VDS Arts Academy - Arts wings of Muthukrishnan Memorial Club
Review ( Month of December '11)

On 31st December 2011 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM. B. Bhavana performed a fine and very good dance at VDS. Guru Chitra Subramani trained this little girl very well. She is lean & agile and good limb movements.

Her bhava is o.k. and she will know about it as she grows up. She did the varnam; poorvikalyani swamiyai varasoladi very well and answering the jathis neatly. The dance for sankara jadadhara elegantly. The vocal and instrumental support for the item was fine.

She was blessed by a large number of audiences which has assembled to encourage the dancer. Vocal by Anuja Rajasimhan, Vadivel (Mridangam) and Sadagopan (Violin)

Mr. Anantha producer of tamil dramas at Houstan (USA) on the stage and US based tamil TV channels, chief guest of the programme blessed the little dancer.

On 25th December 2011 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM. Sruthi Srinivasan; the Mumbai girl gave her very good vocal concert at VDS. This is her maiden concert. At just 13 her over all knowledge is good. Voice is fine & clear. She sings kritis neatly. Learning this art form from Subhalakshmi Iyer of Chembur.

Selection of the songs had variety. Ponnaiah Pillai's Ranganathude (Sourashtram) was sung well. Kalyani was good. Of course she has to learn about alapana. There was short niraval and swaram. Shanmuka priya kriti was fine.

V. Supraja and K.R. Narayan gave a good support to Sruthi


At 7.15 PM. K. Prashanthi & S. Sruthi dis. of Rajalakshmi Srinivasan gave their very good vocal duet concert. This is their third concert. They have improved in rendering the kritis.

Their selections of the kritis were rare and different composers. They sang aprathamula in lathangi well. Swaram was good and in detail. They sang ganapathi yena palise (gambhiranaatai), sooryamoorthe (sourashtram), ramaprabha ( dharbar), raanidhi (manirangu) well.

V. Supraja on violin, S. Gomathishankar on Mridangam and S. Srisainath on gatam gave their very good support.

On 24th December 2011 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM. G. Rajagopalan presented his excellent vocal concert at VDS. His voice is bold and easy flow; has to use madulations. Gurus Seerkazhi Jayaraman (previous) & A. S. Murali (present) have trained him very well.

He sings the kritis neatly. Mooladhara moorthe sang well. Main shanmugapriya alapana was good, kriti parvathi nayakane very well with niraval and swaram. He sang the thukkadas very well.

Violin by Poorna Prajna and mridangam by T. Karthik gave a good support.

At 7.15 PM. S.Srivatsan is a regular in VDS this is being his 6th vocal concert. His over all knowledge is good. He renders kritis neatly. Selection of the songs had variety. Over all it was an excellent concert. Guru A.S. Murali's training was very good.

Sahana kriti was sung very well. Kalyani was good. Main kamboji alapana had nice pidis. Kriti maa janakai was sung very well. Kalpanaswaram had variety. Lone thukkada in desh was fine.

Poorna Prajna and Swamimalai S. Girish gave a very good support to Srivatsan.

Sangita Vidwan Madurai Sri. G.S. Mani chief guest of the concert blessed the young artistes.

On 23rd December 2011 (Friday) at 6.00 PM. Pooja Naarayan performed her fine & very good vocal concert at VDS. She is confident with fine, bold & clear voice. Selection of the songs had variety. Well trained by her guru Rajalakshmi Srinivasan.

Saaveri alapana was neat, rendered the kriti karunaya very well with kalpanaswaram. Main haimavathi was fine – alapana, niraval and swaram for the kriti Sri kanthimadhim. Large number of audiences gathered and encouraged the young artistes.

M.S. Ananthashree on the Violin and Vaibhav Raghavan on mridangam gave good support to Pooja.

At 7.15 PM. That was fine & very good vocal concert by Adithya Mohan. This is his 6th concert at VDS. He is learning this art form from Sethumadhavan and Ravikiran.

His concert was marked by good rendering of kritis and alapana. Mohana kalyani was sung very well. Main shankarabharanam was fine. He sang the kriti manaswadinamaina very well. Kalpanaswaram had variety. He finished with good rendering of shanmukapriya kriti.

Adithya Mohan was ably supported by Chitoor Vijayaraghavan on violin and Ammangudi Ramnarayanan on mridangam.

On 17th December 2011 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM. Swetha Varadarajan performed her very good bharathanatyam at VDS. She is lean & agile with nimble feet, flexible limbs and good footed. Guru Archana Mahesh trained her very well.

Swetha's bhava is good and she did the sanchari bhava very well in the Lalgudi's neelambari varnam. Her limb movements were elegant in Jayadevar ashtapathi.

Orchestra support was very good. Vocal by Dhivya Ramachandran, Mridangam by Veda Krishnan, Violin by Veeramanai and Flute by Srinivasan.

We must appreciate a large number of audiences gathered and blessed the dancer Vaidehi

Chief guest of the programme Smt. Sasirekha Rammohan the dance exponent has blessed the Swetha.