S. Sindhuja – Bharatanatyam


On  19th April 2015 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM: S. Sindhuja presented an excellent dance performance. She is dancing with keen interest and involvement. She has all the features to become a great dancer – lean, agile, good footed and very sure at the age of 15. Pataantharam is very good and very well trained by her guru Kalaiselvi Ramesh.

Both dance and music were fine for thottu thottu pesavaraan padham in ragam behag was fine. Her sanchari bhava was also fine. Her limb movements and foot work were elegant. She enacted the different characters of lord muruga in the varnam sendhil mevum deva very well. Her abhinaya was fine and answered the jathis neatly. Meera bajan was realy super and enjoyable.

Vocal by Roshini Ganesh, Mridangam by Gajendra Ganesan and violin by K.R. Suresh have rendered their fine support

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