VDS Arts Academy - Arts wings of Muthukrishnan Memorial Club
Review ( Month of August -2011)

On 28th August 2011 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM. Manasa Ravi from U.S.A. , is learning bharathanatyam from Revathi Ramachandran at Chennai and Jaya at U.S.A. She performed a fine and very good dance at VDS. She is ideal feature for a dancer – lean, agile, good foot work and graceful movements of limbs. Her bhava also very good.

She did theVarnam; nee indha mayam in ragam dhanyasi well. She answered the jathis neatly. Both the gurus have trained Manasa very well. Mohanakalyani thillana was fine, brisk & perfect. Both the costumes were fine and suited the dancer. It is heartening to see
That Indian students settled in foreign countries take to our fine art form seriously, sincerely and shine very well. Her andal kalyanam (naachiar thriumozhi) was fine.

Vocal support by Randini Arvind, Mridangam by M.S. Suki, Kalai Arasan on Violin and Sruthi Sagar on Flute have rendered their fine support for the dancer.

Chief guest of the programme Smt. Sujatha Mohan the dance exponent has blessed the dancer.

On 27th August 2011 (Friday) at 6.00 PM. S. Shyamprasad gave his excellent vocal performance at VDS. His confidence is high at 14. Today's best piece was shanmugapriya; sub-main siddhi vinayakam. Main thodi was also good. Alapana had some good pidis. Kalpanaswaram though short had variety. His guru Lakshmi Krishnaswami has trained him very well.

He was ably supported by M.K. Ananthalakshmi on the violin and T. Karthik on the mridangam. Shyam Prasad has to practice leave between pidis. Over all it was a nice performance.

At 7.15 PM. N. Hamsa a student of Ajai Namboodri gave her excellent vocal concert. Her voice is melodious. Paatantharam is good.

Shanmugapriya kriti was sung beautifully; kriti illadha idam ondru a composition of Swarna Venkatesa dikshidar, alapana, niraval and swaram were fine. Her kalyani was good. Kriti himadri sute with raga alapana and swaram were sung nicely. She sang the thukkadas melidiously. Desh thillana was super.

Shrradha on violin and G. Krithivasan on mridangam gave a very good support to Hamsa.

On 26th August 2011 (Friday) at 6.00 PM. Eshwar Balaji gave a very good maiden vocal concert at VDS. He is confident at 14. Voice is bold and clear. He rendered the krits well. Guru Sakunthala Seshadri has trained him very well. Shanmugapriya was sung in detail. Alapana & swaram were neat for kriti siddhi vinayakam. Main suddha dhanyasi was good. Alapana was o.k. Kriti subrammanyena was sung well. Kalpanaswaram was well prepared. He sang the thukkadas nicely.

Sayee Rakshit from the school of Kanyakumari ; his suddha dhanyasi alapana was fine. Gomathishankar gave his fine support on the mridangam.

At 7.15 PM. Sowmya Sridhar from Hyderabad presented her excellent vocal concert at VDS. Dis. of Hyd. Sisters (Lalitha & Haripriya). Her voice is versatile and sweet especially in the higher octave. Her paatantharam is very good.

Both dharmavathi and kambodi were fine. In alapana dharmavathi was better with very imaginative pidis. In Kambodi; there was repetition of pidis in the lower octave. Evarimata kriti was fine. Niraval & kalpanaswaram though short were very good. Desh thillana was also fine.

K.P. Nandini on Violin and V. Srikrishnan on mridangam gave a fine support.

On 21st August 2011 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM. P. Mayuri performed a very good dance performance at VDS. She is just 15 and is learning the art well from her able guru Santhi Sriram. Mayuri's foot work and limb movements are fine. Bhava is o.k. She was brisk & agile throughout.

The varnam nee indha mayam was good with sanchari bhava enacted nicely. Other items Sri charka, nee uraipai, mohana kalyani thillana and Andal was perfomed very well.

Chitrambari Krishnankumar (Vocal), Thiruvarur Venkatsubramaniam (mridangam) and Ganesh (violin) gave their good support. 

On 20th August 2011 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM. A. Sravanthi's dance performance was very good. She has ideal features for a dancer. She is agile and with fine limb movements. She did alarippu and jathiswaram well.

Varnam was good. She answered the jathis for the varnam nandha gopalanai in bhairavi neatly. Guru Yuvakala Bharathi R. Vijaymadhavan has trained Sravanthi very well.

Malaipozhudhinile was the best piece to day. Her bhava was very good in that item and vocal support by Murali Parthaarathi at his best. Sravanthi was very energetic till end.

Mridangam by Mayuram J. Shankar, Thanjavur B. Muruganandam on Violin and C.k. Patahnjali on Flute also rendered their fine support for the dancer.

Chief guest of the programme Sri. Sridhar Narayanan, Media Proffession blessed the dancer.

On 06th August 2011 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM. Ranjani Dharmarajan (Nairobi-Kenya) performed an excellent dance for VDS. At the outset, we would like to appreciate the interest shown by people from USA , Kenya , we have observed that those students lean the fine arts with utmost sincerity and keen interest. Ranjani is no excenption. Her guru Gita Umesh has trained her very well.

Ranjani has ideal physique for a dancer. Her limb movements, foot work are good and graceful. Bhava is also good. She answered the jathis of the varnam aadharam neeye adaikalam neeye in karaharapriya well. She did the other items nettrandhi nerathile in hussaini, bharo krishnaiyya in ragamalika, thandai thai irundhal in shanmugapriya and thilang thillana very well.

Vocal and nattuvangam by Swamimalai Suresh, Mayuram . J. Shankar (mridangam), Ganesh (Violin) and Sashidhar (Flute).