Shobana Thiagarajan – Bharathanatayam


On 3rd August 2013 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM; Shobana Thiagarajan presented an excellent bharathanatayam recital at VDS. Her neck osculation, limb movements and foot work were elegant. Her tall and lean body is very flexible. At 15 her bhava is very good. She has trained very well by guru Archana Mahesh.

The shabdam was performed well. She did the jathis of the varnam very well. Sancharibhava was depicted well. There were many episodes to be depicted in Aravind padamalar which did very well. Pudhu kavidhai was really a new concept. The orchestral music and prose-like description added charm to the modern dance. The gradual evolution was fine – especially the monkey. Full credit to guru and student was energetic from start to finish.

Each member of musical gave a fine support. Vocal by Bhavana Mohanasundaram,  Mridangam by Guru Bharadwaj, Violin by Pakkala Jayaprakash and flute by Mohan..

The dance exponent Dr. Smt. Pramila Gurumurthi, chief guest of the evening programme Blessed Shobana.


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