V.G. Divya – Bharathanatayam

04-09-169 04-09-1621

On 09th April 2016 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM;  V.G. Divya presented an excellent performance of bharathanatayam at VDS. She is a dis. of guru S. Divya Sena, who  trained her very well.

Divya’s limb movements were fine and elegant, she is tall, lean and ideal for a dancer. Subramanya gouthuvam and jathiswaram was good.  Varnam – Tanjore quartets aanada bhairavi; her limb movements and face expressions were fine, vocalist G. Srikanth was effective with suitable modulations. Bhava for edhukithanai in ragam suruti was fine. Ashtapathi; everything was fine – vocal, instrumental – especially mridangam and abhinaya. Pure dance was good in thillana.

Musical support; vocal by G. Shrikanth, Mridangam by B.P. Haribabu, violin by Ganesh and flute by Mohan – gave their wonderful support to both the Divyas.

Mrs. Jyotsna Jagannathan a dance exponent, chief guest for the evening programme blessed the young dancer.