R.S. Advaith – Flute

On 12th November 2017 (Sunday) at 7.15 PM; R.S. Advaith presented his yet another excellent concert on Flute @ VDS. He is dis. of guru K.V. Ramanujam has trained him very well.

He is handling the difficult instrument fluently i.e. most important. Malayamarutham kirit and mansaetulo kriti both were fine. A short alapana of sriragam was fine, kriti entharo mahanubavulu was played very well. Saraswathi alapana was fine for kirit anugrahamule, kalpanaswaram was also good. Main; mohanam alapana was very good and had some nice pidis, kalpana swaram also rendered very well for kriti bavanutha.

Accompanying artiste Parur M.K. Ananthalakshmi (violin) and K. S. Ramakrishnan (mridangam) gave a very good support.