S. Chethana – Bharathanatayam


On 07th August 2015 (Friday) at 6.30 PM; S. Chethana presented an excellent bharathanatayam recital at VDS. She is regular artist in VDS and this is being her 4th performance. We noted that she is improved in all the departments through out the years, since she has started given her first performance in 2008. Her limb movements are good and elegant. She has been trained very well by her guru Kaveri Ramesh.

The varnam in ragam shankarabharanam – She answered the jathi neatly,. Sanchari bhava in `dhukil uridhal’ was enacted very well and her limb movements were fine and elegant. Her bhava was fine for adhuvum soluvall padham. Dhanasree thillana was also fine.

Musical support; vocal by V. Venugopal, Mridangam by Aroct Balaji, violin by Suresh and flute by B.N. Ramesh was fine.

Dance exponent Mrs. Dhanasundari,  guest of honor for the programme blessed the young dancer Ms. Chethana.