G. Abilash – Vocal

On 08th September 2013 (Sunday) at  at
7.15 PM; G. Abilash a well known personality among the young music circle to-day. A versatile singer had grown up through the VDS academy, since he entered as a child prodigy in 2004. Now he has improved in all the departments in music, his over all knowledge, manodharma, confidence everything is fine. He has matured voice and performing like a professional singer. Of course we have to congratulate his gurus Sri. A.S. Murali and Mrs. Rajeswari..

 We are happy to seeing him and performing in all the major sabhas during festival seasons. His keeravani and saveri kritis were fine to listen to-day and performed like a leading musician with support of the violinist R. Shyam and mridangist G. Karthik.

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