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Review ( Month of August '09)

On 28th August 2009 (Friday) at 6.00 PM. Srikrishnan M. Subramaniam gave a very good vocal concert at VDS. This is his maiden performance.

His voice is bold and clear at higher sruthi. His paatantharam is good guru Dr. K.S. Subramaniam of Brahadwani has trained him well. At 12 Krishna is very confident. He sings with ragalakshana.

Main Mayamala gowla was good. He sang the alapana neatly, though looked tutored. He rendered the kriti vidu laku well. The kalpanaswaram was good and well executed. Sriranjani kriti was sung very well. The ragamalika kriti composed by his guru was sung nicely.He has to practice below sadjamam.

M.Jwalini on Violin and Varun Ramaswami on Mridangam gave a goodsupport to Srikrishnan.

Sri. Doordarshan Natarajan , chief guest of the programme blessed Sri Gayathri.

At 7.15 PM. That was yet another Excellent vocal concert by BALA BASKARA S.Rama Krishnan Murthi.  He is regular artist from USA, this is being his 7th concert here. Last year he came first in top ten competition and he was the recipient of Bala Baskara title. Narayanialapana was good. Kalpanaswaram was spontaneous for kriti Ramanivegani. Main Bilahari was fine. Alapana had some nice pidis. Niraval and kalpanaswaram were fine.

R. Rahul (Violin) and Thalaignairu S. Harishkumar (Mridangam) gave a fine support.

22nd August 2009 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM. Savitha Venkatapathi gave an Excellent Bharathanatyam performance. Savitha dances with fine foot-work and good limb movements. She is lean and agile. Well trained by guru Lakshmi Ramaswami.

Savitha did the Aanandha bhairavi varnam of Tanjore quartet well and answered the lengthy jathis neatly. Her abhinaya was fine in Pallu padal. Mysore Linga Raja’s kriti in Neelambari ragam was also good. Navaragamalika, a composition of Dr. S. Raghuraman on Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi was fine. The selection of the ragas for the item was ideal. Selection of the items were good. It had variety and it was thematic. Full credit goes to her guru Lakshmi Ramaswami for having prepared a high level programme.

Music was fine, vocal by Vanathy Raguraman, Mayavaram J.Shankar (mridangam), Sunil Baskar (Violin). Special congratulations to Poornima Balasubramaniam ( a sr. dis. of Lakshmi Ramaswami) for having done the nattuvangam neatly.

Kalaimamani Smt. Jayanthi Subramaniam, chief guest of the programme blessed Savitha.

On 21st August 2009 (Friday) at 6.30 PM. S. Sri Gayathri has performed an Excellent Dance performance for VDS. A dis. of Guru R. Vijaymadhavan. At 12 she is very confident. She is lean & agile and having ideal features for a dancer. Her foot-work is good and limb movements are perfect and elegant.

She did the jadhiswaram and shabdham neatly. Lalgudi’s neelambari Varnam was good. She answered the jathis well. Bhava was fine for Devi neeye thunai padham.

Both music and instruments were fine, vocal by Uma Shankar, Nagai Sriram (mridangam) and Nataraj (Flute) rendered their fine support.

Sri. Narayan Vishwanath, chief guest of the programme blessed Sri Gayathri.

On 16th August 2009 (Sunday) at 5.30 PM. That was yet another Excellent vocal concert by R. Madhumitha for VDS. This is her 6th consecutive Excellent concert. She is child prodigy, her first concert at VDS in 1996 when she was just 5 years old. Her voice is asserted, soft, sweet, clear and melodious. She sings with raagalakshana and full involvement. Her over all knowledge is very high. Gurus Dr.
Manjula Sriram, Ranjani-Gayathri has trained her very well.

She sang all the kritis very well. Subapantuvarali alapana was the best aspect of the concert. She brought out the essence and character of the raga. GNBs nee-samana kriti was very nice. Main kambodi was also good. After a neat alapana she sang the kriti Thiru vadi charanam a composition of Gopalakrishna Bharathi well-kalpanaswaram had variety. But the kriti should have been render in slower speed in rettaikalai to suit the lyrics. Shanmugapriya virutham and Meera bajan in Misra-bhadi were fine.

K.P. Nandini on Violin and Thiruvarur S.C. Venkatesh on Mridangam gave a fine support to Madhumitha.

At 7.15 PM.  R. Narayanan’s vocal concert was marked by a fine and very good performance at VDS. This is his 5th concert here. His voice is bold, thick, clear and effective saariram. He sings kritis well in
his commanding voice. His kalpanaswarams had variety. His kaalaparamanam is good. Sings with full involvement. Gurus Seerkazhi R. Jayaraman and Vijay Siva have trained him very well.

He sang the bhairavi kriti Upacharamu well. Main kalyani was very good, after a neat alapana he sang the kriti eathavunara very well. Kalpanaswarams had variety. Due to extra pressure, at times he exceeds swarasathanams. He should use modulations according to the lyrics. His malayamarutham kriti was fine.

R. Shyam on Violin and Thalaignairu  S. Harishkumar on Mridangam gave a good support to Narayanan.

On 15th August 2009 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM . Sai Sruthi performed a very good Vocal concert. Her voice is fine. It is bold and loud. Even if the mike failed we can listen to the concert. At 12 she is confident. Whatever has been taught she reproduces well. Guru Rajalakshmi Srinivasan has trained her well.

Dhanyasi was o.k. The alapana was neat. The abheri kriti was plain. She can use some modulations. Main Pantuvarali was o.k. She sang the kriti Naradamuni very well. She did niraval and swarams also. Diffent thalams were handled by her perfectly. She sang the thukkadas nicely. Paarukulle nalla nadu is ideal selection for Independence day.

To-day’s accompanists Sriram Sridhar (violin) and R. Siva Subramanian (Mridangam) gave good support.

At 7.15 PM. That was yet another excellent vocal concert by R. Amirtha Varshini. This is her 4th concert. Her voice is fine, bold, clear and versatile – though looks sings with strain in the higher octave. Lower octave is better now. Over all knowledge is very good. Sings kriti with ragalakshana. Kalpanaswaram has variety. Gurus Dr. Manjula Sriram (previous) and Gayathri Venkataraghavan (present) have trained her well.

She sang the kriti Paragela nannu in kedaragowla with ragalakshana. Main kalyani was fine. There was nice pidis in the alapana. She sang very well the krithi Tharama ni mahima..with niraval and kalpanaswarams. There were some rare kritis in the concert which she sang very well. All important vaageyakaras found place.

Shraddha (Violin) & R. Santhoshram (Mridangam) gave fine support to Amirtha.

On 14th August 2009 (Friday) at 6.00 PM. K.J. Dileep performed an excellent violin-solo concert at VDS. His control over the instrument is fine. Fingering and manipulation is good. That is typical Parur Pani. He reaches for top to bottom of the instrument gently and effortlessly. Guru Parur M.S. Gopalakrishnan’s training is fine.

Naataikurinji varnam was played very well. Main pantuvarali was good. The alapana has some innovative pidis and sthudhi bedham also. Kriti Aparama bhakthi was played very well. There was imaginative buildup in the kalpanaswarams. Purandara dasar’s sindhu bairavi thukkada was played melodiously.

R. Akshayram on Mridangam and S. Sai Subramanian on morsing gave fine support and their thani was fine.

At 7.15 PM. Brinda Manikavasagam’s all round knowledge in music is very high. Her confidence and determination is of high order. This is her 9th and yet another excellent vocal concert for VDS. She has been trained by many gurus and presently she is pursuing under Suguna Varadhachari.

Suddha Saveri is not generally taken for main item. But she proved it can be utilized fully like a gana-ragaa, in alapana, various sangathis in krithi and the imaginative kalpanaswarams. She rendered Gananathane in Saaranga majestically. She sang the thukkadas melodiously. The virutham and behag kriti were sung nicely.

She must avaid over-ambitious piddis which results in fall in swarasthanam

K.J. Dileep (Violin) & G. Kirthivasan (Mridangam) & S. Krishna (gatam) gave a fine support to Brinda.

On 09th August 2009 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM. A. Tabitha Agnes is the dis. of Guru K. Gopinathan. This is her very good and maiden performance of Bharathanatyam. At 12 she is cute and confident. Her foot work is good. Answered the jathis cautiously Limb movement is adequate. There is scope of improvement in bhava as she is just 12 year old.

Dancing with interest and involvement.

It was a full-fledged programme. Ganesa sthuthi, alarippu, Jathiswaram all included. Deekshidar’s Thodi varnam was very good piece of to-day’s programme. Tabitha’s andal thiruppavai Margazhi thingal was very pleasing. Ambujam Krishna’s Aadum padhame and Hamsanadham thillana also good.

Music support, vocal by Girish Menon, Karthik (mridangam), Sunil (violin) rendered their fine support.

Yuvakala Bharathi Smt. Lakshmi Ramaswami, chief guest of the programme blessed the Agnes.

On 08th August 2009 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM. Sruthilaya Ramesh and Abhinaya Ramesh gave a very good performance of Bharathanatyam for VDS. They are the dis. of Guru Roja Kannan.

Their foot-work and limb movements are very good. Duet dancing is difficult. They coordinated very well and danced in unison. Papanasam Sivan’s Nattaikurinji varnam was very good. They did the jathis very well individually and together. Sruthilaya’s bhava for Yenna naan seidhuvitten in ragamalika was fine. Their foot-work and limb movements were fine in thillana.

Music both vocal and instrumental was fine and very supportive to the dancer. Vocal by Hariprasad, R.. Karthikeyan (mridangam), Vijayaraghavan (violin).

Dance exponent Smt. Savithri Jagannatha Rao, chief guest of the programme blessed the artists.

On 02nd August 2009 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM . Sairam Santhanam performed a very good dance at VDS. He dances with keen interest. His limb movements are brisk and perfect. Foot work is o.k. Guru R. Vijaymadhavan has trained him well.

Sairam answered the jathis in Balamurali krishna’s Gambiranatai varnam neatly. Kalyana Rama in Hamsanadham was good. The episode of Rama breaking the bow was enacted well. His brisk foot work and limb movements were fine in Sundaram Iyer’s Chandrakauns thillana.

Both music and instrumental was very supportive to the dancer. Vocal by B. Uma Shankar, Mridangam by Vedha Krishnan, Violin by Seetharama Sharma and Flute by B. Gokul.

On 01st August 2009 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM. M.S. Ananthashri and M.K. Ananthalakshmi have performed an excellent violin-duet concert at VDS. They are very confident and sure. They play together very well. Fingering and bowing was smooth. No wondering because the young artists hails from leading Violinists family. And under direct coaching of their grand father Parur Sri. M.S. Anantharaman, the great violinist.

Ananthalakshmi’s Poorvikalyani was good, though the alapana was short, the kriti Ananda Natamaduvar played very well with niraval and swaram. Brova barama in fast tempo played nicely.. Main Karaharapriya was fine. The alapana was short and crisp by Ananthashree. They played the kriti chakaniraja very well. The thukkada Katrinile varum geetham was as soothing as thendral kattru.

Thalaignairu S. Harishkumar on Mridangam & S. Krishna on gatam gave fine support.

Kalaimamani Anayampatti Sri. Ganesan, Jaladharangam exponent, the chief guest of the programme appreciated the young artists.

At 7.15 PM. R. Kavya’s all round knowledge in music is very high – a regular artist in Vocal since in VDS from her 10th age. She has performed an excellent dance preface here- now has shown her proven on veena and also pursuing her Engineering in academics – a real all rounder. She is learning vocal from S. Rajam and Mahalaskhmi Natarajan, dance from Meenakshi Chitaranjan and now veena from S. Srinivasan

Her striking the instrument is good. Fingering is generally good but for some slips here and there. She plays with melody. Her varali was good. After a short, neat alapana she played the kriti Karunajudavamma well. Hamsanandhi kriti was good. Main Kambodi was very good. After a good alapana she played the kriti O rangasayee nicely. Om namo narayana played melodiously.

G. Karthik (Mridangam) gave a fine support to Kavya.