VDS Arts Academy - Arts wings of Muthukrishnan Memorial Club

On 2nd February 2008 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM. R.Madhurika dis. of Madhumathi Prakash gave an Excellent and elegant dance performance for VDS. This is her second programme @ VDS. She has improved in all departments especially in bhava. She has ideal features of a dancer, flexible and agile body, elegant movement of limbs and excellent foot work & expressive eyes. Full credit goes to guru Madhumathi Prakash for having trained Madhurika very well @ 14.

Selection of items for the programme was very good with variety. The raagamaalika varnam composition of P.R.Venkatsubramanian (key-board artist) gave much scope for bhava also which Madhurika executed well. She also answered the intricate jathis of the varnam well. Her abhinaya for Ananada Natanam was good. Both music & dance were fine for Ambujam Krishna’s Om Namoma Narayana. Both the costumes were fine and matched the dancer well. It was a full fledged programme for the little dancer and she did it with great enthusiasm & zeal from start to finish.

We had a very nice orchestra to-day with a fine vocal by Shanthi Jayaraman, Mridanagam by Suresh, Key-Board by P.R.Venkatsubramanian and flute by Srinivasan. They gave fine support to the dancer.

Madhurika was blessed by Chief guests Mrs. Meena Suresh (Principal) & Mrs. Viola Jagannath (Vice-Principal) of Bala Lok Matriculation Sr.Sec.School.


On 3rd February 2008 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM. R.Dhivya Lakshmi a student of Binesh Mahadevan gave a very good dance performance for VDS. She is lean, agile with a flexible body and limb movements are good, foot-work is o.k., she has a pleasant face. She has been trained well by her guru Binesh Mahadevan.

She did Simhendra Madhymam (Kanna Kaarmega Vanna) varnam well, eneacting many episodes neatly. She answered the jathis well. There was not much scope for bhava in the padhams. Her brisk foot-work was good in the thillana. The items except varnam were very light.

Today’s music both vocal and instrumental was very good and supportive to the dancer.  Vocal support of Chitrambari Krishnakumar, Mridangam by Viswanathan and flute by Pathanjali.

Dhivya lakshmi was blessed by the chief guests of the evening Mrs. Indu Jayanthi Varma (Bharathanatyam Exponent) & Mrs. Malathy Balakrishnan (Principal, Sri Sankara Vidyalaya, Pammal).


On 09th February 2008 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM. Krithika Muralidharan gave a very good maiden vocal concert for VDS. Her voice is good, bold & clear. It has a good range also. Patanthram is also good. Well trained by her guru Booshani Kalyanaraman . She is quite confident.

Her poorvikalyani was good. After a short alapana, she rendered the kriti Thiagarajar’s Gyanamo well – but very fast. Main Shankarabaranam a shyama sastry’s Saroja Dala Netri was good. Though the alapana was soso, she rendered the kriti & kalpanaswaram well. She can improve her alapana by listening to more concerts. Lone thukkada Venkata Chala Nilayam was sang melodiously.

Accompanists K.P.Haricharan on Violin and G.Kirthivasan on Mridangam gave a good support to Krithika.

Saranya was fortunate to have personal blessings from stalwarts like Mrs. Radha, Madurai Mr. R.Muralidharan, chief guests of the evening.

At 7.15 PM. Ramya Kannan, dis. of  Sugantha Kalamegam gave a fine and very good vocal concert. She is our regular artist and this is her 4th performance for VDS. Her voice is soft & versatile. Area of strength is over all-knowledge & rendering the kritis. Patanthram is very good. But to-day she has some throat problem.

Her Annamacharya’s Deva Devam (Hindolam) was good. Kapali in Mohanam was fine. Main thodi was sung well . Alapana though short was good. She rendered the kriti Sri Krishnam very well. Kalpana swaram was good. She sang the thukkadas Jaya Jaya Devi (Valaji) and Kamala Nayana (Raagamalika) & thillana in surutti well. Especially Valaji kriti was melodiously rendered.

Accompanists K.P.Nandini (Violin) & R.Charan (Mridnagm) gave very good support to Ramya. Over all it was a nice concert.

On 10th February 2008 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM. Rakesh Lakshmanan dis. of  B.V.Bala Sai, rendered a very good Flute concert. Tonal quality of flute was good. He played all the kritis fairly well. Patantharam was very good.  

He played Kalyani Varnam, Maamavasadha in kaanada well. Main Keeravani was good but alapana was in bits, not coherent. Kalpanaswaram was good, though he slipped eduppus at times. It will be better if he uses more gamakaas while playing – it is rather plain. He has to listen to more senior musicians concert to improve. He played Nagumomu and Chinnanchiru kiliye well.

Violinist M.Sukanya and Mridangist K.R.Narayen gave a good support to Rakesh.

At 7.15 PM  That was a promotional concert from one hour to one and half hours for non-other than the violinist  K.P.Nandini in VDS. She proved worthy of promotion by her excellent vocal concert to-day. Though she is basically violinist, her vocal rendition is also good – having gained knowledge by accompaniying so many artists on the violin. Her knowledge is high at 17. Her voice is good, soft and clear, Kalpanaswaram was perfect and had variety. She sang all the kritis well. Paadandram is very good, mother-cum guru Uma Prabhakar (One of the famous Mayavaram Sisters) has trained her very well.

Sri Ranjani was good. She sang the main varrali, after a neat alapana, sang the kriti etti janmamu well. She is very soft both in alapana & kriti. A sort of weight and modulation will have better effect in her vocal singing. She sang the thukkadas Janaki Ramana (Kaapi), Puviyor (behag) and Maandu thillana nicely. Selection of the songs was good and had variety.  

K.P.Haricharan gave a submissive brother’s support on violin. Thalaignairu S.Harishkumar and V.Prashanth provided a fine percussion support.

On 15th February 2008 (Friday) at 6.30 PM. Mahalakshmi S.Bhardwaj dis. Of  Kousalya Srinivasan gave a fine & very good dance performance for VDS. This is her third programme @ VDS. She has good features, lean with good foot work & limb movements. Much improvement is found in her bhava.

She did `Jagadananda’ pancharathna kriti very well. She also answered the jathis neatly. There was much scope of bhava also in it. Both vocal music and abhinaya for Chinna Chinna padham vaitthu were fine. In Ninnayako – the episodes of  Prahalada & Dhroupathi were enacted very well as Sanchari Bhava. Fine training by guru Kousalya Srinivasan was evident in her dance.

The costumes were fine and suited the dancer well. Genarally the items were rather light.  

Both Vocal by Murali Parthasarathy and instruments, Mridanagam by Vijay Raghavan, Violin by Muruganandam and flute by Ramesh were good and supportive to the dancer.

Kalaimamani Mrs. Parvathi Ravi Gandasala, the chief guest of the evening programme blessed Mahalakshmi.

On 16th February 2008 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM. Kaavya S.Kumar dis. of  Pandanallur S.Pandian gave an Excellent maiden dance performance for VDS. Her performance was marked by good foot work, elegant and perfect limb movements and fine bhava. She has a flexible body.

She did the varnam well. She answered the jathis perfectly. Guru Pandanallur S.Pandian has trained this little dancer very well at 13. Her abhinaya for Vadavanaya Mathachi (padam) was fine. She is able to show maturity in bhava quite above her age. Her action in Adhuvum Solluval (padam) was super in all respects.

The selection of items was good and full-fledged & suited the girl Kaavya.
The costumes were fine & suited the girl well. The music both vocal & instrumental was of high order and very supportive to the dancer.

A fine vocal by V.Venugopal, Mridanagam by Viswanatahan, Violin by M.S.Kannan and flute by Natarajan.

Kaavya was blessed by Chief guest Mr. Shiv Shankar (Bharathanatyam Dancer) and Mrs. Jaya Bharathi ( Dancer & Film personality).

On 17th February 2008 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM. Harini Venkataraman a student of Pandanallur S.Pandian gave a fine & very good dance performance for VDS. She looks like a sincere and dedicated artiste. She has a flexible body, easy & neat movements of limbs and very good foot-work. Guru Pandian has trained her very well.

Harini did the rather and lengthy varnam well and answered the intricate jathis neatly. The Raggamalika padham Vadavarai; the episodes were enacted well. The items except varnam were very light.

Today’s music both vocal and instrumental was very good and supportive to the dancer.  Vocal support of Girisi Kumar, Mridangam by Viswanathan and flute by Srinivasan.

Kum. Shylaja (Bharathanatyam Exponent) chief guest of the evening blessed Harini.

On 22nd February 2008 (Friday) at 6.00 PM. R.Neharika & R.Krithika dis. Of  Dr.Subhashini Parthasarathy gave a very good maiden vocal duet concert for VDS. We are very happy to have a large number of audience gathered hereand blessed Neharika & Krithika.
Their voice is good, soft & clear – They sing in one voice. They rendered the krithis fairly well. Guru Dr.Subhashini Parthasarathy and earlier guru Akila Siva have trained them very well.

They sang Deva Deva in Mayamala Goula well. Main Lathangi was good. The alapana, though in bits was o.k. They rendered the krithi and kalpanaswaram very well. They should give more weight and pep for better effect. They sang the only thukkada Pullai Piravi (Senchuruti) nicely and melodiously.

Accompanists K.P.Haricharan on Violin and R.Srinivas on Mridangam gave a good support to Neharika & Krithika.

They were fortunate to have the blessings of Sri. C.N.Prasad, President of M/s. Sundaram Clyton Limited, Chief Guest of the evening.

At 7.15 PM. N.Jayakrishnan dis. of  Ajai Namboodri gave an Excellent vocal concert. He is our regular artist and this is his 2nd & Ist Promotional to one and half hour Concert. He justified his promotion by an excellent concert which was marked by a good manodharma and all-round knowledge. Guru Ajai Namboodri has trained him very well.

Both Kalyanai (sub-main) & Thodi (main) were fine. He did many innovative pidis in the alapana. But due to over-ambition, the lengthy and nice pidis stood apart and did not form coherent alapana. His kalpanaswaram was very good with variety. A fast kriti in between kalyani & thodi would have given a pep to the concert.
Accompanists K.P.Haricharan (Violin) & R.Sanathkumar (Mridnagm) gave very good support to Jayakrishnan.

On 24rd February 2008 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM. That was an excellent concert on Key-Board by little master R.Shyam. Tonal quality of the instrument was fine. He is a regular violinist for VDS and used his experience and knowledge aptly in this instrument also. He played the key-board effortlessly and easily. It seems he has a good practice.

He was able to play Gowla raagam perfectly with proper anuswaram and kaarvais. His confidence is high at 11. Main Kalyani was fine. After a neat alapana, he played the kriti Ethavunara well. In kalpanaswaram he played with gamakaas and plainly also. It was in contrast. His paatantharam is very good. Guru Alathur G.Nagarajan (veteran flautist) has trained him very well.

Mridangist R.Akshyaram and Gatam artist little S.Krishna gave a good support.

At 7.15 PM – K.Lakshmi dis. of  Padma Chandilyan & Dr.Manjula Sriram gave an excellent vocal concert for VDS. Her all-round knowledge is very good. Voice is fine, clear, sweet and  easy flowingear . Paatantharam is very good. Gurus have trained her very well.

Varasiddhi Vinayakam (Naatai), Sharade (Devagandhari) were good. She sang the sub-main Dhanyasi well. After a neat alapana, she sang the kriti Ramabhi Rama well. Main Kalyani was fine. The alapana was good with innovative pidis. She sang the krithi well. Kalpanaswaram was o.k., The best portion of  to-day’s concert was the virutham in kambodhi & Brindavanasaranga, sung with raagalakshana. She sang the
thukkada Nainanu mein siyaram (Lalith) and Lalgudi’s Mand thillana melodiously with
full involvement.

S.Karthick’s (Violin) essay of  kalyani was soothing. The thani avarthanam by V.Gowrishankar (Mridangam) & S.Sri Sainath (Gatam)  was enterprising.

On 29th February 2008 (Friday) at 6.30 PM. R.Sneha dis.of  Sasirekha Rammohan gave a very good & enjoyable dance performance for VDS. At 12 she is very confident, sure. Her features are good, she has flexible body and her limb movements are elegant and her foot work is neat.

Started with Kolagala Narathana Ganapathim in Hamsadwani, followed by alarippu, jathiswaram, sabdham. All items performed by Sneha with adequate bhava. But she did Papanasam Sivan’s Nattai kurrunji varnam very well with very good sancharibhava. She did all items with keen intrest and involvement.

Selection of the items were fine. It was a full fledged programme for the little girl, duly simplified. The credit goes to her guru Sasirekha Rammohan for having training this little dancer.

Music was fine. Vocal by Sasidharan and instruments, Mridanagam by Sakthivel, Violin by Veeramani and flute by P.V.Ramanaa.

Bharathanatyam Exponent Mrs.Sheela Unnikrishnan, the chief guest of the  programme blessed Sneha.