G. Adityaram – Flute


On November 29th 2014 (Saturday) at 7.15 PM; That was fluent – flute performance by G. Adityaram and it was his yet another and 7th excellent concert. He has been trained very well by Sikkil Baskaran on flute and Sriram Gangadharan on vocal.

He entered in VDS as a child prodigy in 2007, now he is performing like a seasoned artist. He is handing the difficult instrument fluently with proper gamakas and brigas. Playing with ragalakshana and uses modulations.

His lathangi & bhairavi alapanas were fine and had some nice pidis. Kalpanaswarm was well calculated in lathangi. Niraval and swramkalpana was excellent in bhairavi kriti upacharamu, it shows his full involvement and dedication in this art.

The support by the accompanying artists R. Shyam (violin), B. Saishankar on mridangam and S. Krishna (gatam) was fine.

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