Deshna Sagar – Bharathanatayam

On 30th April 2017 (Sunday) at 6.30 PM; Deshna Sagar presented her Excellent performance of bharathanatayam at VDS. She has been trained very well by her guru-cum-mother Meenakshi Sagar.

Her nritta & abhinaya were fine. She has all the features to become a great dancer, dancing with keen interest and involvement. Misra Alarippu was very brisk. Her face expressions were fine for kriti akhilandeswari. The varnam mathey – movements were brisk and perfect, sanchari bhava was fine, foot work and limb movements were elegant. Shying was well depicted. She answered the jathis neatly. Eye movements were perfect.

The orchestra support Pozhakudi G.R. Praveen (vocal), Manikandan (Mridangam) and Kandadevi Dr. S. Vijayaraghavan gave their fine support to the little dancer.