VDS Arts Academy - Arts wings of Muthukrishnan Memorial Club
Review ( Month of April)

- On 27th April 2008 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM, That was an excellent dance performance by S.Sri Devi, the little dancer from Hyderabad. This is her maiden performance here at Madras. At 13 she is over cute, brisk and smiling face. Her knowledge and confidcence are fine. Her abhinaya is fine. Bhava & Mudhra are very good. Foot-work is  adequate.

It was a full-fledged programme, Pushpanjali, Thodayamangalam, Jathiswaram and shabdam all items included. We must congratulate guru Chitra Narayanan for having trained the budding artist very well. Her Lord Krishna’s episode of the varnam Maye Mayan Sodhariye was fine and she answered the intricate jathis very well.

Annamayya Keerthanam and Adhuvum soloval padham were good.  There is scope of improve in bhava as she is only a child artist. Thillana was simply superb.

Music was fine. Vocal by  Hariharan who sang very well. Vidwan Prasad Sastry (Mridangam from Hyderabad), Veteran Seetharama Sharma (Violin) Shankarnarayanan (flute) rendered their support very well.

Dhakshayani Ramachandran (Bharathanatyam Exponent) Chief guest of the  programme blessed Sri Devi.


On 26th April 2008 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM, M.Akshhaya gave a very good dance performance. She is tall, agile and her foot-work was very good. Her confidence was good. Master-piece of to-day’s programme was Thodi Varnam. She answered the intricacies jathis very well both in varnam and yamankalyani bhajan. Her bhava was very good in Bho-sam-Bho. We congratulate the guru Sudha Vijayakumar.

Both the costumes suited the dancer very well.

Music both vocal and instrumental was very good and supported the dancer very well. Vocal by  V.Venugopal, K.R.Venkatsubramanian (Mridangam), M.S.Kannan (Violin).

Mrs. Himaja Ramsharan (Bharathanatyam Exponent) Chief guest of  the  programme blessed Akshhya.


On 20th April 2008 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM. J.Jayashree, from Trivandaram dis. of Sangeetha Sivakumar at Madras and S.Aswathy at Trivandram gave an excellent Vocal  performance for VDS. This is her second concert for VDS.

Her voice is sweet, bold & clear especially in the higher octave. She has to practise below sadjamam. Selection of the items for the concert was fine and from different vaageyakaras. Pattandharam is very good & both the gurus have trained her very well.

Her Main Bhairavi (Ragam, Thanam & Keerthanam) was fine. She sang with full involvement and excellent manodharma. Her kunthalavarali thillana was excellent.

To-days accompaniments R.Nagarajan (Violin) and J.Arvind (mirdangam) gave a very good support to Jayashree.


At 7.15 PM. V.S.Shruthi dis. of  P.B.Srirangachari & Dr. Manjula Sriram gave an excellent Vocal concert.This is her second performance at VDS. Her voice is fine, clear, sweet and versatile. His paatantharam is very good.

Her concert was marked by all round knowledge and rendering the kritis with raga lakshana. Her sub-main Charukesi ( Aadamodi keerthana) was sung  very well with fine kalapanaswarams. Main Mysore Vasudeavachariars Pari Pahimama (suba bandhuvarali) after a neat alapana she sang the kriti with niraval and variety of kalapaswarams well. Can open the mouth a little bit while singing. She sang the thukkadas nicely.

R.Nagarajan’s essay of Charukesi and Suba bandhuvarali was sweet and melodious. R.Santhoshram’s percussion support was very good.


On 19th April 2008 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM. Raksha Mahalingam dis. of  Padma Chandilyan gave a very good Vocal  concert for VDS. This is her fourth performance. Her all-round knowledge and confidence is high at 13.

Started with Hamsadwani varnam, followed by neranammithi (Chakravaham), Saribandhane (Vasantha) all sung very well. In sub-main Marivera (Lathangi) she did alapana and swaram very well. Her Main Thodi was fine. After a neat alapana she sang the kriti Karthigeya with niraval and kalpanaswaram well. She sang the thukkadas nicely.

To-days accompaniments S.Anupama (violin) Srivanchiam Sriram (Mridangam) gave a very good support.

On 18th April 2008 (Friday) at 6.30 PM. K.Suvasini dis.of  Sheela Unnikrishnan gave a nice & enjoyable dance performance for VDS. She has ideal features for a dancer. Lean, Tall, agile, flexible body. Her foot-work and limb movements also excellent.

She enacted Lalgudi Jayaraman,s Nilambari Varnam on lord Muruga very well. Her bhava & limb movements are fine both in varnam and padam, Kavava. Mohana Kalyani thillana was brisk and fine.
Music was fine. Vocal by  Kalyani & Rajeswari sang very well. Nagai Narayanan (Mridangam), M.S.Kannan (Violin) Natarajan (flute)  rendered their support well.  

Suvasini was fortunate to have blessings of Her Holiness, Poojya Shree, Matahaji  Vithamma, who was chief guest of the evening programme blessed the academy and the dancer.

- by K.Sridhar


On 13th April 2008 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM, That was an excellent an elegant dance performance by S.Simran for VDS. At 9 she is very cute and confident. A child prodigy excelled in all departments like Bhava, Nritta, Mudhra, Abhinaya and beautiful sancharibhava, especially in the varnam with her expressive eye movements. Her limb movements also excellent and all above her age and performed like a senior artist.

It was a full-fledged programme, all items included. We must congratulate guru Sheela Unnikrishnan for having trained the budding artist very well  just at 9. Simran exhibited and enacted Lord Krishna’s child hood days story very well in the kaapi varnam.

Music was fine. Vocal by  Kalyani & Rajeswari sang very well. Nagai Narayanan (Mridangam), Muruganandham (Violin) K.N.Ramesh (flute) and Bhavani Prasad (Veena) rendered their support well for the success of the programme.

Dr. Neena Prasad (Bharathanatyam Exponent) & Dr. J.Radhakrishnan (IAS Officer) Chief guests of  the  programme blessed Simran.

   - by K.Sridhar

On 12th April 2008 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM, K.Vaishali dis.of  Sasirekha Rammohan  gave a very good & fine dance performance for VDS. It was a full fledged programme. Selection of the items were fine & different composers; different thalas; Alarippu, Jathiswaram, shabdham all included.

Credit goes to the guru for having trained this little girl very well at 10. Vaishali is confident; brisk; knowledge is fine. But she has to improve bhava, limb movements, she is only a little 10 year old child artist.

She did the Bhairavi Varnam well and answered  the jathis very well. Her face expression was fine in folk song. Kunthavarali thillana also brisk and fine.

Music was good and very supportive to Vaishali. Vocal by Murali Parthasarathy beautifully sung,  V.Vedhakrishnan (Mridanagam), R.Kalaiarasan (Violin) and R.Nataraj
(Flute) supported the dancer very well.

Mrs. Bragha Bassel a Bharathanatyam Exponent, chief guest of the programme blessed Vaishali.


On 5th April 2008 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM
. H.Divya a student of  Kalpagam Raman
 gave an excellent Vocal concert for VDS. She was ably supported by K.P.Nandini on Violin and S.Kedarnath on Mridangam

Divya’s voice is fine, soft and melodious. Her paatantharam is very good. The selection of the songs for the concert was good, different types of  krithis by various vageyakaras.

Started with Suddha Dhanyasi varnam followed by Vallaba Nayakasya, Jaya Jaya he lalithe, all rendewred  very well. Main Kalyani was good. Alapana was neat, though there was repetition of pidis. She sang  Sundari nee krithi well. She did niraval, kalpanaswaram well. Nanda Nandana (Raagamaliga)  was sung melodiously.


At 7.15 PM. Shraddha Ravindran dis. of  Radha Sundaresan gave a very good & fine  Violin solo concert for VDS. This is her maiden solo performance. Thiruvavrur S.C.Venkatesh (Mridangam) and S.Krishna (Gatam) supported shraddha very well.

She is very confident @ 14. Her fingering is good. Paatantharam is good. She played Saveri varnam, Vaathabi, Naadhalolodai (Kalyana-vasantham), Nagumomu all verywell. It is clear, she has practised very well. Main Shankarabaranam Saroja Dhalanethri, alapana, kriti, kalpanaswaram was very good.

-  by K.Sridhar