Subhiksha Murugan – Bharatanatyam


On  05th June 2016 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM:  Subhiksha Murugan  performed an EXCELLENT dance recital at VDS.  She is trained very well by her guru Veena Ramakrishna. Her nritta and abhinaya blended very well and complimented her performance through out.

The pushpanjali and alarippu were very brisk and set off the pace of the entire recital.

Pure dance for sabdham was very good. The artist rendition of the Varnam in raagam dhanyasi proved her intense passion for this art form. Nritta and abhinaya were very refined complimented by her effortless stretches and  the jathis were beautifully interwoven.

Vocal by Murali Parthasarathy, Mridangam by Gajendra Ganesan, violin by C.K. Vijayaraghavan and flute by Devraj have rendered their fine support to the dancer to enhance the entire recital.


Sri. Rajagopal Sekar, Karthik Fine Arts, chief guest of this evening programme blessed the young dancer.