Shreya Suresh & Aishwarya Narasimhan – Bharatanatayam


On 22nd June 2014 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM; Shreya Suresh & Aishwarya Narasimhan presented their Excellent bharathanatayam recital at VDS. The duo combined very well doing synchronization and symmetry neatly.  Of-course sr. guru Kala Acharya Sironmani Anitha Guha has trained them very well.

Aanadam yen solven varnam in ragamalika was good and the episodes were enacted neatly. Both music (vocal by Hari Parasad) and dance by Aishwarya Narasimhan was fine for thallatu in ragam kurinji and it was so natural we felt sleepy our selves, of-course we wok-up at palli ezhuntharullaye which was vigorous. Annamalai Reddiars Kavadi chindu was performed by Shreya Suresh and it was super. Kaapi thillana was also fine.

Vocal support of   K. Hari Parasad, Mridangam by Suresh, Violin by V. Muruganandham and flute by B.N. Ramesh have rendered their fine support


Connoisseur of arts, music and dance Cleveland Sri V.V. Sundaram as our chief guest for the programme blessed the young dancers

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