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V. Sai Darshini – Bharathanatayam

On 6th July 2013 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM; V. Sai Darshini presented a fine and very good bharathanatayam recital at VDS. She has ideal features for a dancer. Her limb movements and foot work were perfect and elegant. She has trained very well by guru Hemalatha Ramachandran. It was a full-fledged programme. Her face expression […]

Sai Sanjana Edara

On 5th July 2013 (Friday) at 6.30 PM; Sai Sanjana Edara performed a very good dance recital.  This is her maiden performance at VDS. At just 11 she has keen interest. Her foot work and limb movements were good. She has been well trained by her guru Meenakshi Chitharanjan. The varnam Pandanallur Srinivasa Pillay’s Karunai […]

V. Amrith Narayanan – Vocal

On 13th July 2013 (Saturday) at 7.15 PM; That was yet another excellent vocal concert by V. Amrith Narayanan. He has a good voice and vide range and sings kritis well. His concert was marked by fine rendition of kritis aith bhava. Now he has manly voice.  Learning this art under the tutelage of  guru […]

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