VDS Arts Academy - Arts wings of Muthukrishnan Memorial Club
Review ( Month of December '12)

On 30th December 2012 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM; R. Priyanka's bharathanatyam performance was fine and very good at VDS. She ideal features for a dancer, tall, lean with long flexible limbs. Foot work is good. Guru Kalavathy has trained her very well.

She did the dhanyasi varnam nee indha mayam well, though the jathis were limited. Chinnanchiru kiliye was very good. Andal thiruppavai was fine. She did bhairavi thillana well.

Vocal by Padma, Mridangam by Balaji and violin by Sikkil Balu was very supportive to dancer.

On 29th December 2012 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM; VDS congratulates J. Vandana for an excellent bharathanatayam performance. A little girl at just 12 danced like a matured artiste. Her foot work and limb movements were fine. She has good sense of bhava

Full credit to senior guru J. Suryanarayanamurthi who has trained so well and the little student Vandana: who has grasped so much at this age.

In the shabdham, the valli episode was depicted well. Her foot work was perfect for the jathis of the varnam Velanai. It was amazing after the drilling jathis she did not show glimpse of fatique or tiredniess. She look like a child Krishna in Krishna nee begane vaaro.

Vocal by Koushik, Mridangam by Viswanathan, Violin by Sadagoban and flute by Sruthi Sagar was pleasing.

The dance exponent Madurai Sri R. Muralidharan, chief guest of the evening blessed the dancer.

On 28th December 2012 (Friday) at 6.30 PM; Madurya Srikrishnan presented her excellent bharathanatyam performance at VDS. She has been well trained by gurus Srilatah Vinod and Gathri Sashidharan with special care.

She did the lengthy varnam; simhavahini in ragam ranajni well, answered the jathis neatly, bhava is good and her limd movements were fine. The abhinaya for kuloodhi manamenlam was very expressive.

Vocal support by Sashidaran, Mridangam by Ramesh Babu and Violin by Hrijesh Gopalakrishnan was highlighted the programme.

On 23rd December 2012 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM; Janani Sreekanth from Mumbai has performed an excellent vocal concert at VDS. Her over all knowledge is quite above her age 12. She sang kritis well. Kalyani alapana was fine and very imaginative. Kriti unnai allal & swaram were rendered very well. Her guru Bombay Lakshmi Padmanabhan has trained this little girl very well.

The ragamalika was rendered neatly. Abhang was super. Voice was charming.

Janani was ably supported by Guru Raaghav (violin) and K. Madhavan (mridangam).


At 7.15 PM; Siri Sruthi Sarva is from Califirnia, presented a very good vocal concert for VDS. Her over all knowledge is good. Gurus Sangeetha Swaminathan and Delhi P. Sundararajan have trained her very well.

Seelections of the items for the concert was fine. Main mukhari was fine and in detail. Swaram was short but good for kriti enta ninne. Bantureethi in hamsanadham was also fine. Thillana in ragam gavati was sung very well.

Guru Praanesh (violin) and Varun Ramaswami (mridangam) gave a very good support to Sruthi.

On 08th December 2012 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM; M.S. Anantha Sree presented a fine and very good bharathanatyam recital at VDS. Her foot work and limb movements were good. Well trained by guru Kala Acharya Sironmani Roja Kannan.

They selection of the items for the programme was good and had variety. In fact Ananthasree is a all rounder singing, playing violin and dancing. She did the lengthy varnam; swami naan undan very well. Face expression for varugalamo kirtanam was apt. Chinnanchirukiliye was performed very well.

Vocal music was very expressive. Thanks to Radha Badri. Mridangam by Nellai D. Kannan & Violin by R. Kalaiarasan was very supportive to the young dancers.

On 09th December 2012 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM; V. Akshaya presented a very good bharathanatayam performance at VDS. She is ideal feature for a dancer; elegant limb movemens and has been very well trained by guru Binesh Mahadevan.

She did the varnam in ragamalika ganam isaithu was well. The episodes were enacted well.Thilang thillana was fine

Music by Chitrmbari krishnakumar was pleasing, Mridangam by Dhnanjayan & Veena by Balaji were very supportive to the dancer Akshaya..


On 02nd December 2012 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM. N. Sushmitha & P.N. Sri Niveda presented a very good vocal duet. They sings in one voice. Voice is fine and synchronizing well. They sings the kritis well and well trained by guru Akila Siva

Main karahara priya was sung well. Nambikettan was fine. They sang the thukkadas very well.alapana had good pidis. Kriti aanandhakoothadinar was sung very well.

Sandeep Ramachadran on the Violin and K. Madhavan on mridangam gave a very good support.

AT 7.15 P.M.: S.H. Raaghav a regular veena artiste and has performed his 6th concert at VDS. It shows his great involvement and dedication in this art

His handling the instrument was good. It is melodious with proper gamakas. He played all the kritis neatly.

Main malayamarutham was very good. Alapana though short had nice pidis. He played the kriti manasayetulo and kalpanaswaram well. He has been well trained by guru Kala Acharya Sirnmani Kamala Aswathama.

Thippirajapuram S. Hari gave fine support. Raaghav played the thukkadas nicely, especially ragamalika was very good.

On 01st December 2012 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM. V.V. Bharadwaj performed a very good vocal concert. This is his 4th concert at VDS. His voice is manly now. He sings kritis neatly. He has improved in alapana. His kalyani alapana was good. His gurus M.E. Subramanian and Seetharama Sharma have trained him very well.

Main sri ranjani kriti was sung well. Radhasamedha Krishna was sung very well. Violinist Padma Varsha & Mridangist T. Karthik gave a very good support to Bharadwaj..

At 7.15 PM. S. Srivathsan presented his yet another excellent vocal concert. This is his 7th concert at VDS. His gurus O.V. Subramanian and A.S. Murali have trained him very well.

Gowri Manohari alapana & kriti gurulekha was rendered well. Hamsanadham was fine. He did janaranjani alapana well with good and innovative pidis. Violinist M.Shrikanth's reply was equally good. Thanam and pallavi was nice. Kalpanaswarams had variety. T. Karthik on percussion gave a very good support.