V. Amrith Narayanan – Vocal

On 13th July 2013 (Saturday) at 7.15 PM; That was yet another excellent vocal concert by V. Amrith Narayanan. He has a good voice and vide range and sings kritis well. His concert was marked by fine rendition of kritis aith bhava. Now he has manly voice.  Learning this art under the tutelage of  guru Meera Kedarnathan.

His ramapriya apalana was good. Kamboji was fine, alapana has good pidis. Nandini Viswanathan’s (violin) reply was equally fine. Kaana kann kodi Kriti was sung well with full involvement. Swaram kalpana was rendered with variety. He sang the thukkadas very well. S. Karthiknarayanan (mridangam) gave a good support

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