Bhargav S. Hariharan – Vocal

On 12th July (Friday) at  at 7.15 PM; Bhargav S. Hariharan a regular artiste in VDS, this is being his 4th concert and performed his excellent concert.

Now he has full adult voice – opening his mouth in defferent angles  He has improved in all departments. His father-cum-guru Dr. H. Subramony and S.P. Ramh trained him very well

Arabi was good. A dealt in detail in the main varali. Alapana has good pidis. Sriram Sridhar’s reply in violin was excellent Swaram kalpana had variety. He sang the tukkadas very well. Irakkam varamal was fine.S. Gomathishankar (mridangam) gave a fine support to Bhargav. There was a large gatherings assembled and blessed Bhargav S. Hariharan.

Vidhushi Smt. Suguna Purushothaman, chief guest who blessed the young artistes.

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