D. A. Pradeeksha – Bharatanatyam

On 22nd July 2017 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM: D. A. Pradeeksha presented an excellent dance recital at VDS. She is just eleven, small built but she is very brisk, active and bounces like rubber ball. Pada varnam was fine – she answered the lengthy jathis neatly and effortlessly. Well prepared. She showed different bhavas in the lyrics vividly. She is trained well by her guru L. Murugashankari.

Both singing and dancing were for baro krishnaiyya. Aadharam madhuram was fine – vocal, instrumental and dance were fine, she exhibited her agility with perfect foot steps.

Vocal by Roshini Ganesh, Mridangam by Guru Bharadwaj and violin by Ganesh the sr. musicians have rendered their fine support to the little dancer.