Lakshmi Nivedita T.H – Bharathanatayam


On 08th January 2016 (Friday) at 6.30 PM; Lakshmi Nivedita T.H. presented a fine  bharathanatayam recital at VDS. This is her maiden performance. The dancer is agile and her limb movements are elegant. She has been trained very well by her guru Madhumathi Prakash.

The varnam in ragam shankarabharanam – She answered the jathi neatly. Arputha sirpi – both dance and music were fine. Abhinayam for naatiyakaliye was also fine. But jathis were rather limited, guru has to concentrate on jathis. Action and vocal rendition by Kaveri were nice for chinnanchiru kiliye.

Musical support; vocal by Kaveri, Mridangam by Vadivelu and violin by Chandrasekar was fine.