VDS Arts Academy - Arts wings of Muthukrishnan Memorial Club

On 1st December 2007 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM. V.Rukmini gave a fine maiden concert for VDS. Born in a musical family grand daughter and disciple of Madhuram Srinivasan,  also student of Lakshmi Krishnaswami daughter- in-law of Parur M.S.Anantharaman and spouse of Parur M.A.Krishnaswami the violin exponents.

Rukmini’s saariram is fine, bold, clear and versatile. Paatandhram is very good, sruthi and layam are o.k. and confidence is high @ 13.

She rendered suddha dhanyasi varnam, Rakshaganapathim in mohanam and Thelisi- ramachandra  rendered well. After a good alapana, she sang the kriti Venkatramana in lathangi, niraval and swaram well. Main Shankarabaranam (Saroja dalanethri) was sang well with a well knit alpana and swaram. But She did not do the muthaaipu swaram. She concluded the concert with a Thirupughaz.  

Violinist B.Sudha and Mridangist R.Siva Subramanian gave a good support to Rukmini.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------At 7.15 PM  G.Asihwarya dis. of Gayathri Shankar gave a good concert for VDS. HerVoice is fine, sweet & clear. Paatandraam is good . Started with Navaraga maliga varnam, gajananayutham, shobillu, gaanamurthe all kritis sang well. Sub-main Keeravani alapana was soso but swaram o.k. Main Kalyani for Nithichala sukama after a good and short alapana she rendered the kriti well. She sang thukkadas enthramathramu, parthasarathy well and sweetly including kamas thillana. Selection of the songs was very good from different vaageyakaras. 

Violinist S.Anupama, Mridangist, R.Akshayram rendered good support.

On 2nd December 2007 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM. R.Nandhini ( Born in a musical family grand father S.Narayanan, mother Uma Ramachandra both vocalists and uncle N.Narasimhan a gatam artist) dis. of Geetha Rajasekar gave a very good concert. Her saariram is fine, paatandraam  is very good, sruthi and layam were o.k. and confidence is medium.

Main Janakipathe was good, but she should improve alapana, she sang the kriti well  and swaram was also good. Sub main in Banduvarali (enna ganu rama bhajana) though the alpana was short she sang the kriti and swaram well. Other kritis sakthi ganapthim (naatai), chalamelara (margahindolam), paranthamathi (dharmavathi) and yadhavaraya all sung very well.  

Violinist K.P.Nandhini and Mridangist Srivanchiam Sriram gave a very good support.

At 7.15 PM  That was an yet another excellent vocal concert by Trichy based Venkata Nagarajn dis.of Ambujam Vedantham for VDS. His area of strength is all-round knowledge rendering alapana, area of weakness to be improved is modulation and time management. He rendes the kritis and kalpana swarams with raagalakshana and fine manodharma. Voice is bold, loud with good range. His kamboji varnam was good, karimuga varadha, ennathavam, yarendru ragavanai, jayadevar ashtapathy were sang well

Coming to the Main Thodi (eymijesthenemi) he sang alapana, niraval, swaram very well. Sub-main Pandhuvarali (sambhomahadeva) was good with good rendering of alapana & kriti.We missed some thukkadas for want of time.

Pandhuvarali and Thodi alapana by violinst K.P.Nandhini was fine. R.Sanathkumar, Mridangist accompanied the main artist very well.

On 8th December 2007 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM. M.Sai Dheera, dis. of Vijay Madhavan gave a very good maiden dance performance for VDS. With adequate bhava, (there is scope of improving), very good abhinaya and very good footwork she answered the jathis for the Varnam maaye maayan sodhariye in thodi very well. Distinguishing MaaRamanan and Uma Ramanan by using the snake differently was a good technique. Ananda Nadamaaduvar was brisk and very attractive. Both music & dance was good in amma nimma padham. Today’s items were very light, sabdham and jathiswaram could have been included.

Today’s music, vocal by B.Uma Shankar, mridangam by Mayavaram J.Shankar, violin by Seetharama Sharma and flaut by N.Natraj was very supportive to the dancer.  

On 9th December 2007 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM. S.Haritha a student of Vivekananda Baskar and Bhavani Baskar (school of Barathakshetra) gave a fine performance for VDS. She danced with full concentration and involvement. At 11 her confidence if high. She has very good features. Her foot work is good, limb movement is elegent. Gurus have trained this little girl very well.We are happy so many youngsters have gathered (the crowed will be around 250) to encourage the little artist and enjoy the dance performance. Haritha did the varnam well answering the jathis perfectly. The dance for Bho Sambho was brisk and attractive. The costume was fine and suited the girl well. Of course she will learn more about bhava as she grows up. All items were in adhi thalaa. It will be better if items in other thalaas are included for our assessment. 

Today’s music both vocal and instrumental was fine and supportive to the dance. Especially the vocal support of Murali Parthasarathy was smooth, melodious. Violinist Veeramani, Mridangist Vijaya Raghavan and flutist Ramesh gave a very good support.


On 15th December 2007 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM. M.P.Savitha & M.P.Akilandeswari gave a very good concert for VDS (Dis. of Seetha Narayanan).  Their saariram is very good, Paatandharam is very good, sruthi and layam were o.k., confidence is medium. They  sing in one voice. Varnam saamidhayajuda was good. Savitha’s kalyani alapana,  swaram for nimmi vachina was o.k., They sang the kriti well. They did alapana, niraval and swaram for madhyamaavathy. There was occasional slip from swarasthanam for want of stamina. They sang the meera bhajan nicely.  

Violinist Sharddha dis. of Radha Sundaresan and Mridangist S.Viswaram dis of Tanjore Padma gave a good support.

-At 7.15 PM  P.Preethi dis. of Padma Chandilyan gave a very good concert for VDS. Her Voice is fine in the higher octave. Paatandhram is very good. She sings with raga lakshana. She rendered the kriti kandu kandu in sahana very well with raagalakshana. Malayamaarutham was good. Main simhendra madhymam was sung very well. After a neat alapana she sang kriti rama rama very well. Niraval and kalpana swaram was good. She has to avoid occasional staggering during alapana and slip from swarasthanam (in niraval of manasa etulo). Lone thukkada thaye thirubura sundari was sung well.

Violinist K.P.Haricharan, Mridangist Swamimalai Girish S.Sunder supported well.


On 16th December 2007 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM. The Malaysia based Shruthi Jaishankar gave a very good concert for VDS. Dis. of Guruvayoor Usha Ramachandra (daughter of Mridangam Vidwan Guruvayoor Durai). Her voice is fine, shrill and top. She rendered all kritis fairly well. Guru has trained her well. At 12 she is very confident.

Main Sriranjani was good. After a short alapana she rendered the kriti soga suga well. She also did niraval & kalpana swaram. But the pattern of kalapanaswaram looked like light music. She sand the thukkada Maadu meykkum kanna, dhanasri thillana well.

Violinist Shraddha Ravindran and Mridangist G.Kirthivasan gave a good support.

-At 7.15 PM  That was an yet another excellent vocal concert by S.Girijashankar for VDS. His concert was marked by a good all-round knowledge, good manodharma and fine rendering in smooth & gentle voice. Paatandhram is good. Gurus Narasimhan and Ravikiran have guided him very well. He rendered all kritis well.

His beginning was different, no varnam, no ganapathy kriti, a slow song at anupallavi. His varaali was fine. A good alapana followed by kriti kamakshi with raagalakshana. Main Mayamaala gowla was very good. A gentle alapana & kriti, a smooth reply by violinist Vijay and an apt percussion support by Srivanchiam Sriram made the piece enjoyable. The Madhuvanthi thillana was fine. We missed some thukkadas for want of time.  
It will have better effect if he opens a mouth a bit further & sing and use some madulation in voice. 

Over all it was nice concert enjoyed by all.

On 22nd December 2007 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM. S.Nikitha, dis. of Divya Sena gave a very good and attractive dance performance for VDS.

At 11 she is very confident and dances with keen interest & concentration. Her  footwork is very good and limb movement is elegent, she is brisk and agile. Guru Divya Sena had trained her very well.

Nikitha answered the jathis for the Varnam well, especially those fast jathis of the mridangam & dance for Maadu meikkum kanne was very attractive and energetic.

The bhava of course is tutored, she can develop it as she grows up. The items were well selected to suit the little dancer.

Today’s music, vocal by G.Shrikanth, Mridangist B.P.Hari Babu, Veena by T.Bavani Prasad and flute by G.Natraj  was supportive to the dancer.

On 23rd December 2007 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM. R.Sai Smruthi a student of Samyuktha  Varadaarajan  performed a very good dance performance for VDS.

Her foot work is o.k., limb movements very good. She dances with keen interest as she pursuing other fine arts and academics. She is having good training from Samyuktha Varadaraajan.

She did the varnam well. Sancharibhava was good. Her abhinaya for Ean palli kondeer iyah was fine She was very brisk in Sri chakraraja.  There is scope for improvement in instant bhava. 

Today’s music both vocal and instrumental was fine and supportive to the dancer. Vocal support of Malini Kumar & Premlatha, Violinist K.R.Suresh, Mridangist Nagai Narayanan and key-board by Omkarnath.

On 28th December 2007 (Friday) at 6.00 PM. U.S. based Skanda Prasad gave a very good concert for VDS. Born in a musical family, mother-cum-guru Dr.Bavani Prakash (both Vocal & Veena artist) father Prakash P.Rao ( Voacl & Mridangam artist). At 9 he is confident.

The main Kambodi was good. Alapana had some good pidis though in bits. He sang the Maragadha valli well. The kalpanaswaram tutored was good. He sang the Mand thillana well.

Violinist Shraddha dis. of Radha Sundaresan and Mridangist Ananthapadmanabha Rao (Brother of Skanda Prasad) gave good support.

At 7.15 PM – Abbhinav Muralidharan dis. of Veenai Parthasarathy gave an excellent Key-Board concert for VDS. The tonal quality with proper anu-swaram is fine. He is using his left hand for thaalam effectively. His over all knowledge @ 13 is very good. He handled the instrument effortlessly and efficiently.

Bandureethi in hamsanadham was played nicely. The alapana, niraval and swaram were fine. He was able to differentiate niraval for kalpanaswaram which is difficult in this instrument. Guru Veenai Parthasarathy has trained him very well.

The ragam & pallavi in karaharapriya was well planned and executed the kalpanaswaram
In ragamaliga was wonderful. The thani by the duo Vignesh Rajagopal (Mridangam) Chandrasekar sharma (Gatam) was attractive. Abbhinav played the thukkadaas melodiously.

Violinist Shraddha Ravindran gave a very good support to the main artist.


On 29th December 2007 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM. S.Vijay Ganesh gave a very good maiden vocal concert for VDS. At 11 he is very confident. His voice is bold & tough – like young M.K.T.Baghavathar or rather S.G.Kittappa. He is able to sing the kritis with raagalakshana. He sings with great intrest and concentration. The little violinist M.K.Ananthalakshmi (grand daughter of Parur M.S.Anantharaman and daughter of Parur M.A.Krishnaswami the violin exponents) also sat like a senior artist with full of confidence and gave good support of course she is from a great musical family. The Mridangist K.Venkataramanan combined well with the main artist.

Vijay Ganesh sang the Suddha dhanyasi kriti well though he was a bit of doubtful in alapana. Main Kalyani was fine. After a neat alapana he rendered Bajana seyave very well. He sang the thukkadas nicely.Guru Lakshmi Krishnaswami has trained him very well at this young age.

At 7.15 PM. Aditya Venkatesh of Mumbai, dis. of Padma Chandilyan gave a good maiden vocal concert. He has a soft voice. His all-round knowledge is good. He is a late entrance for VDS at 20. His paatandhram is very good. His Panthuvarali was good. He sang the Bhairavi well. After a neat alapana he rendered rakshabetlane well. Kalpanaswaram had variety. He was very sure and confident. But there is no niraval. He sang the only thukkada, thillana well.

Accompaniments K.P.Haricharan (Violin) & V.Prashanth (Mridnagm) gave very good support to Aditya. Over all it was a nice concert.

On 30th December 2007 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM. Vandhana Krishnamurthy dis. of Meera Kedarnathan, rendered a very good maiden vocal concert. Her voice is sweet and clear. She is quite confident. She sang all kritis fairly well with raagalakshana. Guru has trained her very well.

She did alapana & swaram in Suddha dhanyasi & Kalyani were fine. Alapana was good but in fast bits, not continuous. By listening to more leading musicians concerts she can improve her alapana. She sang the kriti himadrisudhe well. She did swaram also well. She sang the thukkas melodiously, especially sindhubhairavi was fine.

Violinist K.P.Haricharan and Mridangist Sekar gave a very good support.

At 7.15 PM – That was promotional concer for N.Krithika for senior slot. She proved and deserved it by her excellent and melodious vocal concert. Her knowledge is high at 14. Born in a Maharajapuram family, her voice is sweet and versatile, sang all the krits with raagalakshana. Paadandram is very good, gurus Dr Manjula Sriram & Raji Gopalakrishnan have trained her very well. We are happy many senior students of Dr.Manjula Sriram are here at VDS to encourage their co-student.

Krithika’s Pandhuvaralai was very good. She sang the main thodi very well. The alapana was neat with some good pidis. Sang the kriti enduku dayaradura well. Kalpanaswaram had variety. Violinist K.P.Haricharan’s essay of thodi raga was crisp and smooth. Mridangist S.C.Venkatesh’s thani was attractive. Krithika sang the thukkadas melodiously. All the three combined well to give us a nice concert.