VDS Arts Academy - Arts wings of Muthukrishnan Memorial Club
Reviews - February 2009

On 15th February 2009 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM. Dancer Purnima Balasubramaniam,s  performance was appreciated and well encouraged by a large number of audience. Learning under the tutelage of Lakshmi Ramaswami ( school of Chitra Visweswaran ), who trained the dancer very well with fine foot-work, easy limb movements with fine bhava..
Purnima did the Periasami Thooran’s Bhairavi varnam well and answered the jathis neatly. Her padam Mysore Linga raja’s Sringara lahari was good. Ammanai; a rare padam  composed by Pillai perumal Iyengar from Thiruvaranga Kalambagam was unique and very intresting especially in the konangi attam. She concluded with Deekshidar’s Amirthavarshini keerthanai.
Hari Prasad’s vocal, Veda Krishnan’s mridangam and Kalaiarasan’s violin support was fine and melodious.

Chief guest Mrs. Kala Ramesh Rao a dancer and committee member of The Music Academy blessed Purnima.

On 14th February 2009 (Saturday) at 6.30  A student of guru Meenakshi Chitharanjan (who received the Best Guru award for dance from VDS in 2008) Pavithra Ramachandran gave a very good dance performance.

Selection of the items were compact and good. Traditional Pushpanajali, Tanjore quartet’s Natesa kowthuvam (Hamsadwani), and  jatheeswaram in Saveri every thing was good. She did the varnam well'answering the jathis neatly.. Her abhinaya was good in padam adhuvum solluval (sourashtram), Asiandhadum mayil (Simendramadhymam) .
Music was  fine, vocal by Nandini Anand, Mridangam by Sakthivel and Violin by Kalaiarasan-all rendered r fine support to Pavithra.
Chief guest of the evening - dancer, choreographer and critic Dr. Nandini Ramani  who blessed the youngster, appreciated  guru Meenakshi and VDS Arts for rendering  dedicated service for this art.

On 01st February 2009 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM. R. Nandhini performinng for third time for VDS  gave a very good vocal performance. Her voice is sweet, soft and melodious. Born in a musical family. Mother Uma Ramachandran a vocalist, her uncle Narasimhan a gatam artist and her grand father Narayanaswami Iyer also a veteran vidwan.  .Guru Geetha Rajashekar, has trained Nandini very well. 

Her Swadhi Thirunal Maharaja’s Chalamela varnam was good. She did Arulpurivai (Hamsadwani), Nannu vidachi (Reedhi gowla) and Thelisi Rama (Poorna chandrika) nicely. Her main Simendramdhimam alapana was good, she rendered Rama Rama kriti nicely. Her niraval and kalpanswarams were well prepared. She sang the thukkadas Bhavayami (Yaman Kalyani), Sollavallayo (Desh) and Madhuvanthi Thillana very nicely with her fine voice.
B. Sudha (Violin) and V. Vignesh (mridangam)gave a good support to Nandini.

At 7..15 PM. V. Venkatanagarajan rendered his 3rd consecutive  excellent vocal concert. His Manodharma and over all knowledge is high. His saariram is fine, bold and having a good range. Patantharam is fine. Guru Ambujam Vedantham (Trichy) has trained him verywell.
Selection of the songs was fine, from different vaageyakaras. Some of them rare kritis. His concert included Thiruvetriyur Thiagaiyer’s Sahana Varnam, Neelakanda Sivan’s Siddhi Arul in Nattai, Deekshider’s Senapathe in Bandhuvarali all of them rendered nicely.... His sub-main Undedhi namudu in Harikambodhi:- after a neat rendering of alapana he sang the kriti, niraval and swarams very well. Main Thiagarajar’s Kaligiyunde katha in Keeravani :-alapana had nice pidis with well knit niraval and swarams. He also sang the Jawali in Behag and Vallalar thiru arutpaa nicely.

R. Shyam (Violin) and R. Srinivas (Mridangam)  gave fine support to Vankat.