Harini Nilakantan


On 30th March 2013 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM; Harini Nilakantan performed her excellent bharathanatayam recital at VDS. At just 14 she is very agile, fine footed and quite confident. Bhva is very very good for her age. Guru Kala Acharya Sironmani Roja Kannan has trained this little dancer very well.

Harini did the jathiswaram well. The varnam Om ennum porule was fine, she depicted the sanchari bhava very well. Both music & percussion support was fine in aadi kondar, the dance as very attractive.

In fact the music and instrumental support was enhanced the dance; Nattuvangam by T.N. Saranya (sr. dis. of Smt. Roja Kannan, who has won Panchaloka Natrajar Statue prize from VDS), vocal by Radha Badri, Mridangam by Nellai D.Kannan, and Violin by Kandadevi Vijayaraghavan have rendered their fine support.

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