of G. Abhilash’s vocal concert here. This is his 4th consecutive excellent vocal concert.His Manodharma and allround knowledge are remarkable at 13. His saariram is fine, bold and clear with easy flow of three octaves. Patantharam is fine. Guru A.S. Murali’s training was very good. Abilash also learnt from Rajeswari and Geetha Ramasubramanian.
After fine rendering of Mayamalagowla alapana for kriti Thulasi Dala, he rendered a well knit niraval and swarams. Main RTP in kambodi for Ramapathi pathame gathi in a different thala pattern Thisra matyam and followed by kriti Sri Ranga Puravira which was rendered nicely.  Before sub-main & main he rendered Gam Ganapathe (Hamsadwani), Sadhananda Thandavam (Bahudari) and Kamala Charane ( Amrudha Behag) very nicely. 

K.J. Dileep (Violin) Thalaignairu S. Harishkumar (Mridangam) and S. Krishna gave fine support to Abhilash.

On 17th January 2009 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM. M.P. Savita and M.P. Akhilandeswari gave a very good vocal duet here. Dis. of Seetha Narayanan. Their saariram is bold and clear. Singing in one voice.  
Selection of the songs were good. Papanasam Sivan’s Abohi Varnam, Muthaiya Bhagavatha’s Gam Ganapathe (Hamsadwani), Thiyagaraja’s Anurakamule (Saraswathi)  all rendered very nicely. Akilandesari’s Simhendra Madhymam alapana was very short, but Deekshider’s Kamakshi kriti was very nice. Savitha’s main Shankarabharanam was good. After a short alapana they rendered Shyama Sastri’s Saroja Dhalanethri with compact niraval and swarams. They sang the thukkadas Kandanal and Kaapi thirupugaz  very well 
Violinist S. Bhooma and Mridangist P.V. Srivatsa gave a very good support.
At 7.15 PM. From the school of Suguna Varadhachari , vocalist S. Adithya Narayanan gave an excellent concert at VDS. His manodharma and all round knowledge is high at 11. His Saariram is very good. Patantharam isalso very good..
Started with Sahana Varnam and followed by Varasiddhi Vinayaka (Kanada) and Sri Sankara guru varam ( Nageswarawali) all rendered nicely. Sub-main  Lathangi- alapana was good. Kriti Papanasam Sivan’s Venkataraman was sung  nicely with niraval and swarams. Main Kamboji was fine. After a neat alapana he rendered Everimata kriti with ragalakshana.  Thukkadas Maname Kanamum in Bheemplas, Balamurali’s Brindavani Thillana and thirupukaz were fine.

Violinist K.P. Haricharan and Mridangist V. Prashanth gave a fine support.

On 16th January 2009 (Friday) at 6.00 PM. A fine and very good Key-Board recital by S. Praveen for VDS. Tonal quality of the instrument was fine. His Patantharam, sruthi, layam were good. Gurus P.B. Srirangachari and Patahamadai Mani Sundaram have trained him very well.
His sub-main Patanam Subramani Iyer’s Marivere in Lathangi was good. After a neat alapana he played the kriti nicely. Main Papanasam Sivan’s Srivalli Devasenapathe in Nata Bhairavi was good. alapana was fine niraval and kalpanaswarams were neat. 
K.J. Dillep (Violin) and G. Kirthivasan (Mridangam) and Sri Sainath (Gatam) gave a very good support to Praveen.

At 7..15 PM. V. Deekshita gave an excellent vocal concert here. A student of  Raji Gopalakrishnan and Shanthi Jayaram. She also learnt some rare kritis from Prof. T.R. Subramaniam. Deekshita’s voice is sweet, soft and versatile especially in the higher octave. Her over all knowledge is high with fine rendering of kritis.
A good opening of Mayamala Gowla Varnam, she did Varanamukava (Hamsadwani), Vijayambike (Vijyanagari) nicely. Her sub-main Charukesi alapana was very good. Kriti Adamodi was fine. Niraval was o.k. Kalpanaswaram was too-long. Her main Thodi was the master-piece of to-days concert. Alapana has nice pidis. Kriti Kadanuvariki was fine with compact niraval and kalpana swarams. Lone thillana in Desh also fine.

Violinist K.J. Dileep and Mridangist G. Kirthivasan gave fine support to Deekshita

On 04th January 2009 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM. V. Rukmini’s Excellent vocal concert was marked by fine rendering of kritis with bold & sweet voice. Grand daughter of famous Therazhandhur sisters Maduram Srinivasan. Dis. of Lakshmi Krishnaswami.
Started with Pandhuvarali Varnam, followed by Sri Maha Ganapathim (Atana)  she sang Deekshider’s Neerajakshi (Hindolam) kriti nicely. Alapana was o.k., In mohana kalyani ( Bhuvaneswariya ) she rendered fine kalpana swarams. Her main Karaharapriya alapana, niraval and swaram were fine for kriti Chakaniraja.

Manoj Krishnan (Violin) and Naveen Basavahalli (Mridangam; of US) gave a very good support to Rukmini.

At 7.15 PM. That was yet another and 6th excellent vocal performance by R. Kavya. She is our regular artist and this is her ninth concert for VDS. Singing and growing along with VDS since from 2000 and when she was just 10 year old child artist. Now she has improved in all departments and fine rendering with her matured voice.
Learning under the tutelage of  Mrs. Mahalakshmi Natarajan and she also learnt from veteran Sangeetha Vidwan Sri S. Rajam with fine patantharam.
Narayana Gowla (Veenai Kuppaiyer) Varnam, Gajananayutham (Chakaravaham; 
M. Deekshitar), Thiyagarajar’s Rama Bakthi in Sutha Bangala and Nannubrova Radha (Janaranjani; Shyama Sastry) all rendered very nicely. Her sub-main in Saraswathi with fine rendition of alapana she sang the kriti Harihara nicely with well knit niraval and swarams. Main Natakapriya for kriti Idhisamayamu of Mysore Vasudevachariar was rendered with perfect Alapana, niraval and kalpana swarams.. Her Naadhasugam in Kanthamani and Poorvikalyani Thirupughaz was also good.
Lalgudi style of H.U. Raghuram (Violinis) and Poongulam style of  Srivanchiam Sriram (Mridangam) gave a fine and excellent support to Kavya for her yet another mile stone.

On 03rd January 2009 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM. Vandana Krishnamurthy gave a fine and very good vocal concert for VDS. Her voice is fine, bold & clear. Singing the kritis with ragalakshana. Guru Meera Kedarnath has trained her very well.
Selection of the songs was fine from various composers. After nice rendering of Vanajakshi (Kalyani), Arulpurivai (Hamsadwani), Chidambara Natarajan (Kedaram), Kamalpthakula (Brindavana Saranga), her Poorvikalyani (sub-main) alapana and swaram were perfect. Kriti Gnyanamo Saharadha was fine. Main Kamboji alapana was short but good and neat rendering of kriti Elara Krishna with fine muthaippu swarams. She sang the thukkadas Maiye Me nahi makhan khayo (Siva Ranjani) and Thulsidas Yaman Kalyani bajan nicely.
K.P. Haricharan (Violin) and K.H. Vineeth (Mridangam) gave a very good support to Vandana.

7.15 PM.. G. Rajaganapathy’s excellent  vocal concert was marked by fine rendering of the kritis with ragalakshana. Guru B. Uma Shankar has trained him very well.
Veenai Kuppaiyer’s Begada Varnam, Sri. Chowdaiya’s Prasanna Ganapathe (Bahudhari) Sri Thiagarajar’s Evarunna Rooprova (Maalava Sri), Sri Shyama Sastry’s Devi Brova Samayamidhe (Chindamani), Muthuswami Deekshidar’s Pranadharthi Haraya (Saamandha) rendered  nicely.
It is very difficult to handle ragas like Varaali and Thodi both were gana ragas and at just 10 year old Rajaganapathy handled them very nicely.Sub-main Varaali alapana and swaram were perfect. Kriti Mahakali a composition of his guru B. Uma Shankar was very nice. Main Thodi, OOthukadu Venkatakavi’s Venugana Ramana alapana had nice pidis with fine rendition of niraval and kalpana swarams. He sang the thukkadas Mysore Vasudevachariar’s Paahi Krishna in Behag, Maharaja Swathi thirunals Salaye kunjanu in Brindavan Saaranga, Meerabhai’s Pasumere nainu ( Madhuvandhi) very well.. Sri. P.B. Sri Rangachari’s composition of Shyama Sundar in Aahir Bhairavi was rendered so beautifully. Bagesri Thillana, Andal Thirupaavai in suruti and Arunachala kavirayar’s Shobanam were very good.
We must appreciate and congratulate his guru B. Uma Shankar for having trained this little boy very well at 10.
K. J. Dileep’s reply in Violin and V. Gowrishankar’s thani in Mridangam everything was  fine for the concert. 

Sri. P.B. Sri Rangachari Chief guest of the function appreciated all the budding artists and blessed them.

On 02nd January 2009 (Friday) at 6.00 PM. Nakita Raghunath from New Jersy performed her  excellent maiden vocal concert for VDS. Her voice is fine, sweet and clear especially in the higher octave. Her patantharam is very good, guru Ashwin Bogendra has trained her very well.
Her sub-main Mayamalagowla, alapana was fine with nice pidis and she rendered the kriti Meru sama with ragalakshana. Main Kalyani alapana, kriti Pankaja Lochana, niraval and kalpanaswarams were rendered nicely.  Lalgudi’s Bagesri thillana was also fine.  
Shraddha Ravindran (Violin) and U.S. based Naveen Basavahalli (Mridangam) gave a very good support to Nakita.

At 7.15 PM. Abbhinav Muralidharan gave his 4th consistent excellent Key- Board concert for VDS. He is our regular artist. Giving concerts from 2005.  At 15 his confidence and over all knowledge is high. Tonal quality of the instrument is fine. Selection of the songs were fine from different vaageyakaras. Guru Veenai Parthasarathy  has trained him very well.
His Kanada Varnam, Paranamamyaham in Gowlai, Sree Jalamdara in Gambhira Naatai, Marivere in Aanandha Bhairavi, Manavyalakim in Nalinakanthi all of them were rendered very nicely. His main RTP in Karaharapriya alapana was crisp and fine, Tanam and pallavi was also fine. He put the khanda Jathi thirubuta thaalam a difficult one in the left hand and handling the instrument in right, it shows his sensible knowledge and deep involvement. His Mohana Kalyani thillana was attractive.

H.U. Raghuram (Violin) and V. Prashanth (Mridangam) gave a fine support.