K.R. Shri Ramya – Bharathanatyam

04-24-1622 04-24-168

On 24th April 2016 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM:  K.R. Shri Ramya presented an excellent bharathanatyam recital. This is her 2nd performance. A child prodigy performed at VDS when she was just 11 years old. At 14 she is lean, tall, agile and good footed. Her limb movements were elegant and she is dancing with keen interest. She is a disciple of Padma S. Raghavan who trained her very well.

Her foot work and limb movements were brisk and elegant in jathiswaram. Varnam; naan undhan adimai, she did the intricate jathis neatly and she did the sanchari bhava very well. She performed Padams on lord muruga; then inikkum kanivai and durge durge very well.

Vocal by Nandini Sharma Anand, Mridangam by Dhnanjayan and violin by Ananthakrishnan – have rendered their fine support.

Cartoonist Sri. V.V. Raman our chief guest for the programme who  blessed the young dancer.