V. Kavyapriya – Bharatanatyam


On 27th June  2015 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM:  V. Kavyapriya Presented her excellent dance recital at VDS. Her senior guru Meenakshi Chitaranjan has trained her very well.

Kaviyapriya did the lengthy varnam a composition of Pandanallur Srinivasa pillai in raagam revathi – she answered the jathis neatly. Her limb movements were elegant. Both vocal rendition by Randini Arvind was fine. The episodes were enacted very well by the dancer. Flute rendition by sr. musician A.N. Srinivasan in sourashtram for adhuvum solluval was fine and meloduois. Kaviyas abhinaya for this piece was fine. For her age 14 .abhinaya was excellent. Both music and dance was very attractive for chinnanchiru pennpole.. Mrdangam support of Nagai Narayanan.was very good.

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