S.Subiksha – Bharathanatayam


On 26th March 2016 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM;  S.Subiksha from Coimbatore presented an excellent performance of bharathanatayam at VDS. She is a dis. of guru Amutha Dhandapani, who  trained her very well.

Subiksha’s foot-steps for gambira narthanam was excellent.  Varnam – lalgudis charukesi; there is lot of scope for both expressions and pure dance, which did very well. Sanchari bhava was well expressive Vocal rendition by Bhavani Kishorekumar was also fine for the varnam. Nattuvangam by Meena Chidambaram was also fine. Jathis were rendered well by the vocalist and reflected very well by the dancer. Both music and thalam was fine especially for udukkai. Both music and dance were excellent for chinnanchirukiliye.

Musical support nattuvangam by Meena Chidambaram; vocal by Bhavani Kishorekumar, Mridangam by Kesavan, violin by Muruganandham and flute by Sunilkumar – have rendered their fine support to Sibiksha.