VDS Arts Academy - Arts wings of Muthukrishnan Memorial Club
Review ( Month of Feb 2011)

On 20th February 2011 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM. Subheeksha Raviganesh dance performace was excellent at VDS.  She is a versatile dancer, quite confident and also a talented dancer. Good at foot-work and limb movements. Bhava is o.k. as she is a14 year child artiste. She has been very well trained by Guru Kala Acharya Sironmani Roja Kannan.

Thodaya mangalam itself a difficult & intricate item which she did it easily.  Dhanyasi varnam; nee intha mayam was fine and Subheeksha answered the jathis neatly. Sri Ramachandra, Thulsidas bhajan was fine. Both music and dance excelled each other. In fact she learns vocal music also which will help in her dance. We saw her lip movements through out her performance; it proves her involvement in dance.

Vocal and instrumental was very supportive to the dancer. Nandini Anand (Vocal), Venkat Subramanian (mridangam) and T.K. Padmanabhan (Violin).

Padma Sri Awardee Adyar Sri. K. Lakshman, dance exponent, chief guest of the programme blessed the young dancer.

On 18th February 2011 (Friday) at 6.30 PM. Srividya Muthukumar performed her very good dance at VDS. This is her maiden performance. Her limb movements were good. Bhava also good. Foot work also good. She has been trained well by guru R. Vijaymadhavan.

Master piece of the programme is Sriramachandra krupalu; a composition of Thulsidas in yaman kalyani was fine piece. Both music and dance were excellent. Tanjore quartets Sri Raja rajeswari kriti was rather slower for the dancer. She did the Naatai kurinji varnam well. She answered the jathis very well and she bent to the possible extent. Her bhava was good in chinna chinna padam.

Both Vocal as well as instrumental was excellent & very supportive to the dancer Sri Vidya. It is said for a good dance programme, must taken credit 50% credit for success. Vocal by VAA top ten prize winner A. Narayanan was at his best in singing to-day. Mayuram J. Shankar (mridangam), Sikamani (Violin), Pathanjali (Flute).

Mr. Kalyana Krishnan, chief guest of the programme blessed the dancer.

On 13th February 2011 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM. M.P. Savitha and M.P. Akilandes -wari presented their 5th vocal concert at VDS. They have improved in areas like rendering kritis, swarams and singing in one voice. Good effort by guru Seetha Narayanan. 

Sri Ranjani alapana by Savitha though short was good. They rendered the kriti brocheva very well. Swarams also good. Main shanmugapriya – alapana by Akilandeswari was very good. They rendered the kriti anupama gunamputhi well, should be in slower speed. Niraval and swaram were very good. The sisters sang the thukkadas melodiously and neatly. Aberi was fine.

V. Shreyas on violin and S. Siva Subramanian on mridangam gave a good support

At 7.15 PM. R. Kavya an all rounder in fine arts; vocalist, bharthanatyam dancer and excellent veena artiste besides being doing her professional engineering.To-day her excellent veena concert was marked by melodious alapanas & fine rendition of krtis. Her fingering is fine. Over all knowledge is very good. Guru S. Srinivasan trained her very well.

Selections of the songs for the concert was good – it had variety. She played Thulasi bilva in kedaragowla neatly. Alapana and swaram were good to listen in kalyani for pankaja lochana. Main mohanam; she played ragam, thanam, keerthanam Thiruvarur Ramasami Pillais Jagadeeswari well. Kalpanaswarm was good.

G. Karthik on mridangam gave fine support.

On 06th February 2011 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM. M. Ayshwarya presented her very good dance at VDS. The little girl at 12 is quite confident and agile. Foot work is good. She has been well trained by her guru Himaja Ramsharan.

She answered the jathis of the varnam Devar Munivar in ragam shanmugapriya neatly. Enna thavam seidhanai was fine. The kaavadi dance was brisk and energetic. Natural bhava, of course comes with age.

Latah Ramchand (Vocal), Thanjai A. Chandrasekar (Mridangam), Sikkil Balu (Violin) and P.V. Raman (Flute) have rendered their very good support to Ayshwarya.            

Dance Exponent Sri. J. Suryanarayana murthy, chief guest of the programme blessed the young dancer.

On 05th February 2011 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM. K. Adhi Shree performed a very good dance at VDS. This is her maiden performance. She is just 12. But she danced from Start to finish with out sharing glimpse & fatigue. The selections of the items was fine, tough and a full fledged programme. She has been trained well by guru Kalacharya Sironmani Lakshmi Ramaswami. We thank the large number of audiences for encouraging the little artiste.

The varnam; mara selvam in ragam sunnada vinodini, a composition of Dr. S. Raghuraman, was a tough one studded with lot of episodes changing swiftly. She did it well. She answered the jathis also neatly. There is scope of improvement in bhava; of course she will learn it as grows up. Her dance for Aanandha koothadinar was good. Her limb movements for thillana were fine.

Vocal by Vanathy Raghuraman, Veda Krishnan (Mridangam), Vijayaraghavan (Violin) and Devarajan (Flute) have rendered their fine support to Aadhi Shree. Especially thirupavai where music and dance were very enjoyable.

Mr. Jayachandran of Kalakshetra, chief guest of the programme blessed the dancer.