VDS Arts Academy - Arts wings of Muthukrishnan Memorial Club
Reviews - February 2010

On 20th February 2010 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM. B. Ajitha did her fine and very good dance performance and this is her maiden solo-performance. At 11 she is very confident and dancing with full involvement that is very important. Selections of the items were less but each and every item was rather long time duration. She did it very well. Guru Chitra Subramani has trained this little girl very well.
Pushpanjali in naatai ragam was very good. Her dance was fine in KND Pillai’s Velanai Varasoladi, bhairavi varnam. She enacted different posses very well as lord Subramania in the varnam and as lord Vishnu in KND’s Dhasavaratharam. Her abhinaya was very good in both the items. Kaapi Thillana was also very good. Snake dance in ragam punnagavarali was really super and she attracted the audience very well by her fine limb movements.

Anuja Rajasimhan on vocal, mridangam by Tanjai A. Natarajan, Sadagopan on violin have rendered their good support. A large number of audiences enjoyed, encouraged and motivated the little dancer very well by their claps for each and every item.

Mrs. Priya Deekshit a Bharathanatyam dancer, chief guests of the programme blessed Ajitha.

On 19th February 2010 (Friday) at 6.30 PM. K. Padmashree has performed a fine and very good dance recital. She is the disciple of Ranganayaki Jayaraman. She is lean, tall and flexible; her foot-work was brisk and fine. She is confident and dancing with full involvement.  
Padmashree’s sanchari bhava was fine in varnam Kanna Karmega vanna in ragam simhendra madhymam. She exhibited her talent thru abhinaya in various episodes of lord Krishna’s bio-graphy in the varnam. Limb movements were elegant. Shiva koothu a Padam in ragam Shiva Sakthi, she did it with her fine and elegant foot work and it was the master piece of the programme. She enacted Sri chakra raja padam very well with her fine face expression.
We must congratulate the musicians department. Radha Badri on vocal with her fine and melody of voice, mridangam by Nellai D. Kannan on his usual elegant and diligent style, Kalaiarasan on violin and A. N. Bhagyalakshmi on Flute have rendered their fine support.

A large number of gatherings appreciated and blessed the young dancer. Dance use Kalaimamani Smt. Sre Kala Bharath, chief guest of the programme blessed Padmashree.

On 14th February 2010 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM. V. Rukmini born in a musical family her grand mothers Madhuram Srinivasn and Kamala Venkatraman were popularly known as Therezhundur Sisters. Her mother also a vocalist and she is also niece of famous Ragam Sisters. Rukmini also learning music from Lakshmi Krishnaswami.

This was excellent concert. Rukmini’s voice is sweet, fine, bold and clear. Patantharam also very good and she has been very well trained by her gurus. Her chakravaham alapana and swarams were compact for kriti urugadha. Niraval and kalpanaswaram has some nice pidis in mohana ragam for kriti Rajagopalam. Deekshidar’s Bruhan nayaki (Andhali) and Unakkum enakkum (Thiruarutpaa) were sung beautifully.

V. Supraja on Violin and R. Akshayram on Mridangam gave a very good support to Rukmini.

At 7.15 PM. S. Sindhuja has performed excellent vocal concert for VDS. At just 13 she is singing with confidence and open voice. Her voice is sweet, fine and bold. She has been very well trained by her guru Kamala Venkatraman (Therezhundur Sisters).

Her naataikurunji varnam was best opening. Both bilahari and maayamala gowla alapanas were rendered short but neat. Kalpanaswaram for kriti indha kanna was rendered nicely. Niraval and muthaippu swarams were fine for kriti Thulasi dhala. She sang the thukkadas beautifully.

Chief guest Smt. Lalitha Subramanian a Carnatic Musician, teacher and critic in a popular news paper for music blessed the budding artists.

T. V. Sukanya on violin and R. Santhoshram on mridangam gave a very good support to Sindhuja.

On 13th February 2010 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM. Ananya Muralidharan has performed an excellent vocal performance for VDS. This is her maiden performance. A child prodigy have very good musical knowledge and manodharma also good at 10. Presently she is learning under the tutelage of Vijayalakshmi Sivakumar and Padama Sandilyan. Her selections of the songs were fine from different composers. Both the gurus have trained her very well.

Ananya’s Kalyani alapana was fine for kriti Eisha Pahimam. Swaram kalpana also very good. Main bhairavi alapana was short but neat. She sang the kriti Devi jagadheeswari nicely. She sang the thukkadas beautifully. Misramand thillana was super.

Shraddha (Violin) and B. Saishankar gave a very good support to Ananya.

At 7.15 PM. P.Preethi is our regular artist and this is her 5th performance for VDS. She is learning vocal from Padma Sandilyan. Her concert was marked by excellent. Her voice is fine, soft and melody. Over all knowledge is good and having lot of interest. Selections of the songs for the concert was fine and from all the major composers.

She showed variety in niraval and kalpana swarams for kriti hariennu in ragam karaharapriya. Both the alapanas karaharapriya and kalyani were neat and perfect. Pallavi Gopala Iyer’s needhucharana pankajamula has sung very nicely. She sang the thukkadas including Sindhu Bhairavi thillana very nicely and melodiously.

Shraddha (Violin) and V. Gowrishankar (mridangam) gave fine support to Preethi.

On 07th February 2010 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM. That was excellent dance recital by S. Ranjani Iyer a student of Sikkil Vasanthakumari for VDS. She has fine features for a dancer slim, tall, agile and flexible limb movements. She is confident and dancing with full involvement.   
Ranjani’s abhinaya was fine in thisra alarippu. Nrittam was fine in Traditional Jatheeswaram. Her bhava was very good in Nattaikurinji varnam swami naan undhan adimai. Sanchari bhava was fine in Kannan kuzhalosai, a padam in thilang. Foot-work was brisk and elegant in Paras thillana.

Sudhev on vocal, mridangam by Baba Prasad, Vijaya Raghavan on violin and co-nattuvangam by Rajan have rendered their fine support.

Mr. R. Vijaymadhavan and Valasai Mr. K. Jayaraman, Secretary of Goh shala, chief guests of the programme blessed Ranjani